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The Age of Sustainable Development" gives students an understanding of the key challenges and pathways to sustainable development - that is, economic development that is also socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable....


1. Juni 2020

Very informative and detailed. Prof. Sachs covers all aspects of sustainable development in detail. Though the course was designed in 2013 hence does not cover the latest development to SDGs to date.

18. Mai 2017

This course was perfect for those wanting to explore the world of development, broad enough to include all interlinked themes, with sufficient reading materials to spark one's specializing interests.

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von Le M N

12. Okt. 2020

Great and inspiring course to understand the world around us, where we are in our development, and what we need to do. I love how the course integrates online resources like UN departments' websites, etc. to give learners clearer insights on the lessons. One thing needs changing about the course is that many links in the quizzes no longer work, and I have to go to the Forum to get new links, which is quite inconvenient. Sometimes, I have to do guesswork because the links are so hard to find!

von Viktoria V

27. Okt. 2017

Excellent content - I already had a good basis knowledge about sustainable development, but I must say I have learnt a lot. However, there are a few little improvements if I may suggest: (1) make the videos a little more interesting, with more images, graphs, etc. (2) update the course, especially the links (in the quizzes) - a lot has happened in the last few years, including the Paris agreement, the SDGs coming to life, etc so it would be great to get a perspective on these too.

von Gabriela C N V

10. Jan. 2021

Es un excelente curso, en el que cual aprendí muchas cosas de la sustentabilidad, lo que sí, los quiz tenían algunos problemas para determinar la información necesaria para las respuestas que teníamos que entregar, ya que las páginas estaban cerradas u otros problemas con páginas externas.

Dentro de todo es un curso muy interactivo y además que muestra información de otros lugares que no son Estados Unidos, ya que USA no es el mundo entero.

von Lukas K

17. Jan. 2021

Very interesting course that is touching on a lot of topic which are more relevant today than ever before. The holistic picture of the challenges the global community are facing is well presented. Prof. Sachs is doing a great job. Some on the link in the course are out of date, especially in the quiz section and should be revised. It would be great to add another lecture at the end about the changes since the time the course was recorded.

von Lili

20. Nov. 2018

Great course! However sadly, some of the links to the questions in some of the partial exams (at least 2) are not available anymore/the data has been changed, and this affects directly in the score of the exams, which is a little unfair in my opinion. It would be great to have an updated (2018) version of this course. Thank you Professor Jeffrey Sachs for continue to inspiring our generation to be the Sustainable Development generation.

von Nicholas T

16. Apr. 2020

This is a fantastic course, I would recommend it to anyone as it covered a broad spectrum of topics and knowledge, taught by an inspirational lecturer. Two notes I would add: The material and links are a little dated/sometimes the figures don’t add up.

Would it be possible to gain an e-certificate from this course?

Generally, very happy with the course and wouldn’t hesitate to do one similar again. Regards, Nich Tavender.

von Jordi R

18. Feb. 2020

This course has great and extensive content, though lectures have been too long for me. In any case, passing the course has been very challenging and learning from Professor Sachs a real privilege. Sustainable development have become a goal for all of us (citizens, countries, and every supranational organizations), if we want to continue living on Earth in a safely way. Let's keep on going!

von Samwel M M

31. Mai 2020

The course is detailed,cutting age information and well delivered by Prof. Sachs. However some links have been disabled and needs to be looked into.

It also needs to be up dated to reflect the coming into being of the SDGs and their implementation.maybe as week 15 study.

Lastly considering the rigorous content of the course, the option of purchasing certificate should be enabled

von Lesley H

18. Aug. 2018

This course was a wealth of information and it has made me rethink my own life style. The only reason why I did not give this 5/5 is that there were more than a few links that were no longer valid or the information was no longer accessible which required further research or guessing in the tests and exams. I would be more than happy to take further courses from Prof Sachs.

von Vitaliy M

13. Apr. 2018

Very interesting and useful course when one want to learn about all aspects of sustainable development in depth. The only downside is that some of the links on the quizzes and exams are outdated, either don't exist, or the website to which they refer do not present data for as many years back as the questions in the quizzes and exams asks to review. Great course!

von Sriram V

30. Aug. 2015

The course covers various topics about sustainability from different perspectives beginning from what is sustainability, who and what get impacted, what is being done and what can be done to ensure sustainable economic development and various other aspects.

I highly recommend this course to every one, for a well encapsulated curriculum and for great awareness.

von André G

17. Sep. 2015

I really enjoyed this course. Very fluid, well organized and well-present.

In my opinion, quizzes should not contain questions referring to the book, because not everyone (like me) can afford buying it.

I would enjoy if Prof. Sachs could go deeper in the topics and explore them a little bit more and make student´s job a little bit more difficult.

von Danielle D

6. Okt. 2019

Great overview of history and the state of the state with sustainable development. There is lots of work to do! The only negatives about the course is some of the reference links on the quizzes are outdated or broken and I wish there would have been more information about how we as individuals can get connected and help make change.

von Karolina Z

17. Nov. 2019

This course is fantastic and I have grown to be a huge fan of Jeffrey Sachs. The only drawback of this course is that I am going through it in 2019, quite a few links do not open up, and I would love to hear more recent info and data. But overall the topics are very relevant, interesting and I know I have gained valuable knowledge.

von Maya C

8. Aug. 2020

This was a very interesting course with good resources, an active discussion forum, interesting quizzes, helpful mentors and responsive Coursera support. The course syllabus is well structured and Prof. Jeffery Sachs has given an excellent understanding of what Sustainable Development is all about. Highly recommended.

von Aleksandra B

6. Apr. 2020

Overall a great content provided by prof. Sachs. It was a pleasure to be able to listen to the lectures. However, a lot of the test questions had outdated links, data available at the link was not matching to the one described in the question. Someone should go through all the links and check which ones are outdated.

von Mark R

6. Jan. 2018

A very thorough and interesting introduction to sustainable development by Professor Sachs. Suitable not only for beginners in this area- plenty of insights also for people already active in this field. The course is well and clearly structured, but I would also recommend purchasing Prof. Sachs’ book as a companion

von Justine M

26. Dez. 2015

This course proves to be very informative, and the quizzes push to discover new sources for course material. However, it is highly focused on the programs set by the UN and could provide more solutions and feedbacks on what is being done. Very much oriented toward public policies. Good experience overall.

von Francisco B L

24. Aug. 2015

This course is pretty much what i expected from an online course. I just rate it with four stars because:

1. Quiz questions are often just about interpreting world bank data and not about the contents of the course.

2. Having read Prof. Sachs book the course does not offer additional insights.

von Andrea P A S

30. Juni 2020

El contenido del curso está perfecto. Sin embargo, habían algunas preguntas que se debían responder a través de observación de datos y las paginas que contenían estos datos ya se habían actualizado, por ende la respuesta que pedía la evaluación no concordaba con los datos de las paginas.

von Gidjeth H

16. Juli 2017

It was a very comprehensive and informative course and Prof. Sachs was a great educator. I recommend this course as a great starter to anyone who would like to build up a career on sustainable development or just be an active proponent in this important aspect of society development.

von Amalia S

3. Mai 2018

Very interesting course. However, it should be updated in order to reflect the current developments in terms of Sustainable Development especially regarding the SDG by the UN. Also, during the tests some of the links were not working as the information required has been archived.

von Maryam S

1. Dez. 2020

it was a useful class for me to start about sustainable development and then I want to continue in my field architecture

but some question that includes a specific website in its exams was not loaded for me so I lost some grades.

thank you for providing this online course

von Ong C H

1. Aug. 2020

Many of the stats and data used are a little outdated or difficult to access, hence the quiz could do with a little updating if possible. Overall a really interesting and insightful lecture series that explores both the issues and solutions for sustainable development

von Michelle R

4. Dez. 2016

Wonderful content and exposure to world data sources. The only thing that prevents me from giving it 5 stars were some of the errors in quizzes scoring quesitons incorrectly--but overall, this was not a hinderance to learning and getting something out of the class.