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Woche 1

3 Stunden zum Abschließen

Consumerism in Healthcare

3 Stunden zum Abschließen
11 Videos (Gesamt 43 min), 5 Lektüren, 4 Quiz
11 Videos
Module 1 Overview1m
Defining the Healthcare Ecosystem5m
Consumer Driven Ecosystem4m
Ted Talk Debrief3m
The Role of the Consumer4m
The Role of Employers3m
The Role of Physicians and Hospitals5m
Consumer Challenges4m
Guest Lecture: Measuring Care in the Continuum3m
Future Trends in Healthcare Consumerism4m
5 Lektüren
What I Learned About Health Care When My Cat Died10m
Redesigning Care for High-Cost, High-Risk Patients10m
Hospital Compare from medicare.gov10m
For millennials, a regular visit to the doctor’s office is not a primary concern10m
Texas Walmart hosting Beacon mental health clinic10m
4 praktische Übungen
Module 1 Practice Quiz 16m
Module 1 Practice Quiz 26m
Module 1 Practice Quiz 330m
Module 1 (Graded)30m

Woche 2

3 Stunden zum Abschließen

Operational Challenges and Change Management

3 Stunden zum Abschließen
10 Videos (Gesamt 36 min), 2 Lektüren, 4 Quiz
10 Videos
The Need For Change4m
Driving Change1m
Types of Innovation4m
Planning for Change4m
How Operational Change Impacts Consumers5m
Guest Lecture: Technology and Consumer Engagement2m
Responding to Change in the Healthcare Industry4m
Three E's of Change3m
Into the Unknown3m
2 Lektüren
3 Steps for Engaging Health Care Providers in Organizational Change10m
Fair Process: Managing in the Knowledge Economy10m
3 praktische Übungen
Module 2 Practice Quiz 14m
Module 2 Practice Quiz 230m
Module 2 Practice Quiz 330m

Woche 3

3 Stunden zum Abschließen

Financial & Payment Challenges of Healthcare Consumerism

3 Stunden zum Abschließen
9 Videos (Gesamt 32 min), 1 Lektüre, 4 Quiz
9 Videos
Consumers and Shifting Costs3m
Fee for Service payment model2m
Financial Payments and Operations3m
Payment Models and the Continuum of Care3m
Guest Lecture — The Challenges of Integration and the Consumer3m
New Models4m
Payment Models in Non-Healthcare Services3m
Ecosystems and Consumer Engagement4m
1 Lektüre
The Case for Capitation15m
4 praktische Übungen
Module 3 Practice Quiz 130m
Module 3 Practice Quiz 230m
Module 3 Practice Quiz 330m
Module 3 Graded Quiz30m

Woche 4

4 Stunden zum Abschließen

The Role of Analytics in Healthcare Consumerism

4 Stunden zum Abschließen
9 Videos (Gesamt 40 min), 3 Lektüren, 4 Quiz
9 Videos
The Role of Analytics in Daily Life5m
Applying Analytics to Healthcare4m
Analytics and Operational Improvement4m
Analytics and Consumerism in Healthcare5m
How Others Measure Quality4m
Using Analytics for Proactive Outreach4m
Guest Lecture: Social Determinants in Care Across the Continuum4m
Challenges of Measurement5m
3 Lektüren
Why Is Data Analytics Important in Healthcare?10m
Data Analytics Can Drive Change in Health Care10m
10 High-Value Use Cases for Predictive Analytics in Healthcare10m
3 praktische Übungen
Module 4 Practice Quiz 130m
Module 4 Practice Quiz 230m
Module 4 Practice Quiz 330m



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Über den Spezialisierung Healthcare Trends for Business Professionals

This Specialization will provide learners with the knowledge and skills to recognize key shifts in the industry and to have an agile perspective on how these shifts might impact their organizations. Learners will be exposed to the key drivers in the global healthcare industry today so they might apply what they have learned to help their organizations....
Healthcare Trends for Business Professionals

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