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In the course ‘Establishing a professional ‘self’ through effective intercultural communication’, you will learn how to communicate effectively to establish relationships with colleagues in a culturally and linguistically diverse community and workplace. As language reflects cultures, we begin the course by highlighting the need to take into considerations cultural values when we communicate in a multicultural community and workplace. We then move on to discuss some effective communication skills required to build relationships with colleagues in a globalised workplace. You will learn to adopt appropriate intrapersonal and interpersonal, verbal and nonverbal, communicative strategies to present information based on the 7 communication principles. Finally, you will learn to build your personal profile and appropriately align yourself in a globalised workplace....


3. Feb. 2021

The course has increased my confidence and my persuasion skills.Has a lot of good students in this course and made many friends.Very manageable course.It is also fun.

30. Nov. 2020

This was a very great course and full of information I needed. I confess that this is helping me in advancing my career.

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von Syahril A G

22. Mai 2020

I am delightful with my accomplishment on this course. Very useful for my career journey. Thanks for Misty So-Sum Wai-Cook, Dr, The course instructor, I wish I can apply it in professional situation both formal & informal.

von Juergen S

14. Aug. 2020

I really enjoyed the first part, learning/hearing about power distance, individualism vs. collectivism, masculine vs. feminine, long term vs. short term orientation, especially as these topics correspond with my own life here in Asia coming from a Western cultural background myself. Thank you for that. However, the next parts are too "obvious" and contain too many general statements for my taste. Be polite, be professional, align yourself.... The personal branding statement was a nice exercise but something I would not do because it would be frowned upon in my (German) culture. Also, the CV building was nice but there are many different valid ways. So, again, the first part was the most valuble for me.

von Vincent S

18. Sep. 2017

I'm sorry, for me this is really basic. Possibly ideal for an intern. I work in operational environments where things need to be done. Yes, we don't want to offend anybody, but it's essential things happen in a timely manner.

von Jennifer G

4. Apr. 2018

This was very confusing to understand. There was a lot of repetition in the information shared, much of it was not clearly stated or was said in a very circular manner. I needed to replay multiple segments in order to try and understand what the instructor was saying. Also, there was a difference in phrasing between the lectures and the quizes which required more time to comprehend what was being asked in the question. A majority of it would also be understood by native speakers so I think this ought to be catered more for non-native speakers rather than a general course on intercultural communication. While I understand that the point of the course is to teach about how native English speaking areas differ in their communicative styles, as an American living in Asia for the past six years, I found the instructors among the most confusing native English speaking Asians I have met.

von Daniel P

25. Juni 2018

unprofessional, limited extra knowledge gained. The course try to be PC therefore it is full with cliché

von Ixchel P

28. Aug. 2020

Me pareció muy fructífero este curso, especialmente porque adquirí valiosas herramientas que ahora puedo emplear en mi campo laboral y profesional. Por otro lado, califico este curso con cuatro estrellas porque tuve que esperar más de una semana en que las calificaciones de mis tareas se vieran reflejadas y así pudiese finalmente terminar el curso y recibir mi certificado. ¡Saludos!


21. Mai 2020

This course opens up your thought process and makes it able to distinguish between various cultures and their way of communication. This course helps in building professional skills in an individual which can be of great help to him in his job and career.

von M. C O

24. Feb. 2019

The content of this course is very good as well as the optional material. I am definitely going to study the next module. The performance of the teacher is clear and educational, a great job indeed.

von Valeria V E

27. Mai 2020

I really enjoy the course, specially in how to identify how is a culture based on the elements the course gave us.

von inshal n

1. Sep. 2020

amazing course I must say.. thanks for giving me the opportunity to study this course.. I really enjoyed it

von Evita M

28. Aug. 2020

Nice Course, and help us to develop for do a better communication with people.

von Snizhanna B

21. Juli 2020

Very useful and interesting course. Thank you for this opportunity!


13. Aug. 2020

This course will help u to develop a better communication skills

von Luis G A G

20. Feb. 2018

Me gustó esta parte del curso, no tengo objeción alguna .

von Sumitra B

25. Okt. 2016

It is extremely contemporary and a very useful course!

von Linisha S

1. Sep. 2020

Very useful course and helps to improve my life


11. Juni 2020

We can improve intercultural communication.

von Vasanthi V

28. Apr. 2020

Thank you so much!

It's quite resourceful.

von Venkat N

28. Feb. 2018

Very good and easy approach defined to ac

von Mohammad A

20. Juli 2020

Great contents and easy to understand.

von Zeynep B

18. Juli 2020

useful and lots of experince

von Praveena K

16. Apr. 2018

Good case studies are given

von Majed H

23. Jan. 2018

very useful and interesting

von Winston A W

15. Juli 2020

Excellent, thank you.

von Анна К

22. Sep. 2020

Very useful course!