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Now that you've been introduced to the world of Health IT and the important role played by electronic health records (EHRs), we'll focus on other technologies that play a role in maintaining ongoing operations in healthcare. Telemedicine, patient portals, barcode scanners, printers, and medical devices are just some of the technologies that impact providers and patients. As an IT support specialist, you’ll be asked to troubleshoot issues with a wide variety of tools. You'll see a scenario with a medical device installation where issues related to IP addresses, networking, and MAC addresses come up. When there are disruptions in technology, you’ll need to use training, tip sheets, and problem-solving skills to determine how best to handle the situation. Supporting a high reliability organization means being familiar with the existing processes and protocols for handling calls, creating tickets, escalating issues, and resolving matters. We’ll introduce you to the concept of self-service tickets and the guidance given to hospital staff on how to submit a ticket. You’ll learn about the different priority levels for tickets as well as the tiers of IT support. When a call comes in, there are some important resources you’ll need to access in order to troubleshoot the problem. These can range from standard question templates to tip sheets to complex matrices and knowledge base articles (KBAs). Having these tools in your arsenal is essential as a Health IT support specialist. We‘ll also cover the JIRA process, the need for excellent documentation, and ways in which requests for change are communicated....


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von Robin S

11. Juni 2021

I really enjoyed getting into the "meat and potatoes" of Healthcare IT. I also enjoyed the supplemental articles that were included. The case studies that some of the articles contained really helped to clarify the coursework. I also found that the supplemental article on HRO to be very informative. The studies that were performed on safety procedures were eye opening (especially the results from the ICU lines)! I am humbled to be making a small contribution into a patient's ease of mind that they will be "safe" when in the hands of medical personnel.

von Andrew W

8. März 2021

I found the fourth section the most interesting and enjoyable, however, all sections had new information. Thank you!

von Mebrahtu A

22. Juli 2021

very helpful and informative, thank you.

von Waqas H

13. Okt. 2021

V​ery good and informative

von Brandon R

15. Juli 2021

This course was quite informative and easy to understand. I especially appreciated the sections related directly to patient safety and how healthcare IT has a prominent role in the success or failure of patient care. The course presented useful diagrams and the course readings were short and precise.

von A.M I H A

19. Dez. 2020

Great course.

von Vineeth V

16. Apr. 2021


von Essa A

27. Juli 2021

I could not finish this course due to a technical failure in the last exam. I still get the same score whether I answer correctly or if I do not submit any answer . I hope to help