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This is a foundational course in the Agile Leadership Specialization. By the end of this course, you will build an understanding of key agile leadership concepts. You will begin building a toolbox that will give you an ability to evaluate and create a baseline for yourself as an agile leader. You will access your team’s readiness for change. You will also analyze to what degree an organization is agile, and evaluate its ability to respond to change triggers....



2. Mai 2022

This specialization in Agile is terrific, whether you are just starting out working with Agile, or trying to better your career. The information is succinct and the instructor is very knowledgeable.


12. Juni 2021

Absolutely brilliant introduction. I loved the way that the course was broken down into small, bite-sized pieces that were clear and easy to follow. Looking forward to doing the rest of the course!

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von FAUZAN S @ S B S

23. Dez. 2020

The course is so relevant to the current global economic where competition is aggressive and the organizations need to have such agile leaders to compete successfully.

von Aristeidis P

18. Nov. 2020

Exceptional, superior level of quality. I am exited with the instructor, her passion and knowledge. The lesson so far is well structured and motivates the student to engage with the course.

von Shahinaz E R

16. Apr. 2021

Thank you so much Oxana Trotsenko

you are the exact style of agile leader,

neutral and sharp.

You helped me in Agile Management verbatim and mindset.

von Vishal B

18. Juni 2022

Great course content, all the basic terms of Agile Leadership are explained in detail. Also the lesson exercises were also apt as per the lesson requirements. Thoroughly enjoyed the course

von Inge

21. Dez. 2020

Could be a bit more information/more difficult. But overall, good course! Everything is really well explained.

von Ahmed A

13. Dez. 2020

Very basic level of knowledge

von James T

10. Mai 2021

This course is great and an eye opener with respect to business and change climate necessary to accelerate development. It emphasizes the need to be an agile leader with agile teams in an agile organisation. In as much as the conclusion reiterate effective collaboration of the two key business concept, agility scores higher portion with great needs of its empowerment ingredients that are relevant for today's business competitive advantage.

von Alex P V

15. Juli 2021

I'm very satisfied with the learning absorbed during the course, I didn't know much about agile methodology before, but the course helped me understand how it works effectively, and how it positively affects everyone involved, and the course has a very interesting and easy to learn.

von Ana M

20. Dez. 2020

I'm very pleased with this course and it made me confident to continue towards the specialization. It's very updated to today's business needs and perspectives and it adds important notions for any leader. Well organized for an easy learning curve.


1. März 2021

Excellent! It was a great learning because I can have greater clarity between the differences between agile and traditional organizations, I was able to establish the next steps for the transformation to agility in my team and my organization.

von prathamesh v

17. Mai 2021

Amazing content. I got an in-depth understanding of agile leadership, Agile Teams, and Agile organizations. If organizations want to survive in these unprecedented time that will have to develop agility in teams and mindset of employees

von Luís M B d M

23. Jan. 2021

I strongly recomend this course not only due to the relevant contents for anyone involved in business and product development, but also taking into consideration the quality of the exposition, the materials and the methodology.

von Nicole S J

7. März 2021

Very relevant to the times. it seems as if this was released at the end of November 2020, and the case study in here refers to COVID challenges etc. So thank you that was very informative and up to date.

von Mary A T

6. Nov. 2020

Oxana was an amazing guide, and all the materials were valuable and well organized. Highly recommend for anyone looking to understand the fundamentals of Agile and how to begin applying it straightaway.

von JOSE V P L

14. Apr. 2021

El curso es bastante claro en como se deben diferenciar los tipos de organizaciones y como los lideres debemos adaptar la metodología ágil para el desarrollo de la organización.

von Daniel C M

15. März 2021

Great course, it will bring you a lot of value in a comprehensive and entertaining way. Oxana is a great instructor and the comprehension is easy, no matter where are you from.

von Beril Y

23. Mai 2021

Very clearly outlined, well-designed course. I have the chance to refresh my knowledge and gain new insights. Thank you. I will continue with the other courses.

von Patrick G

24. Nov. 2020

Great overview on the difference between the old, traditional and the new agile world. If I could express a wish, I´d love to dive even deeper into this topic.

von David O M R

3. Nov. 2022

Excelente curso, aprendí la importancia del liderazgo para servir, la importancia del liderazgo agil, del empoderamiento del equipo para motivarlos, convirtiendolos en una ventaja competitiva para la corporación.

La importancia de tener una mentalidad abierta a los cambios, que se han convertido en una gran oportunidada para las corporaciones que se quieren mantener y perdurar en el tiempo

von Etienne

23. Nov. 2022

Remarkable course and I appreciate the author, creator and founder of this course material and principles. Everything is ultra precise and helpful. This has helped me severely to start and become an agile leader within my organisation in which I am. Thank you Oxana Trosenko, I am definitely rating this as the best course I've done on coursera tthis far.

von Anna M A

8. Sep. 2021

There was a typo in one of the questions. Item number 7, what are the nine characteristics of a traditional organization. 'Nice' was typed instead of 'nine'. In one of the assessments, there were two blank questions in the file. But other than these, everything was well. I learned a lot and will apply what I have learned in the future.

von Kathleen M

21. Juni 2022

Absolutely Excellent introduction to Agile Leadership, A Fairly new concept defining a traditional and agile leader and identifying their key characterristics. I loved the way Oxana explained every little detail of the course, that was clear and easy to follow. Looking forward to completing the rest of the courses.

von Shashank R

1. Nov. 2022

I definitely understood the concepts presented in this lecture. They are very precise and also enough information is shared for us to follow and understand the various concepts between Agile and Traditional ways of business from leadership, team and organization.

von Oscar E G G

28. Sep. 2022

Excelente información, muy claro y descriptivo sobre los conceptos que han presentado.

Estoy seguro que lo aprendido me ayudara a cambiar mi mentalidad y apoyar de mejor manera los equipos y organizacion con los que me relaciono laboral y personalmente.

von Nandeesh M

13. Aug. 2022

Topic found relevant and need of the hour to meet the challenges aghead .

This helped to think and understand the agile Philosophy. By seting the base line and how well we can move our self to meet and prepare the current and future cometance .