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This is the sixth course in the Google Data Analytics Certificate. These courses will equip you with the skills needed to apply to introductory-level data analyst jobs. You’ll learn how to visualize and present your data findings as you complete the data analysis process. This course will show you how data visualizations, such as visual dashboards, can help bring your data to life. You’ll also explore Tableau, a data visualization platform that will help you create effective visualizations for your presentations. Current Google data analysts will continue to instruct and provide you with hands-on ways to accomplish common data analyst tasks with the best tools and resources. Learners who complete this certificate program will be equipped to apply for introductory-level jobs as data analysts. No previous experience is necessary. By the end of this course, you will: - Examine the importance of data visualization. - Learn how to form a compelling narrative through data stories. - Gain an understanding of how to use Tableau to create dashboards and dashboard filters. - Discover how to use Tableau to create effective visualizations. - Explore the principles and practices involved with effective presentations. - Learn how to consider potential limitations associated with the data in your presentations. - Understand how to apply best practices to a Q&A with your audience....



11. Dez. 2021

This course taught me a lot about data visualisations, dashboarding and presenting to an audience in an extremely insightful way. I was well presented and well worth the time and effort I put into it.


25. Nov. 2021

A comprehensive course with various techniques of visualizations and presentation. It introduced me to the world of Tableau, and its possibilities to prepare interactive visualizations and dashboards.

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von Amiya S

19. Juli 2021


von Chinmay K

25. Juni 2021


von Mohammed A

10. Aug. 2021



10. Aug. 2022


von Marcos r g

19. Nov. 2021


von Ritu B

19. Juli 2022



21. Juni 2022


von Muhamad M R

31. Dez. 2021


von Dinesh V

2. Sep. 2021

von Balazs G

2. Apr. 2022

I​ was hoping to get more technical skills, and how to actually use Tableau. We created a couple of very very basic dashboards but that was it. I feel like the whole course was more soft skill based, which is good, but not what I anticipated. I wanted more Tableau skills, and less of what to do if I am being nervous in front of my stakeholders.

If we stick with soft skills, one interesting skill to learn would have been how to present something technical to stakeholders that don't have much technical expertise. I feel like that is more of a challenge, since the "knwoledge bias" you have would be more predominant here. How to facilitate communicated difficult stuff would have been awesome.

O​n another note, i really liked Connor as a presenter. His voice was confident, pace was very good and he seemed well prepared. Good choice there

von John G

26. Apr. 2021

I have given this course only four stars for a couple of reasons. For me, the instructor was a little dull. However, for non-native English speakers, I'm sure that they will appreciate his slower speech. Although Tableau seems like a great program, I didn't appreciate that we had to download the program. And once you download the free version, you can't save your visualizations on your own computer, but have to save them to the web. The quizzes about Tableau were stupid. As for the final week, I have been teaching the same things for over 15 years, so for me it wasn't that interesting. However, I liked how the information was arranged and Kevin was great at presenting the information. The course was fine, but for me it wasn't a 5-star course.

von Haiguang D

3. Okt. 2021

Lectures are comprehensive but dry. Although not hard to follow, the nature of the topic makes it difficult to answer questions which use a large amount of jargons that are only introduced by this lecture. For example, there is a question in which the choices are "variable," "view," "visual" and "value." Everyone knows what to do given the context of the question, but these choices are so close in terms of meaning that they are like synonyms to each other, making it difficult to make the correct choice. I have been to a lot of professional presentations but these words are sometimes used interchangeably. Should consider redesigning the questions so they are focusing the logic/thought process of data visualization rather than "nitpicking."

von Fitrianingrum

16. Aug. 2021

Too much theory about how to make a good presentation. It would be great if the course covers practical cases on how to visualize certain data into a specific type of visualization, and why...

Excercises are also mostly about theory and more soft skills.

Covering theory and soft skills are great. But it may be better if it's in a separate course. While for this course, I expected more about practical how-to on how to visualize data using different type of chart, color, etc.

von Daniel G M

10. Juni 2021

I​ liked the content of the course, more focused on methods, tips and recomendations rather than tool using. While many may try the course for knowledge on using tableau, for example, I thinks the using of tools is easilly found on the internet, youtube videos and free material. On the other hands, tips and shared experiences tend to bring more value, in my opinion. The downside is: the instructor seemed a to robotic and not that excited during the classes.

von Karen S

19. Juni 2021

I learned a lot more about presentations. There was probably not enough actual Tableau work however, it seems pretty easy to develop vizzes when you understand your data. As others mentioned, one of the tests was confusing in regards to which shape tool to use. Overall, this class was the most challenging for me due to developing the visuals when I haven't gone through the whole analysis process on my own. The instructor was very pleasant to listen to.

von Samantha E

23. Nov. 2021

This was a great class. For improving some learner understanding, it would be helpful to see the syntax displayed in videos to strengthen understanding. Some of the tests were challenging because I had not been able to review the code for understanding of the statement.

I am super glad I took this class and I can see that the more I practice, the more I am understanding some of the common errors in my code.

von Jeannie D

22. Nov. 2021

I loved the topic. But I felt that some of this could have been "tighter" - some of the concepts seemed repetitive and disjointed especially the parts about Tableau and the screens not being current. I ran into a lot of problems trying to deal with the screen and the updated Tableau. But overall, I did learn and I felt it was an effective course with the range of talent explaining this topic.

von Aman M

29. Juni 2022

He course is little bit slow you can watch it on 1.5 x . All the little detail that is important while sharing of your data like types of visualization , you should use catchy viz so that viewer understand that Within of the 5 sec and what are the small things you should focus on while sharing like normal conversation how you should react to the question on you analysis

von Valentin D

13. Juni 2021

"If you did an analysis but no one saw it, did you really do an analysis?". I found this course to be one of the better ones in the Data Analytics certificate because it focused on one of the most important aspects of the career: presentations, and convincing stakeholders to follow your results. However, I wish there was more focus on how to actually use Tableau.

von Romeu F

24. Apr. 2022

The course was fantastic! I appreciated it. On the other hand, concepts in weeks 3 and 4 could be much clear and straight to the point. The tests were relying only on memorizing definitions or trying to use some business jargon or cliché to confuse the student, especially those whose english is not their native language. I didn't enjoy that part of the course.

von Saúl A

26. Mai 2021

T​he content was great and the learning logs were helpful. My issues were more with the intruction production video value. The audio quality was lower then the previous intructors and the section regarding tableu could have used some breakway slides giving definitions to the featues that were being demoed, and used during the Tableu portion of the course.

von George B

5. Juni 2021

Thank you googler's and Google for the opportunity, my life has been enriched as a result of this experience, coming from Africa we are made to beleive we cannot and do not deserve a stake in the future, thank you for this learning journey has impacted my life in a real way.

George Bennett Cape Town ,South Africa

von Brian B

30. Juni 2021

G​ood light introduction to Tableau and presenting. I would have liked a *bit* more of the Tableau to get some more practice with it, and it would be extra nice if there were some sort of extended student version we could use for more experience, but I got value out of the bits that we got to do with it.

von Matthew M

11. Dez. 2021

A little less on the presentation aspects and more on the technical side would have been appreciated. Learning Tableau like the back of my hand would be very useful. I can appreciate the way to break down presentations, but I feel that should be more of a trial and error process than a learned process.

von Ea G A - C

24. Juni 2022

I​ super love the courses and the way of teaching but the volume seems lower than the previous courses. Even though I max out the volume it is not as loud as the others. I tend to keep the volume at a certain level so I don't feel sleepy finishing up the videos and doing the assignments