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Considering someone for organ and tissue donation at the end of life is complicated. The boundary between life and death is more complex than ever before and it falls to medical professionals to help clarify a situation at an often confusing and emotionally stressful time. In this course you will learn about the science behind death determination and when it is possible for deceased organ donation take place. The lectures will cover medical standards at the end of life - from brain death testing, to requesting informed consent from a grieving family. By improving knowledge of good ethical practices, cultural and religious considerations and the logistics of the organ donation process this course will empower the interactions and discussions of medical professionals and the general public at an often confusing time. This course will help you to ensure that the option of organ donation is compassionately explored in all appropriate situations at the end of life in the best way possible. Watch the course trailer here The course is certified for continuing professional development (CPD) points in South Africa. Send your completion certificate to together with your HPCSA number for 25 general and 5 ethics points. For another interesting course on organ donation and transplantation, see Clinical Kidney, Pancreas and Islet Transplantation from Leiden University


22. Mai 2020

An excellent, professionally prepared course. Very informative. Different aspects about the organ donation procedures, that are always grey areas in people's minds, are well covered and answered.

2. Aug. 2021

Everything I know about organ donation will come from this course. I don't think I would have gotten exposure to such comprehensive information otherwise. Really enjoyed the course.

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von Rivki B

2. Juli 2019

Brilliant and informative course on an extremely important, relevant topic. Thank you for your passion and commitment to this project

von Mary C A

19. Juni 2021

Although it is marketed (I believe) as a class that can be taken by anyone interested in the process of organ donation, some pieces of information were deeply medical, requiring significant education to understand. Overall, it was a phenomenol class, and truly eye-opening. I would recommend a course on what natural death looks like. As more people choose to die at home, it would behoove the potential caretakers to understand how the body shuts down. Once that's understood, the fear of death can be significantly impacted.


18. Sep. 2020

This course takes MOOCs to another level, an excellent teacher, excellent syllabus and distribution of classes and topics about Organ Donation, It's more clinical than anything, but If you're into that, this course of for you, maybe I would add some epidemiology. If you are interested in this course, get really to get the most of this course.

von Heinrich J v R

10. Apr. 2020

The whole course was an amazing experience. I learnt so much and it opened up a whole new field of medicine for me. Thank you for the team that produced and made this course.

von Janani P

1. Juni 2018

I really very thank full to this team. From this course i came to know and gain knowledge ,these four week lessons was really informative.

von Jianie v N

16. März 2020

A great comprehensive course. I have a better idea now about what organ donation entails and how to go about this process. Thank you!

von Charmaine F

27. Dez. 2020

I have found this course intellectual stimulating and gained a lot of knowledge.

Frightening to see the stats from different countries.

I started this course as it has a component of non-organ donation. (tissues etc)

and communication strategies.

Also bringing thoughts to the Spiritual and Cultural aspects - very important

I was very impressed with the way words are used to make the thoughts more valuable.

Thank you for this opportunity

von Jennifer C

3. Aug. 2020

I learned much more than expected, easy to follow and covered all context thoroughly. My only complaint is the honors project, it seems irrelevant to my grade if someone chooses to review or not. I've completed my portions of the assignment but cannot make some review mine. I believe the differences in our languages make peer review hard to assess. Over all, loved to course and learning about S.Africa and other countries as well.

von Robynne H

28. Juni 2020

Thank you for an absolutely brilliant course! This course was professional, engaging and informative with information clearly and effectively communicated. I particularly enjoyed the bits of historical information incorporated, the reenactment videos and that the sections were divided into short video clips and interspersed with revision quizzes. It was clear that time, effort and immense care was dedicated to making this course.

von Jolene H

11. Juli 2021

Very informative, giving information I didn't even know I wanted to know. The course gives you a view on the subject from multiple perspectives, not only focusing on the cold, scientific medicine but also on the personal, logistical and moral implications of organ donation. I think this is a very complete course that should be part of medical training, thank you for the knowledge.

von Sakhile M

8. Apr. 2020

This course has helped me to understand matters relating to organ donation succinctly. I believe I will be more empowered as a future medical practitioner and a citizen in general with ethics and principles surrounding organ donation. I’m indebted to the University of Cape Town and their staff in producing this amazing, informative and ground-breaking course.

von Nithiyasri

26. Okt. 2020

This was entirely different course for me, I did not choose did type of course before, but after enter in to the course it takes me to excited of learning understand the knowledge of organ donation and it motivated me to help others. Thanks to the university for providing this course.

von Jeremy M

29. Mai 2020

Very professionally made and a complete breath of fresh air from other course structures. As intended, it is well suited to the modern attention span. The frequency of practice quizzes allowed my knowledge of core topics to be reinforced well as well as the repeatibility of quizzes.

von Uma R

20. Juli 2020

The Course on Organ Donation: From Death to Life was an eye opener with a complete insight for an Independent Organ Donor Advocate from non-medical background. The Course Instructor walked through and demonstrated each element of Organ Donation process in simple words.

von Reece D

23. Juli 2020

Exceptionally well delivered, informative and interesting. I believe that I have learnt skills here very much adaptable to my training as a medical student. Everyone should do this course if they wish to be an organ donor regardless of their prior knowledge.

von Paula C E

19. März 2020

Incredibly enriching, thank you!

I hope to be a doctor one day that will actively and effectively recognize all opportunities to offer the potential for organ donation to my end of life patients. In the most appropriate, compassionate and empathetic way.

von Muhammad I R

30. Mai 2021

An excellent course that introduces one to a topic that is relatively scarce. I feel more confident in both my knowledge as well as skills after completing this course. It will surely prove to be invaluable to my medical career. Thank you for this gem.

von Otilia B

24. Sep. 2017

A wonderful journey, from understanding death to understanding life! I'm very grateful. David (the teacher) is super inspirational!! :-) I feel that he gave us wisdom as well, not just knowledge. I'd take this course again at any time.

von Raynn

3. Apr. 2020

It was a great experiece doing this course and learning of a field we receive little training about as undergraduate medical students. Thank you for making it possible for us to have exposure to an extraordinary field!

von Jacqueline M

22. Jan. 2020

I thought this was an excellent introduction to organ donation and procurement. It was well organized and gave a broad overview of the international standards and obstacles to organ donation and consent.


6. Mai 2020

It was an amazing and very informative class. I am very thankful that I attended this course, provided so much relevant things and insights.

Anybody dealing with Organ Transplant must take this course.

von Safiye Y

23. Mai 2020

An excellent, professionally prepared course. Very informative. Different aspects about the organ donation procedures, that are always grey areas in people's minds, are well covered and answered.

von Faith L

3. Aug. 2021

Everything I know about organ donation will come from this course. I don't think I would have gotten exposure to such comprehensive information otherwise. Really enjoyed the course.

von Julia J

20. Apr. 2021

A great course that is very informative. It tackles a variety of important topics and misconceptions surround organ donation. Every health professional should do this course!


25. Sep. 2020

Perfect course which gave me proper detailed information on Organ donation as it is important for all health medical officers to know about this and also participate in this.