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This course familiarizes you with standards and policies of the electric utility industry, and provides you with basic vocabulary used in the business. It introduces the electric power system, from generation of the electricity all the way to the wall plug. You will learn about the segments of the system, and common components like power cables and transformers. This course is for individuals considering a career in the energy field (who have a high school diploma, at minimum, and basic knowledge of mathematics), and existing energy sector employees with less than three years of experience who have not completed similar training and would benefit from a course of foundational industry concepts. The course is a combination of online lectures, videos, readings and discussions. This is the first course in the Energy Production, Distribution & Safety specialization that explores various facets of the power sector, and features a culminating project involving creation of a roadmap to achieve a self-established, energy-related professional goal. To learn more about the specialization, check out a video overview at



May 10, 2020

The course was very easily explained including all the minor details it's like a journey of powers system where you get to know about all the key elements required to have the knowledge in this field.


Jan 18, 2020

What an Extraordinary Course, I really appreciate meeting with such a skilled professor and a tutor too.\n\nThough his main focus was on the USA and quiz were mainly focusing on the USA not globally.

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von Muhammad F A

Nov 08, 2018

an informative course but unfortunately the instructor looks like he is in the process of reading from a teleprompter rather than teaching in an engaging manner.

von Vatsal S P

Nov 02, 2018

Very theoretical and is simply a set of speeches and not lectures.

It is a more of a seminar than a course and hence learning is very difficult.


Feb 21, 2020

well, Thank you very much learn this course for electrical engineering i am now able to understand the power system after finish this course . I hope in future i learn more course like this

von C D

Feb 01, 2019

This course is really helpful for my career. I learned depth of knowledge compared to regular classes from our college

von Ramya R

Mar 14, 2019

Course syllabus is easier and no difficulty in completing the assignment with the provided material.

Most of the questions are straightforward question not a twisty one.

Some questions and choices are confusing, unable to get clear idea what exactly it meant for.

Content focuses on US electric power system only. It will be useful if worldwide data given related to power system.

von Muhammad Q T

Nov 11, 2018

This course is a good one for people interested in electricity generation and its utilization.

von S A R

Apr 08, 2020

A very brief yet informative session on the basics of power systems which gives an insight into the concepts of basic electricity, power systems, switchgear, Smart grid and Renewable technologies

von Faisal P

Mar 06, 2020

I had a great time and got alot to learn. Each and every topic was covered in detail and instructors explanation was beyond everything. Each and every concept was delivered in a proper manner.

von Darren M

Jan 25, 2019

Overall this provided some great introductory information. My only problem was the instructor was hard to listen to at times as you could tell he was just reading from a script. Suggestion: there is one instance in the copy during the busbars section where "busbars" is typed out "buzz bars". It may be helpful to change that for people since it was a quiz question.

von Niranda W

Jan 08, 2019

Great entry course. Very easy for those that do not have a background in the subject. I am currently in the process of transitioning industry. It was good for a refresher overview.

von Muohsien A

Jan 30, 2019

The course is very nice and very helpful

I recommend studying this course.

von Prasant K

Dec 04, 2018


von Pavan K R

May 23, 2020

The course was very insightful. Instructor taught the course content in a beautiful manner. I learnt many interesting things from the course which is related to real-life mechanisms. Overall, I am satisfied from the learning and takeaways with this course.


Jun 19, 2020

It was an interesting course, learned a lot of concepts which I haven't heard of earlier with regards to Influencing People in the corporate world. Overall it has been a great learning experience.


Mar 13, 2019






May 31, 2020

This course brings in some viable concepts to your knowledge and also helps to persuade in the forthcoming technology of renewable sector of energy.

von Maria J B

May 15, 2019

Amazing content but it would have been better if instead of filming a well-known professor reading mechanically some sentences on a screen, he took the time to explain with his own words, gestures, natural intonation what was being said.

For me, it was better to just read the transcriptions than to watch the video.

Other than that, great!

von Daniel P O

Jun 26, 2020

This was a great introduction to the Energy Industry, it has sparked an greater interest in me for this industry. My favorite aspect of the course design are the small self-check quizzes following each video, it helped me digest the content at a manageable pace. I appreciated the focus on green technologies, and although the material is by now slightly outdated, the information contained remains relevant. This class is well worth the time and money for those interested in this line of work.

von folepe d h

Dec 04, 2018

I attribute a better grade simply because the course is very explicit for those who reside in the USA, and for us Africans who follow these courses, it is not so obvious of the contextualizes but offers us an opportunity to touch the loan. American infrastructure. For a pensive hypothesis, I request as far as possible a scholarship opportunity after this specialization for an upgrade to presential and if possible guided tours to better understand the equipment and technologies.


May 16, 2020

The course helps us to understand the basic concepts in Electrical Engineering along with Electrical Power Systems. It also includes overview of renewable energy generation systems such as SPV, hydroelectric power generation, etc. And it the end, the concept of Smart Grid is also explained.

I'm thankful to MVPS'S KBTCOE, NASHIK, MH, India; Coursera and most importantly the instructor of the course.

Thank you.

von Akshay U N

Apr 17, 2020

This course structure is very well defined as well as the way it progresses through the content in a very simple and organised manner. I am very happy to complete this course. I enjoyed learning new concepts regarding how the electric energy sector has the potential to amp its technological ability for the benefit of all and also how it can integrate renewable energy sources to become self-sustainable.

von Rakib H R

May 09, 2020

I am very interested to confess that this course is very much friendly to me and hoped that will help me in the field of power system engineering. I believe this also advance me than other competitor of job seeker in my country. The respected course instructor is very much fluent to clarify every important terms.

I am also very much pleasure and wish to thank him through this reputed platform,cousera

von Ali H

Nov 05, 2018

A comprehensive course that covers all the basics regarding Electric Power Systems. If you're an Engineering student, graduated or somehow interested in Electric Power System, then you must sign up for this course to get benefited by the content University of the Buffalo has put in all together for the students and enthusiasts who are in interested in Electrical Power Systems.

von Shahwan m

May 08, 2020

It was a really good course.It helps you understand the basic concepts of power consumption and the transmission of electrical energy to meet the requirements.

The course also gives you insights on the problems associated with using conventional fossil fuels as a source of energy and the need to increase the use of renewable sources of energy

von Patil A R

Jun 06, 2020

This course electricity generation,transmission and distribution gives the brief explanation about how the electricity gets transmit and gets distribute wherever it needs in details. And also with this it also helps to understand the function of components which are used in house to house such as circuit breaker, ground switch etc..