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This course provides an introduction to the Java language and object-oriented programming, including an overview of Java syntax and how it differs from a language like Python. Students will learn how to write custom Java classes and methods, and how to test their code using unit testing and test-driven development. Topics include basic data structures like Arrays and ArrayLists and overloading methods....



24. Okt. 2021

This course has enlightened me on how to write and program tasks using JavaScript software. Of course, I had to learn certain methods mentioned in the homework assignments using external sources.


2. Nov. 2022

Amazing course and really , really usefull for professional coding , thank you so much for providing me financial aid really loved the experience

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von Yingying G

10. Apr. 2021

There are so many inconsistencies that require extra student efforts but not to the benefits of the course. For example, a concept or syntax is introduced in a homework but will only be introduced in the chapter after this homework. There are also some minor errors in the homework, e.g. in HW4, the given method is 'public int get(index)' but when you run it in Codio, it will only pass if you realize the element in 'arr' is an Integer and change the method name to 'public Integer get(index)'. This might not be a big deal for an experienced SDE, but costs too much meaningless time for Java beginners which are who this course is aimed at.

von Patrick R

30. März 2021

Course is not yet ready for prime time. The autograders have several bugs, and too few students have taken this course series for it to be fixed, making for a frustrating learning experience. Recommend another Java class until Penn gets this sorted.

von Sepideh A

21. Mai 2021

It is a great practical introduction course with challenging assignments.

von Deleted A

6. Apr. 2021

Cool course, a lot of pain through one of the homeworks!

von Angelie X

17. Okt. 2021

Although this is a supposed to be an intro course to Java and I like how concise it is, I personally feel like the fast pace doesn't help laying a strong foundation and I felt confused about concepts while doing the exercises and had to do additional research. The code demonstration makes everything look easy and I feel like I need a more in-depth course to really understand Java and be good at it.

von Андрей П

29. März 2021

Good for beginners. Despite the fact that this is the third course in specialization, the initial assignments are quite simple, which makes it easy to get familiar with syntax of language before you dive into OOP.

von Veronika K

12. Mai 2021

The course is very good, however it would be really nice to have at least one lecture about Object-Oriented Design in it.

von Maxwell F

6. Sep. 2021

Fantastic course that teaches quite a bit about object oriented programming. Learn about how Java handles variables, arrays, casting, polymorphism, and more.

My only gripe was the final homework on week 3 had a few problems that made it extremely annoying to complete. You must fix the public static void main function in the homework download, as it's messed up. Also when handling packages the compiler doesn't see the package – so I got a class not found error. Lastly though the program tests perfectly on Eclipse, you must cast your variable in assertEquals which was annoying.

von Cecilia P T

5. Feb. 2021

Codio gave me a lot of issues with saying I had errors on lines of codes that were provided in the assignment - lines that I didn't touch. It was frustrating to deal with. This course was definitely more challenging than the previous two. I wish the Staff were able to explain our errors to us or a fellow classmate in the forum. It was lonely and I spent hours on the internet trying to teach myself Java.

von Gabriel T

24. Nov. 2021

As is the case with all of the Penn Engineering courses that I have tried thus far, there is an exceptional level of polish in the way that this course was constructed. The assignments have all been very helpful in furthering my understanding of the Java programming language. While the course can be initially very daunting if you are coming from a Python background, the material becomes increasingly intuitive as you go through the course. If you get stuck with anything, the Discussion Forums always have a plethora of helpful staff and student answers that can help point you in the right direction.

von Timothy W

26. Aug. 2022

I actually felt like I learned quite a bit from taking this MOOC coming in with zero experience with Java. I think it was a nice beginner course in Java. The code-alongs were the best part of the course as I felt like I had a deeper understanding as I was coding along. Beware, there is currently a glitch with the final HW of the course. There is a compiler error due to running on different versions of Java. Look in the discussion section and you will see it. Not a huge deal otherwise.

von Wesley B

30. Juni 2022

Good presentation of the material. What makes it great is the exceptionally attentitive discussion board admin I had while taking the course in spring/summer 2022. They would answer posts every 24 hours, so you knew you could work as far as you could figure it out, and come back to a new impulse on where to look next, if that was needed. Made for an excellent learning pace.

von Vahid Y

29. Nov. 2021

Such a helpful course, definitely recommended. The instructor knows what he is talking about and demonstrate the material in detail. Also, I would like to appreciate tutor's willingness to answer the questions via the "Discussion Forums". Best of luck!

von Danny D

24. Okt. 2021

This course has enlightened me on how to write and program tasks using JavaScript software. Of course, I had to learn certain methods mentioned in the homework assignments using external sources.

von 47 K D

3. Nov. 2022

Amazing course and really , really usefull for professional coding , thank you so much for providing me financial aid really loved the experience

von Bailey D

12. Dez. 2022

Great Lectures from Brandon. Very clear and easy to follow along. I look forward to taking future classes led by him!

von Tingting D

29. Mai 2022

A 10 out of 10 course. Very well designed and the assignments are great for enhancing learning and understanding.

von Ina P

21. Nov. 2021

Amazing course with great examples, and wasn't too easy. Learned Java Basics and happy with the new knowledge.

von Emmanuel A

5. Jan. 2023

This is a great course! It covers all the essentials you need to learn Java, any extras can be googled

von MD F H B

13. Dez. 2021

This course is super and mind blowing. I wish everyone take benifit from this course.

von hiro 8

30. Aug. 2022

Coding practice is good to learn Java programming grammer and it is very fun.

von George C

14. Juni 2022

detailed and easy to understand instructions. good practical examples.

von Wijesekara M E P B B W

4. März 2022

This is very useful and very effective course for java beginers

von Jorge E C V

17. Apr. 2022

Curso que te reta y fortalece tu lógica en programación

von Deshmukh J

23. Okt. 2021

very good for beginners and great level of assignments