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Recent years have seen a dramatic growth of natural language text data, including web pages, news articles, scientific literature, emails, enterprise documents, and social media such as blog articles, forum posts, product reviews, and tweets. Text data are unique in that they are usually generated directly by humans rather than a computer system or sensors, and are thus especially valuable for discovering knowledge about people’s opinions and preferences, in addition to many other kinds of knowledge that we encode in text. This course will cover search engine technologies, which play an important role in any data mining applications involving text data for two reasons. First, while the raw data may be large for any particular problem, it is often a relatively small subset of the data that are relevant, and a search engine is an essential tool for quickly discovering a small subset of relevant text data in a large text collection. Second, search engines are needed to help analysts interpret any patterns discovered in the data by allowing them to examine the relevant original text data to make sense of any discovered pattern. You will learn the basic concepts, principles, and the major techniques in text retrieval, which is the underlying science of search engines....



Sep 21, 2016

Great course for those trying to understand how ro analyse and process text data. It has the right amount of tools to help you understand the basics of information retrieval and search engines.


Aug 29, 2016

A great overview of text retrieval methods. Good coverage of search engines. A longer course will cover search engine better (remember this is a 6 weeker)

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von KM R

Aug 24, 2018

Need indetail inputs on algorithm usage and correct MeTA assignments with working scripts. That makes learning a complete curve.

von Aayush G

Oct 15, 2019

Course was well taught the instructor's explanation of the topics was very comprehensive. Overall satisfied with the experience

von Marcus M F T

Aug 31, 2017

Good theoretical course. Some exercises need to be fixed, as they count for approval and are misplaced.

von Sawal M

Apr 18, 2017

More programming assignments would have helped understanding the topics covered in the course better.

von Gustavo L A

Aug 19, 2018

Great at theory and concept explanation... but just few examples and zero programming applications.

von Alaa H S

Feb 26, 2020

this course has a lot of ideas but I think these principles need some code for implementing

von Atsushi T

Jan 04, 2019

Some quizes were from different weeks. Forum questions are often left unsolved.

von Gilles H

Oct 24, 2016

This course is really great but the programming assignments need to be updated.

von L T N

Aug 30, 2017

very great course but , the programing language was C++ intead of Python :(

von Sheng-Qi S

Jul 18, 2017

Good with concepts.

Some problems about program assignments and quiz.

von Oleg M P

Jun 12, 2017

I wish it was a bit more concrete course with practical examples.

von Shrishty C

Aug 14, 2017

Content is very good. Huge bugs in subtitles though.

von Darren

Aug 06, 2017

Very Informative, hope to give more examples

von Zaid O

Sep 09, 2019

it's theoretical rather than practical

von Sergei A

Aug 14, 2018

Usefull course with lack of support.

von Amir Z

Sep 01, 2016

Good survey of techniques

von Hyun J L

Nov 30, 2017

Was interesting

von Deepak S

Aug 11, 2016


von Paul N

Jun 08, 2018

I got the sense that this course needs to be updated. Some of the quizzes covered work that had not been treated up to that point and the programming assignment did not work with the most recent version of the MeTA toolkit. For a course of this stature I would have expected a lot more attention to such detail. It would also appear as though the owners of the course material are not present on the forums with students left to their own devices.This course as well as the Text Mining one does not compare well with the Machine Learning course from Stanford offered on Coursera when considering the above issues.Some work is required I believe

von Tom H

Nov 15, 2016

The course was great. What I had a real problem with was the lack of response for problems with the Honors programming assignments. I never received any feedback from the TA's and when I submitted to MeTa support, they said the school design the programs so they can't help. I got a Segmentation Fault on Assignment one which I never did get resolved. Because of this, I was unable to get the Honors status.

von Vivien A

May 26, 2019

The course conveys a lot of well-structured content. The theoretical concepts are taught well by the videos, although some videos are a little bit too long.

Unfortunately, I was not able to do the practical assignments due to technical problems with the installation of the required development environment. I missed experiencing in practice what I have learnt in theory.

von Peter B

Dec 15, 2018

Lectures are fine for those who does not want to read a book and want to get a quick overview. Quizzes are very un-useful and buggy. There are questions presented that are not covered in the section. Programming assignments are optional because instructor did not want to adapt them for Coursera format so that they can be completed using tools of choice.

von Vadim P

May 03, 2019

The course does not give much of practical knowledge, mostly theoretical. For example, presented material does not teach you what is required to build a good search engine. Even theoretical part is mostly based on old view, which is proven to be not working. For some topics the exam was given before the topic was presented in lectures.

von Siwei Y

Mar 04, 2017

不得不说, 老师讲课讲得的很好,内容丰富,逻辑性很强,非常清晰。这一点很难得,因为我听过太多天马行空的课了。

但是Honor Track 有着灾难性的问题。因为当前的作业源代码已经和最新的META 不再兼容了, 作业源代码版本太旧。运气不好的话,学生要花巨量的时间来安装调试, 处理各种dependency 的问题, 而这些根本不是学这门课所要做的。看看discussion forum 里吧,哀鸿遍野。另外,在平常的作业里会有些低级错误, 连Mentor 都无法自圆其说。希望能够及时纠正这些错误,不然真的可惜了这么好的内容。 本来要给五星的,两颗星就扣在这些地方。

von Michael B

Jun 20, 2016

Very theoretical and somewhat dry. If you are interested in applied machine learning techniques (for text retrieval and analysis) this is not really the course to take. Gives a solid background though which, in my opinion, every aspiring data analyst needs.