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The aim of this course is to give a thorough introduction to Density Functional Theory (DFT). DFT is today the most widely used method to study interacting electrons, and its applicability ranges from atoms to solid systems, from nuclei to quantum fluids. In this course, we introduce the most important concepts underlying DFT, its foundation, and basic ideas. We will in particular stress the features and reasons that lead DFT to become the dominant method for simulating quantum mechanical systems. The course is intended for students and researchers with knowledge of basic quantum mechanics. No experience in simulation or solid-state physics is required. We try to give a concise mathematical background when particular concepts are needed....



23. Juni 2022

All the lectures are very nicely prepared and explained. I learned a lot related to DFT concepts through this course. I really thank the entire Ecole Team for their effort in such a nice course.


3. Dez. 2022

DFT has become the dominant method for simulating quantum mechanical systems. It was an honor to learn DFT fundamentals from this prestigious institute via Coursera.

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von Abdul H K

11. Feb. 2021

The faculty taught with amazing passion, as if we were sitting in front.

von ARKA P S

6. März 2021

I would have preferred some lecture notes on LDA as well. Rest of the course was inch perfect

von Nithin K R

9. Juli 2021

Great course. The links provided to papers( whenever details were left out during lectures) were very helpful. The lecture notes were easy to understand.

von Saptarshi G D

8. Juni 2021

i am simply amazed. looking forward to another course related to the computational calculations.

von Juan C

4. Okt. 2022

Even though I have taken courses in Atomic Physics and Quantum Mechanics including QFT, much of the material was new to me and very interesting. The lecturers have made quite an effort to compress coherently and well a great deal of information into a three-week course. They teach with manifest interest to get the students engaged. I've taught one course once and know how hard it is to do it well. My only quibble is that the lecture notes could be more and better. Also, many of the reference papers are unavailable to those of us far from an academic environment. Here in the US it costs typically $35 to rent w/o copy a paper. To buy the paper is more money. If there ever was going to be a revised version of this course I would like to see lectures on QMC and extensions of DFT (time-dependence, magnetic properties of materials). Thank you very much.


21. Mai 2021

First things first, the title music of the course was top class! Whoever composed it, has a separate amount of applause dedicated :)

Next, I thoroughly enjoyed the course, especially loved how the instructors were delivering the lectures more in a storytelling way, which, I am sure must have kept many people engaged. I am someone who has been working with DFT for a year now but I do not have a very good theoretical background of it. That's the main reason I wanted to take this course. I hope Ecole Polytechnique comes up with a more advanced version of this course.

von Nikolaos P

7. Okt. 2021

An excellent course. The teachers are fantastic. They explain things in depth with simple words. Also, it seems that the whole team there put quite an effort. I have made video/recodrings before and I know is very difficult. Very explanatory and now I believe I have a solid foundation to study related papers and books. One suggestion though, maybe to include more details on the numerical details on solving the Khon-Sham equations. On the expansion on the orbitals if am not wrong.

von Gabriel V

18. Feb. 2022

I would give it more than 5 stars if I could. I have been working on DFT for 10 months and although I have learnt lots of practical stuff (which is not the scope of this course), I had no idea about what made my DFT calculations possible, what was the theory behind VASP, QUANTUM EXPRESSO and similars. Now, even though I do not master the concepts covered in this course, I got the big picture, as well as the core concepts - these are enough for what I do. Thank you, professors!

von Ifeanyichukwu U O

24. Juni 2021

I enjoyed learning this course. I was exposed to the rigorous mathematics that makes up DFT, the current practical applications and limitations that DFT faces, with a dash of the historical storyline that has brought DFT this far. The instructors keep it as simple as possible, and still teach effectively. I would recommend that one should have at least a low level knowledge of calculus if they do not want to find the mathematics aspect too difficult.

von Amey J

19. Juni 2022

This course was just fantastic. DFT is not trivial and it has taken decades of experience of the instructors to distil their knowledge into this introduction. Every instructor was superb and the way they communicated it appeared as if I was listening to them in person.

von Deepak S

4. Aug. 2021

It is a very well-prepared course. From getting the interest of students through History and Scientists of DFT to making them solve complex differential equations, this course provides it all. It is a very suitable course for a beginner in DFT.

von David G A

17. Mai 2021

Great course. I will recommend it to anyone who wants to learn with rigor the basics of DFT, Kohn-Sham method and its applicability. Very good instructors give fantastic explanations in non trivial topics.

von Punit K

24. Juni 2022

All the lectures are very nicely prepared and explained. I learned a lot related to DFT concepts through this course. I really thank the entire Ecole Team for their effort in such a nice course.

von Bruno M

9. Feb. 2021

An interesting and understanding lecture thanks to subtitles, movies, exercises and references. Not easiest at all to deal with theoritical subject, but you success, thank you a lot.

von Konstantinos - P Z

21. Okt. 2021

It's worth everyone's time; period! It gives a very informative introduction to DFT. Given that the learner studies all the provided notes and bibliography, it is bound success!

von Qaisar A

4. Dez. 2022

DFT has become the dominant method for simulating quantum mechanical systems. It was an honor to learn DFT fundamentals from this prestigious institute via Coursera.


19. Juni 2022

more application base examples should be thaught this course was more theoritical and after completing my course I still dont know how to implement on my work

von Zhiyuan W

23. Jan. 2022

This course is fantastic. I've learn a lot from this courses, such as KS equation, many-body wavefunction, and other theories.

von Shravan D G

17. Juli 2021

Excellent introductory course on DFT for anyone who is about to begin serious study of condensed matter physics and materials.

von Yoon G L

29. Nov. 2021

It is a good introduction to learn and understand what is going in the softwares based on the Density Functional Theory.

von M L M

28. Juni 2022

Truly insightful course, though still in the introductory part the course provides the best example for the beginner

von Saranya R V

18. Sep. 2022

All the concepts are very well explained. Thank you very much to the entire team worked behind the course.

von Cecilia M S A

23. Apr. 2021

The professors are truly good in my opinion!!! First and second week in particular were really great!!


28. Feb. 2021

Thank you to the instructors for explaining it so well and making it so interesting. i learned a lot.

von Arnab D

6. Aug. 2021

An excellent course to learn DFT, how it emerged and how to apply DFT in real world situations.