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Bewertung und Feedback des Lernenden für Synapses, Neurons and Brains von Hebräische Universität von Jerusalem

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Über den Kurs

These are very unique times for brain research. The aperitif for the course will thus highlight the present “brain-excitements” worldwide. You will then become intimately acquainted with the operational principles of neuronal “life-ware” (synapses, neurons and the networks that they form) and consequently, on how neurons behave as computational microchips and how they plastically and constantly change - a process that underlies learning and memory. Recent heroic attempts to realistically simulate large cortical networks in the computer will be highlighted (e.g., “the Blue Brain Project”) and processes related to perception, cognition and emotions in the brain will be discussed. For dessert we will deliberate on the future of brain research, including the questions of “brain and art”, consciousness and free will. For more information see the course promo below and read “About the course.”...



13. Aug. 2017

Excellent teaching by Sir. He has created one more enthusiast in the journey of decoding Human Brain. Thank you Sir, getting my basics clear and this will help me to be better Neuro/AI researcher.


17. Sep. 2015

It is a very interesting and well-done course about neurobiology. Prof. Sedev has many interactive tasks and he tries to explain details as easy as possible. All in all it is understandable.

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23. März 2019

This is the perfect course for any neuroscience enthusiast!

von Luczanich J

11. Jan. 2018

Einer der besten Vortragenden, den ich jemals gesehen habe.

von Dasari L N

30. Juni 2017

Best starting point for someone interested in neuroscience.

von Mikael S

8. Dez. 2019

A very interesting view into our brain. Highly recommended

von Dominika F

20. Okt. 2015

A great course. Very thorough and first of all up to date!

von Ilya R

5. Sep. 2015

I like this course. It is worth listen to it to the end.

von Rony R

28. Jan. 2021

what i need to now about the brain and related fields!

von Matilde M

6. Sep. 2015

one of the nicest coursera classes I've taken so far


21. Aug. 2017

This course inspired me to start a research career.

von Leighanne B

16. Okt. 2022

Excellent. Thought provoking. Sad when completed.

von Rosa A R Z

2. Dez. 2015

awesome... i would like spanish subtititles only .

von Paula V F

29. Aug. 2019

Amazing professor and very useful material/review

von Beatriz E

7. Juli 2021

It is a magnificent course, thank you very much.

von Gülsüm Y

14. Mai 2021

thanks all the amazing knowledge to Idan Segev!

von Cristina S

15. Sep. 2017

very interesting course with great explanations

von José B d M F

6. Juli 2020

Very nice course! Thank you very much. Shalom!

von Gregory D

21. Mai 2018

Very interesting and well done course. Thanks!

von Wei X

4. Dez. 2018

fantastic introductory course. Great teacher.

von Heikki H

10. Okt. 2017

Excellent course. Thanks for the instructors.

von Michał R F

2. Apr. 2020

Great instructor, lots of fun, great course!

von Vida V

3. Juni 2019

Thank you very much for an excellent course.

von Bartłomiej C

14. März 2021

Extraordinary course, excellent teacher.

von Vlad T

5. Juli 2021

Great course and an excellent teacher!

von Irina O

24. Jan. 2016

very easily explained for all levels

von Dana N C F

19. Nov. 2022

Excelente curso , muy interesante .