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Kursteilnehmer-Bewertung und -Feedback für Annual Campaigns: Building a Case for Support von University of California, Davis

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Über den Kurs

In this comprehensive overview of annual giving programs, you’ll gain an introduction to the basic terminology and concepts of annual giving as well as the various solicitation channels and donor types. Learn how to write a direct mail appeal, craft an impactful email appeal, and develop a script for phone solicitation. You’ll learn how to build a leadership annual giving portfolio and maximize the impact of memberships and events in annual campaigns. You’ll complete the course with the knowledge and skills to build and implement a multi-channel solicitation strategy that achieves the goals of an annual campaign....
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1 - 9 von 9 Bewertungen für Annual Campaigns: Building a Case for Support

von Yuliya B

Nov 05, 2019

Loved the course! a lot of interesting information and well structured. All you need to know about annual giving

von Felix M K

Oct 10, 2019

Great insights here

von Gregoire L A P

Dec 12, 2018

Good content


von Geraldine A

Jun 01, 2020

I learned a lot from this course. Methodology is good, but still prefer that there's a scheduled class where students and the professor could ask questions, and discuss more about the report/ assignments.

von David P

Oct 30, 2019

I think the info was good. However, I am extremely frustrated with the lack of participation so I can get my assignments graded, as well as grading others.

von Sidney W

Dec 02, 2019

Content is excellent. If the assessments matched them, I would give this course a 5. Unfortunately, the pedagogy and attention to detail of the assignments is poor. For example, one assignment was mis-interpreted by multiple students, indicating a lack of clarity in the directions. Another said there were five parts, but when time to turn in the assignment there were seven parts required. It's not bad, just frustrating.

Also, since there is no "teacher" and all assignments are graded by others in the course, it is a case of the blind leading the blind. Most people give high grades, but don't give much actionable feedback. Also, since no one grading is an expert, I wasn't sure if what I was doing was "good" or just fit the rubric. I guess I'll find out when I get a job!

von Melissa W

Apr 08, 2020

This course provided me with a very good understanding of how annual campaigns work. There was a great deal of information to absorb, and the reasons I don't give it five stars are two - (1) one of the presenters spoke too quickly and (2) it took three months to get sufficient reviews of my final project.

von Andrea

Jul 13, 2018

Instructors were better in Course 1.Examples of what a solicitation calendar usually looks like and includes would have been nice for visual learners.Instructions provided only for Microsoft Office, not MacOS.Staff did not reply to comments posted on Discussion Boards.No way to report incongruence in grading by people who admittedly (through discussion posts) were not even interest in actually grading assignments.

von steve W

Sep 10, 2019

In general this course was okay. The video lessons seemed to go way too fast and on this course, as opposed to the Foundations course, I really struggled to get peer reviews/fair peer reviews. Also, the level of engagement by other users was dramatically lower. I saw no responses in the forums, it was hard to peer review, and despite my many pleas for assistance, I could not find people to review my assignments. The content was still good and the structure was generally okay.

I also reported an error in one of the quizzes and the response did not address my concern. I also reported a bogus peer review and the response was completely useless. Peer Review assignments will lead to my abandoning this certificate course.