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4. Apr. 2021

I really enjoyed this course because it was a good balance between the lectures and assignments. Doing the assignments not only helped me increase my confidence but also helped me expand my thinking.


2. Dez. 2020

Fantastic course. I really enjoyed the interviews with industry experts. They were extremely insightful. The exercises and assignments were super useful and the templates made it easy to get started.

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von Simona D

11. Jan. 2022

Great information from industry professionals! I really enjoyed hearing from founders from other companies and getting insights from them. I thought some of the assignments such as the competitor analysis were a bit too tedious, maybe in the future the assignments can be more bite sized. Overall I really enjoyed this course and am looking forward to the second one

von Mercy A F

8. Juni 2022

Great Course, love the patience at which Nancy Wang delivered the course.

Despite i was a serious project at work, i use every little break to continue learning.

thank you Nancy, the excersies and the guide by the guide founders and PM are excellent for my career growth as a young and passionate founder who want to continue delivering solutions to my communities.

von Irina P

1. Feb. 2021

I'm happy I took this course.

Nancy provides information in a well-structured and easy to digest form.

Templates and examples shared in this course help to seamlessly transition from theory to practice.

Interviews with Product Management leaders and entrepreneurs helped me to understand core principles and values that leaders in technology companies rely on.

von Olga F

12. Dez. 2020

It was so interesting and new for me!

At the beginning I thought that course will be very easy, but then I understood that I was wrong.

Tasks where we describe our customer persona and competitive analysis were very interesting and helpful for my current job.

And the final part was so inspirational! Thank you for this course. I'll registrate to second part.

von Sylvia R M

30. Apr. 2021

This course was detailed and challenging for me. I'm working on our startup during the day and this course on weekends and when I could. All of the assignments were relevant and very timely as we are building this startup. Would recommend to anyone including those folks who are in the beginning or in the middle of their startup journey. Thank you!

von Erick A

7. Dez. 2020

One of the best introductory PM courses available in Coursera, the contents are clear and well structured, definitely liked the see done, do one, tech one.

I've been working on Product for 2 years now and I took the course to strengthen my skills, I definitely feel more exited to continue on this path and willing to dig deeper on the topics we covered.

von Brent S

22. Juni 2021

Well thought out and staggered learning sessions. There was just enough practical exercises to encourage growth but not deter anyone from continuing on with the training. If there could be a final packet with an overview of the content and the question / practical exercises published on completion of the module, that would be extremely useful.

von Tuomas A

30. Mai 2021

Thank you Nancy and AWIT!

T​his was the first course I accomplished on Coursera and I'm excited to continue learning with the next one. The content of the course was very well balanced - there were lots of information to learn but not too much to accomplish required assignments in time. I also liked Nancy's supportive way of teaching very much.

von somya s

4. Juni 2022

Nany Wang you have done an awesome job by keeping one's interest alive and kicking all throughout. The content is short crisp to the point and the added atraction of live PMs and CEOs add to increasing our understanding on what is expected from budding PMS, greta job! 100% recommended to all the folks who want to aspire being a great PM.

von Елена Я

1. Apr. 2021

Thank you Nancy! You made a great course and big job. It's so excited to see that people from all over the world try do our life better. I love solving problem of the product and make easy way for customers. The advices, methods and system from course are very helpful. I use every day all new knowledge which I have got from Nancy.

von Jing T

2. Nov. 2020

This course provides hands on experience about real life product management. The tools provided by Nancy have been particularly useful for me. I like the combination of multiple choice questions and "see one, teach one, do one" exercise. Hope I can get the product manager job of the product I have been working on.

von Vanessa K

28. Feb. 2021

Overall is was very good. I was surprised by how challenging the quizzes were. There would always be 3-4 questions that could have had 1 of 2 answers and I would choose incorrectly. Ultimately I had to adjust my note taking strategy from details to how and chunk up to focus on understanding broader concepts.

von Nuala M

22. Feb. 2021

Genreal Points

Content was great - challenging and engaging - I was totally addicted to finishing out each section and getting 100% on every appraisal

Loved learning about the different companies / different founders / great diverse representation

Helping me build my confidence as a marketer comme tech founder

von Isabela C

21. März 2021

I loved the build up of notions and concepts through the see one-do one - teach one methodology!

And the interviews of CEO's at the end were inspiring and I could interpret them through much more sophisticated lenses with the tools I learnt in the course.

Overall a great course that I would highly recommend!

von Fernanda E

7. Jan. 2022

Hi Nancy! First thank you for the teachings. I loved the course. I've done some in the area here in Brazil, but I never learned as much as I learned doing the exercises in practice. I saved them all and am looking forward to putting them into practice in real life. Thanks for everthing e Happy nNw Year!

von Pratheep R

1. Sep. 2021

Lectures centre less on theory and more on real world skills. Liked doing the assignments for each module or skill, as you learn way more by doing than just listening to the videos. The videos too were concise and to the point. Definitely would recommend this course for budding and new product managers.

von Kierra A

27. Jan. 2021

This is the second product management course I've taken on Coursera, and I found it so helpful. You finish the course with a product portfolio that you develop in peer-reviewed assignments, and the "lectures" are very informative. The whole class is helpful and has a great balance of learning and doing.

von Lyndal H

11. Apr. 2021

Absolutely loved this course. It taught all the fundamentals that I was looking to learn such as TAM / SAM, / SOM, MVP's, competitor analysis and building customer personas. Great level of interactivity throughout kept me engaged. As a new product manager, this got me at exactly the point that I needed

von dyson d

2. März 2021

Great Introductory course. well explained and well structured.

Would recommend it to folks who are interested in getting aligned to a product mindset.

I did find it difficult to get bureau data or recognized source of information for my Competitive analysis exercise and had to assume a lot of numbers.

von Ivanov P A

16. Aug. 2021

It was interesting. The best is the practical tasks - their quantity and volume. Good to have a lot work to practice. Interviews are the weakest part of course: they are to general and contain to many obvious ideas. Wish to make them more pointed, detailed with real experience examples. Thank you.

von Phoebe L

2. März 2021

I have a much greater understanding now of what a PM's job is. I've worked with many PMs in the past, but never had a great understanding of what they did and what their responsibilities were. I'm excited to take the rest of the courses in the specialization and grow my knowledge even further.

von Joshua H

3. Mai 2021

Great course. The course taught you how to think about products and gave modern examples. The content is as recent as 1 year ago. The amount of work was perfect. It gave you the flexibility to dig into the projects if you wanted but wasn't so easy that you can guess your way through it.

von Abiodun A

31. März 2022

So this is my first contact with product management and I must confess i felt overwhelmed at the beginning. As the course progresses, I began to fall in love with PM.

Understand customers needs, deep knowledge of the product and passion to solve these problems are my key take away.

von Carla P

28. Juli 2021

Deep introduction with lots of good information. For me, it is about learning a new lingo, as I have been doing the function of PM for many years but under the marketing umbrella and therefore, with a slightly different vocabulary. I am eager to start the next module. Thank you!

von Mohammad M

1. März 2022

This course gave an idea about product management in a structured way as well as opportunity to solve problems. All the other materials/books/blogs gives a lot of content but practice always ends up lacking and impacts the preparation for taking that next step in a product role