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In this course students will learn the why the Spring Framework is one of the dominant Java development Frameworks. the course covers a variety of techniques for Java Object Dependency Injection using various forms of configuration data i.e. XML, Annotations and Java Configuration Classes with Factory Methods. Configurations will be enhanced with Expression Languages and Conditional Beans that are available based off certain conditions like development environment i.e. test and production. Students will build an extensive application iteratively in a succession of hands on labs....



29. Jan. 2022

Very good course. I would recommend it to anybody wishing to learn Spring from scratch.


4. Apr. 2022

Course was well explained , proper lab work with understanding

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17. Juni 2022

Well organised

von Ярослава Н

8. Apr. 2022

Horribly inconvenient performance of laboratory work. I would be more accustomed to using Intellij IDEA on my computer than sitting in a browser typing code in a horribly lag window. On some videos, almost nothing is visible (concerns the video with the analysis of the practice). Interesting interactive tasks and tests.

von leonardo.viu

24. März 2022

Relies a lot on external links, and while the videos are nice the labs aren't that well made; and the video solutions can't even be seen well, they shoud record them again but with more zoom

von Avneet K

31. Juli 2022

The lab exercise environment is very tricky to handle and unnessary. This code could have easily been provided on a git repo for easy access

von Bülent H

21. Juli 2022

Lab video resolution was not good, so I didn't see the codes exactly.

von Juan Á

19. Juli 2022

The video quality is not very good. You have to improve it

von Christian K N

7. Juli 2022

The qualitity of the video can be improved.

von Nabil N

11. Juni 2022

lab resulation is really bad , when I open the lab via MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017) it was hard to do anyting.

I have a background on spring , it was nice to referach my knowledge , some of the topics are new to me.

von Руслан В

14. Feb. 2022

Скучное монотонное повествование, виртуальный рабочий стол для лабораторных работ просто ужасен, никак не настроить нормальное разрешение экрана, всегда часть обрезана.

von Kumar A

12. Juli 2022

Instructor is not clear on which part of ppt he is on, labs videos are no visible

von Tan Y S

10. Mai 2022

The info of the course is good but the quality of video for lab solution walkthrough is super blur, not a single word or code could be read clearly. Having bad experience on Course Lab because of the Lab quality itself is poor, laggy and slow. Wasted alot of time during lab. The lab instructions is not clear enough and the lab solution walkthrough is different from what lab instructions ask for.

von Angel C G

16. Feb. 2022

Contents are not clear.

The instructor is monotonous and boring.

There are a lot of mistakes on the texts.

On some videos, subtitles are completely different of what the instructor is saying.

Some videos of exercise resolution, can not be seen because the resolution is very low.

It's the most horrible course I've ever seen

von Andreas W

5. Mai 2022

The quiz at the end of week two contains two big errors, I wonder if anyone proof read it.

That this course even mentions, and even starts of with, XML is just a big misstake. That way of configuring spring must have been dead for some years now ;)

von Manvendra S S

29. Juli 2022

this was below my expectation