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The MOOC introduces learners to key environmental health and natural resources management challenges associated with the rapid growth in international tourist arrivals into low-income countries. Since infrastructural and regulatory capacities in such countries are often limited they are more exposed to the negative implications of such development. The MOOC will present experiences and potential avenues to develop a more sustainable form of tourism. The Course particularly focuses on the problems and potentials of tourism development in small island states in tropical and sub-tropical settings and highlights the challenges of such development on vulnerable ecosystems. It also highlights how tourism development in Zanzibar results in increased pressure on its marine environment, solid waste management, water resources and control of mosquitoes. These factors will be used as tracers of impacts and areas for future improvement towards a more sustainable form of tourism. Zanzibar will be in focus during this course and used as a case in order to exemplify how a massive increase of Tourism in a low income and resource poor setting, can increase the vulnerability of the local population. The Course topics also relate to a number of targets under the global Sustainable Development Goals, especially: Goals 3: “good health and well-being” Goals 6: “clean water and sanitation” Goals 14: “life below water” Goals 17: “partnerships”. Thus, the Course is a continuation of the efforts and discussions raised as part of the 2017 international year of sustainable tourism. A diversity of perspectives and areas of expertise will be presented by researchers from the University of Copenhagen, State University of Zanzibar, representatives from the hotel sector and international experts in specific areas of sustainable tourism....



7. März 2020

Amazing course. Full of great information, straight to the point, with many life examples and research data. Very helpful for both environmental enthusiasts and hospitality professionals. Many thanks!


3. Juni 2020

I want to appreciate my Mentor Mr. Flemming Konradsen for providing such a pleasant learning experience through this course. This will surely enlighten our career in a positive direction.\n\nThank You

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von Jannatul F

6. Mai 2020


von 李芳芳

23. Okt. 2020


von Vedant M

24. Mai 2021


von Ram B

31. Jan. 2020


von Amal r

4. Feb. 2019


von preksha p

1. Apr. 2020

This course has been very helpful. knowing abut various destinations and how tourism impacts those destinations and its local communities can help us to be more sustainable and more conscious of the impact our activities have on the environment and that of people living in that environment. As a student who aims to pursue a career in Hospitality management this course have made me aware of measures hotels and other service offering businesses can take to contribute and promote tourism in a more sustainable manner. I highly recommend this course for people wanting to pursue environmental management and tourism management, or anyone who wishes to know more about destinations, the issues they face from mass / un controlled tourism and how they can find ways to combat those issues.


16. Juli 2020

With COVID- 19, I started to be interested in tourism because the tourism industry is seriously affected. When I saw the course, I said I should enroll in it. This course was so amazing. I learned lots of things about sustainable tourism and tourism in Zanzibar. The material in the lecture such as videos, links and reading was so effective and informative. I benefit from Professor Flemming Konradsen' s knowledge a lot. His interviews with different lecturers, researchers from Copenhagen University, Lund University, and Zanzibar University and local people from Zanzibar helped me to understand what sustainable tourism is. His interview questions were reasonable and interesting. Thank you for everything :)

von João B

13. Apr. 2020

The course is interesting, very complete, goes into depth on the aspects it proposes to address and provides a relevant ideas for a sustainable tourism (mostly related with public health and environment). The teacher is clear and all the interviews help understand the points being made and establish a sense of connection with the local communities and with who deals with the problem on a daily basis. I would like to see a course that would include other topics within the sustainable tourism (renewable energies, impact on biodiversity) and it would be good to have more diversified examples (i.e. from more places in the world). Congratulations to those who prepared this MOOC.

von Jade H

7. Mai 2020

I would love to see an update on this course with information on the past few years. It would be interesting to see how far Zanzibar (along with other places in the world) have come in the past few years since this course was originally created. By all means, you can retain a good majority of the information in this course - I just feel that if there is updated information, the people taking this course would find it super interesting (at least I would!). Otherwise, this course was absolutely fantastic. Covered a lot in a short period of time, but didn't feel overwhelming. Gained valuable knowledge I can take with me into future job prospects potentially!

von Shino N

10. Juni 2020

A great introductory course, with a well built curriculum and great presentations. Using the case study of Zanzibar, the course takes you through the important components of sustainable tourism.

However, some materials need updating/replacing. Some of the mandatory reading materials are not for free viewing, or the links are invalid. As I believe this curriculum was last updated in 2017, I would suggest reviews to be run to update key stats, materials and to include most updated insights for increased relevancy.

von Bhashkar D

12. Nov. 2020

Learning through the Coursera was a kind of new learning experince for me but I can say that it was fantastic. Really enjoyed very much. I learned the course "Sustainable Tourism- promoting environmental public health" through Coursera and can say that its really very beneficial for me. The teacher who taught the lessons is very gentle and have tried to make this course very attractive, easily understable, and the link attached for extra knowledge is really awesome. Thank you sir, Thank you Coursera.

von Eva C

22. Sep. 2019

It's a great course for people with limited knowledge about sustainability & tourism, it gives lot's of background and general information. I also like the focus on Zanzibar since it makes it very real.

My only negative comments is that the questions of the questionnaire are too specific, they don't really measure if you've learned and understood the concepts but they ask you random facts & quotes. These seems to be consistent across all the coursera courses I've done but I think it's a shame.

von Sonia M

14. Feb. 2021

This was a very informative course. Flemming Konradsen and all of the guest speakers and industry experts he talked to were very knowledgeable in what they were speaking about and teaching. It was very easy for me to learn at my own pace.

The only reason I can't rate this 5 stars is because some of the mandatory reading materials were inaccessible due to not being open resources anymore. Also one of the videos in the final discussion section was no longer available.

von R.Madhav

10. Mai 2018

I am a Computer Science graduate that is looking to move into the sustainable tourism sector. This was a wonderful course that taught me a lot of sustainable tourism concepts and also made me realise how much as a tourist we create an impact on the environment, local communities, natural resources and so on. Thanks to the University of Copenhagen, professor Flemming Konradsen and everyone.It was very helpful and i hope this helps me get into what i want. Thank you!

von Cristina G

14. Aug. 2020

Very interesting. I did learn to see several problems and how to solve them, which was my main purpose. It is quite practical. I think, though, that it focuses too much on Zanzibar and I would have loved to see the situation in other destinations. I also think that many readings were not relevant and are really long. Anyway, I am happy It took the course.

von Sabela L

3. Apr. 2020

A very interesting course which addresses the most important factors to take into account about sustainabiity in the Tourism Industry.

It mostly focuses on the environmental side of the problem. Probably, it could include some further information regarding the socio-economic impacts on the host communities.

Nevertheless, I highly recommend this course.

von Aman S

8. Sep. 2020

The course kept us well informed about the different adversities, challenges, opportunities, and advantages of tourism with respect to Zanzibar as our Case Study. It highlighted the crucial aspects of the implication of the existence and nonexistence of Sustainable Tourism Practices and what are the benefits and losses of following these measures.


7. Nov. 2021

Althought it was very focused on one single case of study, it was definitely and enriching course, taht provided me with useful information to analyse diferently, with own contributions a diferent case of study, is very useful guideline and opened my thoughts to further considerations, as well as decision making process.

von German C G

19. Apr. 2020

Pretty nice actualization course, papers are up to date to people like me having new and fresh info (got my degree like ten years ago, so is good to refresh ideas always renewing!) Having a deeper knowledge in a particular study case, like Zanzibar, allows to have a better idea to apply on different cases.

von Thomas F

24. Juli 2019

As others stated before - Very good case-study (Zanzibar). Good examples, interviews and enjoyable readings. Definitely broadens perspective when learning about tourism.

But the addtional readings sections need some love - Outdated references and unreachable links.

von VB f P

9. März 2020

Course is very interesting and makes a good introduction to sustainability in the Tourism and Hospitality industry.

Very complete articles with actual issues, examples and testimonials, too bad some articles needed for the quizzes are not open for public use.

von Octavio A T M L

8. Okt. 2018

Very interesting course and great content about sustainable tourism. In the course, most of the examples and cases are related to Zanzibar. It would be great to have a bit more diversification on those examples ;) . Thanks for the great course !!

von Bakkum K

13. Sep. 2020

It was a very helpful course to think about sustainable tourism and easy understanding by many examples. and plus, there are many great study materials, links shared with students especially about the pandemic. This is an eye-opening.

von Haguenauer

19. Apr. 2020

Super bien. Concepts générales sur le tourisme responsable. À mon avis, il pourrait explorer un peu plus sur comment être un touriste responsable (actions, choix, etc.)