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What is machine learning, and what kinds of problems can it solve? Google thinks about machine learning slightly differently -- of being about logic, rather than just data. We talk about why such a framing is useful for data scientists when thinking about building a pipeline of machine learning models. Then, we discuss the five phases of converting a candidate use case to be driven by machine learning, and consider why it is important the phases not be skipped. We end with a recognition of the biases that machine learning can amplify and how to recognize this. >>> By enrolling in this specialization you agree to the Qwiklabs Terms of Service as set out in the FAQ and located at: <<<...



Nov 06, 2018

Great to know how to do machine learning in scale and to know the common pitfalls people may fall into while doing ML. Provides great hands-on training on GCP and get to know various API's GCP offers.


Mar 21, 2019

Really easy with all instruction.I didnt feel bored at any point gave me the basic idea of what is machine learning and how easy google made API's and cloud platform for machine learning\n\nThank you

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von Kevin C

Jun 26, 2018

This is too obviously an advertisement for google services disguised as a course.

von Yves G

Jul 03, 2018

The omnipresent Google branding on software used is truly sufficient publicity in an educational setting, the branded t-shirts and multiple statements are superfluous for a Coursera class. Many statements, especially towards the first videos, create an impression that the technology isn't superior enough to sell itself as we learn it, but requires a sales pitch even though we already subscribed to the specialization on that particular Machine Learning software.

von Peter H

Jul 23, 2018

nice practical overview. I liked the first part with practical examples, the second part is too much marketing for Google APIs for me

von sheikzaidh

Jun 25, 2019

good explanation for the topics and good practical knowledge

von Swapnil R

Jun 23, 2019

Amazing course, I got to know about many contemporary things about Machine Learning in this course and also some about how Google does ML. But one thing is there, I had a trouble with getting access to the labs which usually says to me 'Sorry, access not granted to the resource', that surely sucks.

von Mike W

Jun 22, 2019

The notebook based demos are unfortunately pretty useless as labs. All of these courses would be much improved with real labs that require the student to build the system.

von meet

Jun 22, 2019

it is nice course for completely unknown with ML and cloud computing, but very easy for others.

von Christian C

Jun 20, 2019

I enjoy this course a lot. It's a great introduction for how Google does Machine Learning. I learned so much material throughout the course. Five star course. Thank you, Google!

von Ram M

Jun 16, 2019

It's a good introductory course.

von Olexander K

Jun 14, 2019

Great introduction

von xuying x

Jun 14, 2019

great course!

von Saibal M

Jun 13, 2019

It's a part of the specialisation, so taking this course is important for completing the specialisation. But the contents of course is also important for a beginner, who is just going start his/her career in ml. It teaches some useful key points on doing ml in real life.

von Satyabrata P

Jun 13, 2019

Very useful basic course for machine learning on GCP

von Prateek M

Jun 11, 2019


von babymonster

Jun 09, 2019

simple and easy to understand by an outsider such as me, who is not familiar with any computer language at all. Thanks.

von Umair A

Jun 08, 2019

very much helpful

von Nikhil K

Jun 07, 2019


von Abdullah K

Jun 06, 2019

Nice course for a glimpse on how Google does Machine Learning and Google's tools

von Akhil K

Jun 06, 2019

Practical oriented, Great course.

von Sujithra K

Jun 06, 2019

It is very easy to understand.I enjoyed doing it.

von Arnab R c

Jun 04, 2019

really helpful

von David R

Jun 03, 2019

Very well presented and structured

von Abhay

May 30, 2019

a good learning

von Vladimir V

May 29, 2019

It takes a bit to get used to the format but so far its great. Please enable autoplay on the videos though :)

von Ekwoge E B

May 28, 2019

Had great insight on machine learning and how Google does machine learning. Eager to continue with the course.