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Welcome to the Michigan Sport-Related Concussion Training Certification. In this course, you will learn about five key components of sport-related concussions: identify medical emergencies, debrief the Michigan Youth Concussion Legislature, review rest and rehabilitation principles after a concussion occurs, understand the return to learn and return to school progressions, and finally become knowledgeable of the potential long-term consequences of head impact exposure on brain health. This course satisfies the state-mandated requirement for concussion training in the state of Michigan. In order to obtain the certificate, you must answer every question on the quiz correctly, which will be available at the end of this course. This course should take you approximately 20 minutes to complete. The three lead instructors for this course, Dr. Steve Broglio, Dr. Matt Lorincz, and Dr. JT Eckner, are all affiliated with the Michigan Concussion Center, which strives to maximize societal and individual health through the relentless pursuit of concussion knowledge. Dr. Lorincz and Dr. Eckner are also affiliated with Michigan NeuroSport. The goal of Michigan NeuroSport is to inspire and implement solutions for prevention and treatment of sport-related concussions and their potential long-term consequences. Note: If you successfully pass the quiz at the end of this course, you'll still receive an official Michigan Sport-Related Training Certificate, even though a related "Full Course, No Certificate" message appears in enrollment. Furthermore, an additional Coursera completion certificate will not be issued....



15. Juni 2021

course made me wonder on how to develop specific legislations related to sports in our countries. this is a deep understanding about another context, specially on sport activities


9. Mai 2020

All the information was hands on and very informative. As a personal trainer i was further educated on detecting any possible concussion symptoms. Much appreciated and thank you.

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27. Okt. 2019

well presented & informative for anyone interested enough to take it.

von Keith M

16. Sep. 2019

Good information covering concussions in a short time span.

von ABU T

19. Okt. 2019

Excellent, easy to follow and in a professional way..

von Mustafa A K

12. Sep. 2019

Very nice i really enjoyed learning this course!!

von Vinit A

17. Feb. 2020

I learned how to identify the signs and symptoms of concussion in an athlete or a person after a blow to his head and timely removal of him off field as well as to call emergency medical services in time to avoid any serious complications due to head injury which are showing the more worsening signs and symptoms. thanks to this course to make me understand about the course of usual recovery and step wise activities to be undertaken for further full recovery from concussion injury. thank you. all the teaching faculty were informative and clear in there teachings

von Kim G

24. Sep. 2019

Good short introduction to protocols when suspecting a concussion.

von Jeffrey A B

22. Sep. 2019

I am a youth sports coach, and this was a great course which helped me learn to do the right thing when it comes to my student-athletes.

von Chijioke O

30. März 2020

This was really filled with vontent and simple enough.Huge appreciations.Now I know more about this topic

von Raina M

29. Sep. 2019

As a youth sports coach this course was very helpful and ful

von Caspar L

10. Apr. 2020

perfectly understandable, practical, & potentially useful.

von Ridhi R

17. Sep. 2019

It's a very short and an informative course.

von Michael D M

25. Sep. 2019

Excellent, well organized and relevant.


28. Okt. 2019

Well done. Great beginner course

von Erick V

11. Dez. 2019

Excelente curso, muy didáctico.

von Dr. P K A

26. Okt. 2019

Nice learning with them

von Annie! M C

4. Dez. 2019

Great information.

von Jonathan C

9. Okt. 2019

Good information.

von matthew b

21. Okt. 2019

Very informative

von Ryan M

23. Apr. 2020

It was informative and time well spent. Covered a variety of different scenarios and examples to be able to better identify and prevent/care for sport-related concussions.

von Michelle F

29. Okt. 2019

Great review of information for medical professionals if not some new information when it comes to best-practice and clinical care for health providers working with athletes post-concussion.

von Neil H

10. Mai 2020

All the information was hands on and very informative. As a personal trainer i was further educated on detecting any possible concussion symptoms. Much appreciated and thank you.

von Michael K

21. Apr. 2020

I thought the course was very helpful understanding the various symptoms of a concussion or possible concussion as well the return and recovery protocols.

von Prasanth P

24. März 2020

very good course,detailing about concussion and return to play strategies post concussion i would suggest all the sports personal to take up this course

von Gregg

6. Apr. 2020

Good for an understanding of concussion and how to deal with it in the correct ways over a the period of time.

von Joel S

18. Apr. 2020

Provided the basic knowledge relating sports related concussion in the best and simplest way.Thank you.