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By learning this course, you will get a comprehensive grasp of Priority Queues and string match techniques, as well as their applications. By the end of this course, you will be able to understand/implement Bucketsort, Counting-sort, and Radixsort, understand the principle/implementation/application of different Priority Queues such as complete binary heap and leftist heap, understand and implement Heapsort, understand and implement typical string matching algorithms such as KMP, BM, and Karp-Rabin, implement and analyze advanced selection/sorting algorithms such as Quicksort, QuickSelect, LinearSelect, and Shellsort. 通过学习本课程,你将全面了解优先级队列和字符串匹配技术及其应用。 在本课程结束时,你将能够了解/实现桶排序,计数排序和基数排序,了解不同优先级队列的原理/实现/应用,例如完全二叉堆和左倾堆,了解并实现堆排序,了解并实现典型的字符串匹配算法(例如KMP,BM和Karp-Rabin),实现并分析高级选择/排序算法,例如快速排序、快速选择、线性选择和希尔排序。...
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von cornell

6. Sep. 2020

One of the best DSA courses in China

von Ankit K

1. Nov. 2020

Heading are English but content in some local language. More over cant unenroll from this course which is annoying.

von Deleted A

12. Mai 2020

it is to tough to me

von Aishwarya R M

11. Okt. 2020

how to unenroll