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In this course, you will learn best practices for how to use data analytics to make any company more competitive and more profitable. You will be able to recognize the most critical business metrics and distinguish them from mere data. You’ll get a clear picture of the vital but different roles business analysts, business data analysts, and data scientists each play in various types of companies. And you’ll know exactly what skills are required to be hired for, and succeed at, these high-demand jobs. Finally, you will be able to use a checklist provided in the course to score any company on how effectively it is embracing big data culture. Digital companies like Amazon, Uber and Airbnb are transforming entire industries through their creative use of big data. You’ll understand why these companies are so disruptive and how they use data-analytics techniques to out-compete traditional companies....



2. Nov. 2018

really good bases for business metric if you already have a background you are going to enjoy and refresh you memory and if you don't have previous experiences is really easy to understand the concept


11. Juni 2020

It is a business centred course that will help you understand the most important metrics. It includes comprehensive glossaries and lectures that will help you in the process and a lot of case studies.

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von Shirley C

14. Juni 2018

The teaching is quite clear and basic. I recommend this course to anyone who didn't have any previous experience in business and analytics. If you've already attended business school or had finance foundations, this course could still be useful but you can skip some videos.

von Wenhui Y

4. Aug. 2020

The course allows us to learn necessary business metrics to analyze every business well and to find out effective changes in business processes to improve the business. It is useful to use the knowledge of this course in my future university study and in my work as well.

von Yao Z

1. Nov. 2015

Not so technical in these business metrics, a bit unclear in defining all of these metrics. However, give me a very good mindset about how data analyst looks like and what skills do the position require. I am really looking forward to the rest of courses from this combo.

von Rishabh S

16. Aug. 2020

This course is helpful for students/learners with minimal knowledge of Business. I had a good learning experience.

This course needs more case studies where we get to work with the concepts mentioned in the course. The course needs updates as it is 4-5 years old.

von Cherry Z

10. Jan. 2018

Clear introduction about the role of business analyst and specific skills required. Also the lecture discusses about the key business metrics involved in the commercial area which gives preparation for students to build a basic understanding about data analyst.

von Jitesh S

23. Juni 2020

The course provides insights on how business metrics align with the companies. As today's business is data driven, this course gives you how to link the metrics with the business processes which can be further utilized to make such processes more efficient.

von Suprajith H

29. Mai 2017

I am someone who had absolutely no idea about Business Metrics . I was wholly interested in Data Sciences. This course is a great place to start to understand how data is relevant in the world of Business Analytics. Professor Egger is a wonderful teacher !

von Rachel M

3. Mai 2017

A good introduction, though I would have appreciated more readings or suggestions on where to look into the topics in more depth (particularly the Financial Services Metrics). It was disorienting to not use actual data sets in the final peer assessment.

von Muhammad F

7. Dez. 2015

Good course to build an overall understanding of metrics used by businesses but could have been better if assignments were more case-based but then again thats just my opinion and if the slides were provided at the end of each lecture--just saves time.

von Natalia G

24. Jan. 2020

This course is an intro to the specialization. If you have been working with ratios, you probably won't learn anything new, however, it is a good overview of business metrics, and is ok to take as an intro to the whole specialization it is part of.

von Umang P

11. Okt. 2019

It's a decent course that explains how you define metrics with respect to the various businesses out there, and to minimise redundancy by skipping the metrics that are neither in your control, nor are they applicable to your analysis objectives.

von nandinipriya r

31. Okt. 2015

For a beginner like me, this course was a good introduction. I really liked the interviews of the earlier students who are now working in different role in different companies. That gave me a good insight about the working world in this field.

von Alec G

20. Juni 2017

For what it is – a very basic introduction to business metrics with little to no technical knowledge – this is a decent and low-time-investment course. In a couple of days, you can complete this course and learn some common business jargon.

von Eugene T

23. Nov. 2015

It's a great course that gives a brief business perspective to the metrics involved in companies. However, content in this module can be heavier to give it a more in depth view by the introduction of more terminologies and examples.

von Brian H

15. Feb. 2021

It is a good introductory course into the field of business analytics, however for my taste it was a bit light and slow going. Definitely a good starting course for if you don't have a lot of experience and general business skills.

von Scott K

26. Okt. 2015

Great course. The instructor is very knowledgeable and gives lots of examples of real companies using metrics. There are some good assignments to practice using the things taught in the course. Seems like a good specialization too.

von li w

3. Okt. 2020

This course is a little bit challenging for people who have not learned the business deeply. I have paid a lot of attention to finish this course. However, this course helps me a lot to know what a data analyst has to do. Thanks.

von Oliviero M

15. Juni 2017

A great intro to the world of Business Metrics. Looking at the types of professions in this field has been particularly useful to understand the jobs landscape and the skills required to become part of a certain workforce.

von Jack D

5. Juli 2020

This course creates a strong base of knowledge about data analytics but does not go to deep into the specifics of deriving these metrics. The concepts are important to understand before fully exploring data analytics.

von Sudhanshu B

23. Sep. 2017

Learning new skills is always welcome for today execs

This course can be little more practical and involve learning

Note: you need to dig more info on web to learn this course as sometimes some content get thrown on you

von Jordan W

27. Okt. 2020

I enjoyed this Introductory course. A couple of the lectures could be updated to reflect more current scenarios but otherwise, It's a great starting point for those who want to get a grasp on business data analytics.

von Jagat k

5. Aug. 2017

I really liked the course and want to explore more in this field of business metrics and data analytics. The way this course is planned is great for the beginners to grasp the concept.

Thank you for all your support.!

von Nathaniel D

9. März 2018

There is some valuable information in this course but I think understanding the information in a greater context would help significantly. The course is paced well, with valuable examples, and important information.

von Katheryne M

20. Juni 2017

Short Course with lots of information. All information was explained well, and with much detail for us to look back on in later courses to achieve the accomplishment, that we are working towards in these courses.


8. Juni 2020

Everything looks fine and well explained, except that the analytical part that is explained in the money management part in Week 3 needs some elaborated explanation, it seemed quite fast and accelerated to me.