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Resolving conflict in a positive manner is a skill that can be developed and practiced. Being heard can be one of the most important goals of someone engaged in conflict. Knowing how to listen and deploy appropriate communication tactics is determinative of whether a conflict will have a positive or negative resolution. Examine listening skills, appropriate and strategic verbal and non-verbal communication skills, and how to assemble a conflict management plan likely to yield positive resolutions. Upon completing this course, you will be able to: 1. Use active listening skills when dealing with conflict 2. Choose appropriate communication tactics when dealing with conflict 3. Create a usable plan for managing conflict...


19. Apr. 2020

All the concepts of active listening skills, communication, approaches to resolve conflicts and arriving at a collaborative solution explained very well with personal examples and interviews.

29. Apr. 2020

Design of the course is excellent with videos, book reviews, case studies and interviews with field experts. I love this course and enjoyed a lot and I learned so many concepts.

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von Salem A S

1. Dez. 2017

Excellent course and very beneficiary to all type of people. It consists of resolution ways to self conflicts, work conflicts and many others. I advice to enroll

von Michel M L

17. März 2017

Great course because it has provides excellent background and all ways that have to be used while using Conflict Resolution Skills to resolve a conflict.

von Katina S

19. Juli 2017

Excellent course! Practical strategies that could be used at work, with family and friends. Managers, students, and parents should take this course.

von Ashwani B

9. Feb. 2016

Should have been a complete course. The course did not give specific tools to conflict resolution rather information about the subject was disseminated

von Jennifer P

18. März 2018

not enough detail for me

von Birk M

21. Jan. 2016

This is a joke right?

5 minutes long videos with questions after it shall teach me effective?!

you guys are ridiculous!

von Olena B

23. Feb. 2016

Presentation is so boring and dry, I could not bring myself to watching past the first couple of videos.

von Liza R

30. Aug. 2016

The course is very short and more advanced courses are not free.

von Oleksiy D

24. Nov. 2015

Very boring. Not many real life advices. Mstly theory

von Brachne

18. Juni 2016

corporate HR focused conflict NON resolution.

von Somesh G

19. Apr. 2020

All the concepts of active listening skills, communication, approaches to resolve conflicts and arriving at a collaborative solution explained very well with personal examples and interviews.

von Kendra P

1. Sep. 2016

I wish there were another conflict specialization on Coursera to choose from.. one that is more modern, up to date, interesting, engaging, less patronizing .. etc. but there isn't. So I guess we're all stuck with this one. Need I say more.

von Kom P

6. Sep. 2016

I didn't feel like I learned much. Some of the problems I've experience would take more than just trying to find common interest and compromise.

A lot of conflicts arise from personal agenda and gain and that's very difficult to deal with.

von Wan-Lin L H

4. Feb. 2017

not enough content - would have preferred more examples/scenarios that included conflict resolution solutions

von Graciela G

1. Sep. 2016

There was anything innovating in the course and the intro of each lesson was extremely loud.

von samantha

12. Jan. 2017

She didn't seem interested at all in what she was teaching. She had a frown the entire time. Maybe she was trying to be professional? Either way, I didn't feel like she liked what she was doing.

These were good tips for people in a new business management position, but honestly this was all stuff you learn while socializing with people. They are generally good social skills that every one should have. I learned little to nothing while taking this class. But, as I said, most of this is directed towards to someone in a management position. I guess this would be helpful when having to work with someone who is a drama-maker, although, fortunately, I have not had a situation yet with someone who creates drama. Yes, I know people who create drama, however, there have been no blowouts or severe problems. Maybe this is the reason why I didn't learn anything in this class... :-(

von wendy j

18. Mai 2020

Lots of spelling mistakes in the slides. I gave up after about 10 minutes. The information is very dry and so far, no real explanation on what anything means or given examples. I've taken many courses on conflict resolution but this was a disappointment. Instructor is just reading from slides and stumbles many times over words. Also goes through material very quickly.

von Shweta D

21. Dez. 2015

The course is good but very basic. Suggested for individuals who have never had any exposure to information on conflict or humanities

von Janina C

21. Mai 2020

Information is so basic, there's no need for a course. Not engaging enough either.

von Yanhua W

21. Apr. 2020

Too short and superfacial

von Felipe E C M

5. Juli 2020

Falta mucho contenido

von Raqueeb M

24. Feb. 2019

experiences shared by the people are not informative enough, and reading from books is not a good way (i think) felt like bed time stories...

von Покровская М Д

6. Mai 2020

Thank you for the course!

It is brightly organised! You are given all necessary theory to understand how conflicts work and what you can do to sort it out. What's more, some lectures are devoted to additional literature that you can use for deeper understanding of the subject. It is very convenient - you don't have to spend hours searching in the Net to find the book. The case study was also useful - it shows how theory can be applied to real conflicts. Finally, all the assignments really help to improve my understanding of the conflict.

I would definitely recommend the course!!!

von ADE L C

27. Jan. 2017

I have watched all the videos provided for this course and I think it's very educative, simple and well organized for a better understanding. The only thing I think lacking is example of real conflict situations like those between and within states, those between citizens and their elected governments etc. and conflict resolution skills or approaches used both nationally and internationally to resolve them. Thanks again once more for such a wonderful lesson on conflict resolution, it's My pleasure to learn from the online courser classes.

von Gregory B

21. Juni 2017

Quite useful and fascinating. Were I to design this course however, I'd explore conflict resolution in different contexts beyond the work environment, e.g. in personal relationships and possibly even in politics. Political conflicts are escalating world-wide, even in the U.S. and creating havoc for many millions of unfortunate people. It is certainly true these same skills are generalizable to a multitude of contexts. Many thanks to Najla DeBow for a well done course.