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In this course, you will learn best practices for how to use data analytics to make any company more competitive and more profitable. You will be able to recognize the most critical business metrics and distinguish them from mere data. You’ll get a clear picture of the vital but different roles business analysts, business data analysts, and data scientists each play in various types of companies. And you’ll know exactly what skills are required to be hired for, and succeed at, these high-demand jobs. Finally, you will be able to use a checklist provided in the course to score any company on how effectively it is embracing big data culture. Digital companies like Amazon, Uber and Airbnb are transforming entire industries through their creative use of big data. You’ll understand why these companies are so disruptive and how they use data-analytics techniques to out-compete traditional companies....



Jun 12, 2020

It is a business centred course that will help you understand the most important metrics. It includes comprehensive glossaries and lectures that will help you in the process and a lot of case studies.


Apr 20, 2020

It's a great course because even it's based on theory not practical(Which cover in next courses in specialization) but still, at final assignment submission, you feel great that you tackle a problem.

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von 杨柳

Aug 30, 2017

It is indeed a useful course for non business student. The explanation of concepts by the professor is very clear. Most importantly, I got to know the different roles associated with business analytics in companies, which gave me an idea what I should learn and prepare to find a related job. Thanks a million!

von Frank B

Jun 07, 2018

Great introduction to overall business concepts and how you would apply data analytics in the real world. Disruptive (successful) business focus on data and are out competing those who don't. If you want to increase your value in the market place a focus on data is one way to get ahead of your competition.

von Uday P S

Dec 14, 2019

It is a primer for understanding what Business Analytics exactly is. It is a wonderfully paced and organised course and is designed for you, if you do not have any background knowledge of business analytics - just like me. I thank Daniel Egger and his team for wonderful lectures and well planned quizzes.

von Felix S

Nov 25, 2019

This course has the resource to give me well perspective on how to gather data on business analysis. However, there are still so much material given were not explained in detail on how does the formula came from. Well, I do think that it would take so much time and would not be efficient for the course

von mohith g

May 22, 2020

Business metrics for data driven companies course is very well charted with clear indicators for learning. Daniel Egger is an excellent educator, his examples and teaching style is tangible which is a key aspect for me. I say so because I live in bengaluru, India sitting at 14,000 km apart. Thank you

von Eunice C

May 30, 2020

This course is a robust introduction to business metrics as it covers the major business metrics across 3 main fields, so you are exposed to and better understand the range of metrics that affects the business across the aspects of revenue-earning, profitability in operations and risk management.

von Arlie R

Dec 13, 2016

The course really gives you a great introduction to business metrics. It builds on a foundation of examples an then shows us how to apply. The greatest takeaway is being able to differentiate the various types of metrics used today such as revenue metrics, profitability metrics and risk metrics.

von michael g

Mar 31, 2016

The course gave new insights into how name branddata-driven companies as they are called here operate and optimize their revenue.

I kind of expected this of companies like Amazon, but the revelation was how even brick and mortar companies need to be data-driven in order to survive.

von Jared V

Dec 07, 2015

I loved how the instructor not only taught the content of the course, but also took time to articulate the specific career application of the material being learned, giving an overview of the various positions within the field. It gave me motivation and a target at which I can aim.

von Gabriel G

Jun 26, 2020

Very good! This were concepts I already managed but helped me get a better grasp of them. Excellent for someone who is starting in the financial world.

kind regards.

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.John 14:6

von Saurabh S

Feb 20, 2017

I think this is a great course. The lectures are enjoyable and you are guaranteed to take something away. I very much liked Professor's Egger's way of delivering the video lectures. Not even one can be called boring. I hope the specialization builds on to the fabulous start.

von Dao T H

Oct 21, 2018

An useful course for beginner level in Business Analytics. It aims to provide the method to the first step: ask the right question, find the right problem by creating and understanding business metrics. It is the foundation for next courses, which focus more on tools in BA.

von Ifraz P

Aug 11, 2017

First week course on business matric was really help full, only i found challenges in reading contents and i have request to use simple works to understand better, since may people who attend the course they should not face difficult to understand the meaning or explanation

von 何逸博

Apr 11, 2020

From this course, I learned many basic concepts about business metrics and finance basis knowledge. Also it is articulated about the differences among business analytics, business data analytics, data scientists. It is helpful to build fundamental basis for rookie like me.

von Jianxu S

Oct 28, 2019

One of the very useful concepts I learned from this course is the idea of evaluating how digital a company or business is. It provides a rough prediction if a given company will be more successful in the future and what type of data-related roles are needed in the company.

von danielle v

Oct 11, 2016

Extremely informative course. I found the lectures easy to follow and well organized. I did not pay for the course so I have no feedback from quizzes and thus have no way of being sure I really understand the material as well as I think I do. Other than that, two thumbs up

von Huy P T

Nov 13, 2015

Excellent! I'm learning a lot from this course. What I like most about it is that this course is newly open so it contains a lot of information about the current economy, especially the examples. I will definitely spend time to finish all the way to the Specialization.

von Elizabeth H

May 27, 2019

Loved this! Worked in a very data-driven industry for years and this was a nice way to organize information I already knew, with new information that almost instantly made me better at my job. Looking forward to continuing my specialize certification curriculum!

von Ben C

Jun 20, 2017

This class is very informative and clearly presented by Professor Egger. It goes over the basics of business metrics extremely capably and is a good beginning for someone who's looking to supplement their education or to begin in the field of business analytics.

von Vatsal S

May 25, 2020

It gave clear understanding of business metrics, which could help have an edge in distinguishing these important metrics from all the data available. Also, it gave clarity on different roles and skill-sets required in the field of Data science and analytics.

von Amy H

Feb 20, 2019

I really enjoyed this course. It was a good course for someone just starting out in this field (like me) and I didn't feel overwhelmed. The material is useful and they include real world examples that you'd see in a Business Analyst or Data Analyst position.

von Max H

Dec 14, 2015

This course does an excellent job of setting the tone for the rest of the courses through breaking down real-life applications of business metrics and explaining their mechanics. In doing so, it's shed a lot of light into metrics/KPI design for my own work.

von Daranijo T

Apr 21, 2020

I really love this course, It gave me a good understanding of what data driven companies focus on and how to ask important question in a business organisation. To me, the course is very essential if you want to dive into data analyse. Thanks to the tutors.

von Ho J Y

Nov 05, 2019

The course was really well prepared, and it had so many helpful tools for a new learner. I just wish the course had more depth and length, but I understand that this is a beginner's course, so nothing to complain about it. Thank you for the great course.

von Mai K

Aug 17, 2016

This course was very helpful. I am engineering with no background in business but it introduced it in an easy way. I have gained a lot of information. and understood clearly. I googled things but that enhances the learning process. Thanks for this course