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The Age of Sustainable Development" gives students an understanding of the key challenges and pathways to sustainable development - that is, economic development that is also socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable....


18. Mai 2017

This course was perfect for those wanting to explore the world of development, broad enough to include all interlinked themes, with sufficient reading materials to spark one's specializing interests.

1. Juni 2020

Very informative and detailed. Prof. Sachs covers all aspects of sustainable development in detail. Though the course was designed in 2013 hence does not cover the latest development to SDGs to date.

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von Shayda M

26. März 2019

A broad and informative course. A great introduction to the topic.

von Julian R

30. Dez. 2018

Thorough. Deep. Brilliant!

von Paul S d S

19. Dez. 2018

Learnt so much!

von Jaime S

2. Jan. 2019

Muy bueno !

von Ghee K K

1. Feb. 2020

Wonderful course conducted by Professor Sachs! The problems and potential solutions are well elaborated, yet put simply across for students new to politics or economics. I do firmly believe knowledge in the area of sustainable development is very crucial to understanding today's major crises and priorities, and am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from this course. However, some updating is required as many links within the quizzes are no longer relevant, or the webpages are non-existent.

von Viktoria V

27. Okt. 2017

Excellent content - I already had a good basis knowledge about sustainable development, but I must say I have learnt a lot. However, there are a few little improvements if I may suggest: (1) make the videos a little more interesting, with more images, graphs, etc. (2) update the course, especially the links (in the quizzes) - a lot has happened in the last few years, including the Paris agreement, the SDGs coming to life, etc so it would be great to get a perspective on these too.

von Steven L

10. Jan. 2017

I thought most of the discussions were "____ needs to do this, _____ needs to learn to do this." Yet doesn't provide a lot of concrete answers that helpful to solve x. And I understand some situations are complex with a lot of variables, but it seems as though a lot of "environmental proponents" just talk about stuff and don't give examples of what they are doing to change the world. I think Jadav Payeng ("the forest man of india") has done more for the environment than all the attendees at all of these environmental conferences do. Courses like these highlight all the problems (and there are a fuck ton of problems) but contain fewer answers. So it just leaves the "graduate" overwhelmed and kind of spinning in a circle. I think I'd rather have a course that asks, why do we wear what we do when its made on the other side of the globe, is that the best for the environment? We need to wholesale changes in how we think about our society if we want it to be sustainable; not, we have problems over here and here and here, and if we put this bandaid on it, that might fix it for a while. I was just very unimpressed and skipped through the program as quickly as I could /rant

von Katrin S

3. Okt. 2016

Good course, but outdated. The SDGs were agreed upon in 2015 and there are already ajor efforts ongoing to implement them. The course only mentioned the draft SDGs, which changed considerably later on. Therefore, the course is useful for Background Information on SDGs, but not to get up-to-date with the SDG process.

von Ben B

16. Mai 2019

This class is informative however, it is dated and has errors on quizzes.

von Sasha R

21. Feb. 2016

Excellent course content but very poorly designed quizzes. More clarity is needed in formulating questions, since different pages have different values for the same data sets (even on the same website such as the World Bank indicator datasets) and it will be difficult for students to get the right answers.

von Thomas B D M

22. Juli 2019

Great speaker and great introductory course to sustainable development thematics, but content is becoming more and more outdated (2014) and quizzes refer to broken links, making it difficult to answer. I would not advise this course before it gets a significant refresh.

von Matthew J

15. Mai 2020


Questions in the quiz's are not kept to to date, therefor making it impossible to find answers from the links that YOU supplied.

I strongly suggest taking this down or updating the course, before you get even more comaplaints.

von Ann M H

31. März 2017

I initially came to this course looking for more environmental science knowledge, but I was surprised (in a good way) when the professor spent most of the time giving historical and economic context to the current environmental situation. He really helped me consider the "macro" of how we got to where we are, and how we can continue to move forward sustainably. He has incredible professional background in the subject matter, and it was exciting to hear about his personal involvement in creating international agreements. I've never thought so much about international relations before, and I'm happy I learned more than I expected to!

I would recommend this course for anyone who wants to learn more about international relations, politics, economics, world history, environmental science, healthcare, or international development. He really covers a lot! There's something for everyone, whether you have no previous knowledge or have already taken a few similar classes.

I loved how everything was in a predictable format of five 10-25 minute videos in each section with a 10-question quiz at the end. The videos were very engaging because they had interesting b-roll and even music! It felt like a documentary in a way. (Of course, you can also speed them up by making them play 1.25-1.5 speed.)

My only suggestion for improvement is for the TAs (or whomever) to go back through the quiz website links and update them. I ran into more than a few that were outdated and I had to hunt down the answer somewhere else, or just guess. This wasn't a major burden, though.

Thanks for an amazing course! I'm starting my next Coursera class right away!

von Zekria D

14. Okt. 2016

I learned about the secrete of sustainable development. Actually, I didn't know the Golden rules of sustainable development in such a details. I learned about social economic growth, the threats of poverty as well as environmental protection topic in such a beautiful ways that I never had chance to learn before. Furthermore, Rural and Urban relationship and the issues of income and comparison of wellbeing between the two segregated groups of people who are living for 1000s of years. In addition to that, I learned how important is the relationship between culture, education, and gender issues in the rural area and how strongly it impact the human being (negative or Positively ) life the community. Moreover, I learned about the environmental changes and threatening of Global Food Security system and Global Food Supply . Sustainable Cities and the patterns of the urbanization were another important part in these lectures. Climate Changes and its impact on Global Security and Future threats were very important topics which drew my attention.

Very outstanding program which I had chance through Coursera Program to learn and add to my knowledge. I will definitely share all these information in my family, community, network and in my career life and will voluntarily advocate for the SDG goals for our future generation.

I love DrJeffrey Sachs. I respect him and respect his knowledge and the job he has been doing to our generation and our grand kids.

Thanks everyone who helped, managed, and developed such a amazing program .


Zekria Danishyar

von Enamul H

31. Okt. 2016

Indeed it has been a Great course and truly inspiring! The course helped to learn about sustainable development, its dimensions, planetary boundary & challenges and the possible solutions. The course has given me new areas to think about development and sustainable development. This is really an eye opening course. It has helped me to develop insight and foresight to look at some of the areas in our business. The material of this course was so easy for me to follow because of how relevant and interesting the videos lectures are. Professor Jeffrey Sachs has presented every topics in a very superb and professional ways. He has given a good number of useful links which are highly informative and relevant to understand international development dynamics. The fellow learners has made a great contribution to make the course easier and successful for me. The course made me more optimistic & confident regarding my role in my organization and society. I would like to take this opportunity to thanks to Professor Jeffrey Sachs you truly rocked my world. Your presentation incredibly inspired me to learn more. Thank you for being one of the few great teachers out there. Thanks to Colombia University and Coursera for giving me the privilege to learn the course. Hope to learn more about the sustainable development & related courses in future.

von Ed W

22. Sep. 2016

Outstanding. I found Professor Sachs course immensely valuable in building a deeper understanding of humanity's most urgent treats and possible ways forward in the Antropocene age. To effect the desire outcomes, the course should be compulsory for policy makers, corporate board members, educators, students, change-agents, as well as citizens at large. However, it can be strongly argued if sustainable development goals are collectively feasible or a paradox when economic models and growth metrics used by most economies continue to ignore environmental impacts, Earth's finite resources, and systemic economic inequality. A systems approach to restructuring economic models is needed. We need an economic system that protects our shared commons and promotes better corporate governance - that includes comprehensive accounting of the biocapacity of the planet and our environmental impacts, and, a broader metric of human well-being (vs. GDP) that reduces economic inequality and internalizes externalities. In short, a new economic paradigm must be in place. As a next step, I would welcome a serious discourse and examination of current economic models and how they can be enhanced to drive sustainable development.

Respectfully submitted,

Ed Wong

von Som T

11. Dez. 2016

Jeffrey Sachs is a great analytical thinker on the issue of sustainable development - a terrific teacher. If you have an 'activist' mind and are emotional about the issues involved, learn from a UN-level, world-travelled, expert some of the intelligent tools for going into the subject dispassionately. It's a great service that Prof Sachs has prepared and recorded almost 30 hours of 'talk time', free of charge. The recording is from 2015, so the earlier one takes the course, the less dated the course may seem! In fact, a few web links (URLs) had already moved as of Oct-Dec 2016 when I took this course. And did a very few quiz answers seem wrong - maybe because some economic indicators had been revised? Coursera's course delivery infrastructure is also excellent - clickable transcripts that take you to the same spot in the recording as the text, downloadable videos to watch offline, tracking that helps you resume exactly where you last stopped, all of which seemed to work without glitches. Deadlines and reminders are thoughtful - hard, yet offering alternatives

von Angelica M C

3. Okt. 2016

So far, the best course I took. Very timely and relevant. Coming from a very technical/scientific background, this course taught me about the nuances of governance, policy-making, corporate responsibility among many other things. It is good to have a historical and global perspective of economic development, the aggregate of human activities and our impact to the planet. While it seemed bleak to accomplish the goals set forth to obtain sustainable development, Dr. Sachs ended in a hopeful note. We do need more people that will ask and answer the question: "Why not?" I wish to learn more, if not work to help sustainable development a reality. While the SDGs are interconnected, I hope there will be a more detailed online course about each to the extent that people can focus on one or two. For my part, I would like to learn more about the underpinnings of SDG 7: Affordable and clean energy. SDGs 12 and 10 also form my core personal values and causes. Now looking for related-reading materials.

von Nina S

8. Juli 2020

I absolutely enjoyed the course and have enriched my knowledge about the contemporary world and its challenges, understanding of the environment and where we stand on sustainability.

Unfortunately, the course is significantly outdated. It was designed in 2013, and it does not cover the latest development regarding SDGs. Week 14 – The SDGs is focused on the preparation and proposals for SDGs. There are 17 SDGs adopted and now in place and it would be essential to have a new video. During the course links often take you to updated content and some webpages do not exist anymore, making it hard to answer correctly in the weekly quizzes.

I wasn’t aware before starting that there is an updated course that will get you certification on edX website.

All in all, I very much recommend this course, it will help understand the complex world we are living in, how did we get here and where to go from here. This course is wonderful, and Mr Sachs is an excellent instructor.

von Anna G

26. Juni 2020

This is so far the best course I have taken on coursera! It adapts perfectly to its medium (the MOOC) by having lectures that integrate a classical reading by the professor and video segments that provide context, illustrate ideas and are also aesthetic and entertaining. Professor Sachs is articulated, sharp, precise, and his voice is soothing (and apart from all that he seems like a genuinely nice guy). I know that sounds like unnecessary detail, but there are so many courses in which professors are either inarticulate or their voices are simply so difficult to listen to, that it makes it difficult to continue week after week (I know that this is not their faults - it is merely a comparison). This course is a challenging one as well in comparison to others I've taken, but all the more rewarding for it. It is for courses like this that I return to Coursera time and time again. Thank you Columbia and thank you Professor Sachs!


16. Apr. 2020

Its a great course and the contents of the course is really amazing and relevant to the present context. The course will equip one with the concept of sustainable development and other associated concepts with it. it also helps to understand the role of various organisations/countries and their contribution towards achieving a world free from poverty, hunger etc and other MDGs/SDGs.

but, with a sincere request i would like to say that the course need to be revised in the present context of 2020 particularly in the period of pandemic COVID-19 and the role of different countries to mitigate it and its impact on life of individuals and economy of various nations affected by it.

one thing is lacking....despite completion of course by giving a substantial time/energy over a period of time, no certificate or award is given. boosts knowledge. Thanking You Mr J. Sach and team for such a beautiful course..........

von Cenk V

19. Juli 2020

Before this course, I know that sustainability is one of the most important subject for the World. O course I have some idea about the problems to be managed and solved like global warming, imbalance for the usage of water, income inequality , specialy hunger problem at Africa (Sub Sharan Africa )..After this program I noticed that to focus to a problem for solving require to understand the problem with all the aspects. For example for the low income countries it will be good to hear if their GDP/person will catch firstly mid-level income and than hign income countries level. But that requires more investment. More investment require more resources to be used..This is a kind of chain reaction to be settled in a proper way which is the problem to be solved.

I would like to thank to Prof. Sachs for sharing this valuable knowledge, approach, vision...I really appriciate it. Best regards...Cenk V.

von Upasna S

23. Mai 2019

Its a good course for someone wanting a nice bird-eyes view of whats happening in the world in terms of economics, growth, health, education, agriculture et al. As well as for understanding the interrelationships between these. As also, the key issues facing the world and what we have been doing so far. So, overall a brilliant overall view!

I have a problem with the questions though - the format and type of questions in the end of unit and final exams were mostly of Data Interpretation type i.e. reading of graphs - which is not really the skill one is looking to grow via this test - the questions could have been more application type - eg. the DALY application calculation questions, Rule of 70 application, specialisation impact calculation illustration, even the in-unit graph readings etc. which make it easier to understand the linkages etc.

But, all in all a great experience!

von Hao X

3. Jan. 2016

This is a greatly comprehensive course about sustainable development. Prof. Sachs addressed many crucial situations and urgent problems that we face with today regarding global economic growth, environmental sustainability and social inclusion. He not only analysed their causes, but also provided well-thought, heartfelt solutions based on large amount of interdisciplinary studies. I am positively influenced by the wisdom and compassion presented in the course.

The design of assignments is conducive to learning and encourages me to explore pertinent resources in the field of sustainable development. The assignments themselves are informative and resourceful.

Learning this topic through the course has broadened my perspectives about the world I live in and has shed light on my own path as where to go for the best as a biologist, and first of all, as a human being. THANKS!!

von Vivek B

23. Dez. 2018

While looking for a book in Sustainable Development, I came acorss this coruse (and the book of same name). This is my first online course and I am overwhelmed by the things I have learned throughout this course. Everything was put in such an interesing way that my perespective of online courses has totally changed. Professor Sachs is a wonderful teacher who knows exactly how to explain even the complicated subjects in an interesting and lucid way. The course (and the book) contains tons of useful and interesting data designed in way that it is easy to grasp. Each module is designed perfectly. I am always interested in sustainble living practices and this course has given me the perfect direction. Once again, I thanks Professro Sachs for this wonderful course. I would personally like to recommend everyone to take this course, no matter which field they belongs to.