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This course will cover the agricultural and urban water quality issues in Florida, their bases, land and nutrient management strategies, and the science and policy behind the best management practices (BMPs). Students will learn to evaluate BMP research and analyze its role in determining practices and policies that protect water quality....


12. Feb. 2020

Thank you very much for the course and giving me the opportunity of getting more interested in Florida and my research project. It is just the beginning of my research. I will keep working on it.

20. Feb. 2018

best course yet on sustainable farming practices.\n\nprofessor speaks from experience and lays out the history and current landscape very clearly.. avoiding ideologies, judgement and speculation.

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von Mohamed D T

13. Nov. 2017

This course give me the real understanding on Managing Agriculture Land. Agricultural Land Management is our biggest problem in West Africa. Farmers here do not know what to do when their land are destroyed due to excess fertilization of crops. I have done studies on Agriculture and even I am a farmer too. But stop since 15 years after the Civil War in Sierra Leone. Experiences I have gained in this course, would surely help me to innovate my West African brother farmers, for them to become self sustained in Agriculture.

Furthermore, this course gives me more ideas on research on Agricultural phenomenons and what is suppose to be done to develop and sustain Agricultural Lands.

von Lana M

20. Juni 2020

I live by farmers and this is better helping me to appreciate the line of work they are in. I want to further take more agricultural courses! Thank you and God Bless

von Azam K

4. Nov. 2018

i learned more from this course and hope it will be beneficial to improve my Resume and help me to get a job .

von Pierre P D

19. Mai 2020

The first online course that really met my expectations and help me to understand deeper about sustainable soil management

von Oleksandr Z

18. März 2018

Very useful course for everybody involved in agriculture. Strongly recomend

von Nabunya V

8. Aug. 2019

I love multidisciplinary professors.

von Bec S

22. Juni 2020

Benefited immensely from this course. As someone pivoting into the realm of sustainability, this course informed and affirmed my decision to pursue a role in aiding both farming communities and the environment by focusing on land management. Thoroughly enjoyed learning about soil and irrigation systems, and while it was plenty informative I feel I've been given much to delve further into from here.

Appreciated having assignments and peer reviews in addition to the quizzes, which gave me more of a sense of accountability than with other (paid) courses I've taken here. Highly recommend for anyone looking to learn more about/gain a better appreciation of agriculture, soil and water systems, sustainable practices and triple bottom line thinking.

von Ayushi P

4. Juli 2021

Overall the course is going to be very useful in my day to day job. Really well done; made a dry subject really interesting, and clearly has a passion for traffic management that shone through!

von vamsi k

21. Feb. 2018

best course yet on sustainable farming practices.

professor speaks from experience and lays out the history and current landscape very clearly.. avoiding ideologies, judgement and speculation.


25. Sep. 2016

The professor is an outstanding instructor with an interdisciplinary approach to agribusiness.



von Shreedhar R

16. Mai 2020

Undoubtingly, defining agricultural sustainability, as with every other sustainability concept, is a challenging task. Nevertheless, it is a common agreement that agricultural sustainability should at least address the three basic pillars of sustainable development by appraising simultaneously environmental, economic, and social issues related to agricultural practices. However, the sustainability assessment of agricultural practices, in general, can be a very challenging task since it involves many case-specific variables to be taken under consideration .

This course addressed all the issues of Sustainable Agricultural Land management.

von Jothilingam M

24. Juli 2020

I learned the following while doing the coursera online programme. 1. The favorable conditions for agricultural activities, 2. Importance of soil nutrients and their impact on environment if they are provided in excess. 3. The impact of excess water and fate of nutrients and remedial measures, 5. Importance of BMP and triple bottom line achievement , 6. By doing project I GOT AN OPPORTUNITY TO INTERACT VIRTUALLY WITH OTHERS MEMBERS, 7. The project prepared by me is going to be implemented and got satisfaction . I AM VERY THANKFUL THE PROGRAMME COORDINATOR AND THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FOR OFFERING THIS OPPORTUNITY

von Jaya N

5. Apr. 2020

Excellent course for the young students willing to be the future professionals in the field of Agriculture. Well thought curriculum and articulated by a person with years of experience of teaching, research and extension. The topics covered are useful not only for study but also for the understanding of research, mainly focussed on vegetable production with reference to sandy soils in Florida. I highly recommend this course.

von Krishna K

29. Juli 2017

I thank the instructor and his team for putting up together such an informative course. Prior to this, I had almost zero knowledge of Sustainable Agriculture and it's great the way this course has been able to not only enhance my knowledge of the subject but also generate enough curiosity to look elsewhere other than the course content for Sustainable Agriculture Pracitces.

von Anna G

22. März 2020

Very interesting and very well explained. This course provides a thorough and clear overview of sustainable agriculture even for beginners like me. I took the course for my job but unfortunately I didn't have the time to do the project. Thank you very much professor Hochmuth and all the staff.

von Azra T

16. Dez. 2019

Really informative introduction to sustainable agricultural practices. Particularly useful for environmental professionals (such as myself) seeking to gain a more thorough understanding of agricultural practices and how they impact the environment and communities around them.

von Regiane P

22. Juni 2020

Excellent. The main issue for me was having the project done. I work in the city and have no contact with farms or growers. So, I was able to finish the lectures and quizzes, but was not able to really finish the course due to lack of project.

von Manana R

24. Juli 2020

The course gives the possibility to focus on the most important aspects of sustainable agriculture, it is very practical and at the same time eye-opening, the format of the course is optimal, you can choose your own pace

von Reyhaneh K

4. Juli 2020

Hi everyone

This course was interesting for me because it could broaden my mind to some aspects of the related courses that I had studied in university. Many thanks to the instructor and Coursera for this opportunity <3

von Dai Q

13. Feb. 2020

Thank you very much for the course and giving me the opportunity of getting more interested in Florida and my research project. It is just the beginning of my research. I will keep working on it.

von Abdirahim A A

11. März 2019

Coursera indeed has changed my life and empowered me the right skills for a better tomorrow .

i am gratefully appreciate you , for all you have done to bless us

von Razia S S

12. Juli 2020

Thanks for providing us such a wonderful course. This course increased my interest in sustainable management system and Florida university as well.

von Afaque A

14. Dez. 2019

Best course to understand sustainable agriculture and it gives insight of best mangement practices and methods of soil and nutrients testing .

von Mohammed M M

18. Apr. 2020

Thanks for all your efforts to introduce an important and useful information about Sustainable Agriculture and Land Management .

von Sunil P

19. Jan. 2021

This course is very informative and important for the agriculture graduates, undergraduates and also for the farmer.