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The web today is almost unrecognizable from the early days of white pages with lists of blue links. Now, sites are designed with complex layouts, unique fonts, and customized color schemes. This course will show you the basics of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS3). The emphasis will be on learning how to write CSS rules, how to test code, and how to establish good programming habits. When done correctly, the styling of a webpage can take enhance your page. When done incorrectly the result can be worse than no styling at all. To ensure that your sites do not put up barriers for people with cognitive and/or physical disabilities, you will learn how to evaluate pages using the standardized POUR accessibility guidelines. Upon completion of the course, learners will be able to sketch a design for a given HTML page. Using that design they will use CSS to implement the design by adding fonts, colors, and layouts. This is the second course in the Web Design For Everybody specialization. Subsequent courses focus on adding interaction with JavaScript and enhancing the styling with responsive design. It will be difficult to complete this course if you do not have access to a laptop or desktop computer for the homework....


19. Dez. 2020

This course helped me hone my CSS skills. Even though I had some knowledge on the subject, I understood and practiced many things that I had difficulty understanding before. Thanks, Professor Colleen.

25. Sep. 2020

This course is a recommendable for all beginners who are interested in designing and styling their web pages. The whole course is interesting and challenging at the end of the course and I enjoyed it.

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von shashi c

10. Jan. 2016

nice one

von Abhijith P

31. Jan. 2021


von Harshil S

4. Juli 2020


von 104 S P L

6. Juni 2020


von Pravin K P

15. Dez. 2018


von Mohammad H

13. Feb. 2016


von Nguyen D M H

5. März 2020


von Vincy J

12. Aug. 2021


von Tarun M

4. Feb. 2021


von SIVA S K G

19. Dez. 2020


von Muhammed S

1. Sep. 2020


von vodela s k

11. Aug. 2020


von Rajvi S

17. Juli 2020


von Kevin P L

24. Juni 2020



8. Juni 2020



30. Juli 2019


von Александр

5. Feb. 2016


von Boris L

12. Jan. 2016


von Shivannagari S

17. Juli 2020


von MD J H

20. Mai 2020


von Ashutosh M

10. Feb. 2019


von Seth C

29. Mai 2021

From an instructional design perspective, this course missed out on a lot of practice and feedback cycles. While I feel like I do understand the basics of CSS3 from taking the course, I believe the learner would advance further and reach a higher level of mastery if the course had a stronger focus on guided practice and feedback instead of the instructor just saying, "I hope you go practice this..." What this could have looked like: the instructor briefly introduces a new concept related to CSS3 and the provides some HTML code that the learner copy/pastes into their coding software. Then the learner writes CSS code to do specific things. When complete, the "next page" of the course could contain a sample of what the CSS code could look like to meet the given requirements. This pattern of "teach, practice, feedback + more insight, repeat" would have allowed the learner to spend more of the course doing instead of just learning about CSS (e.g., less video time and more practice/doing time).

von Amy E

22. Juni 2016

This course is a good start if you already have a little experience with CSS. As a neophyte, I found that there was too much material for the amount of presentation time. I needed many more examples and exercises. I felt dejected each time the instructor said not to worry about getting it right and just experiment -- that's easy to say if you aren't being graded. The fact is that the material is extensive and often complicated, and it's imperative for me, as a student, to be correct as fast as possible. The result is that my grade (A) does not reflect my comprehension of the material. I managed to commit the material presented to short term memory so that I could pass the course, but as always happens when someone crams, the information is gone from my head.

von Gary C

16. Dez. 2020

This course is an okay introduction to CSS. The best part of this course is the Instructor. She is enthusiastic about the course material and her explanations are generally very good. I do think the course could be more thorough, and it could use more formal coding exercises and assessments. Some of the content seems a little dated (e.g., browser-specific coding, and using float rather than the newer flex which is simpler and more reliable).

von Diane K

30. Nov. 2015

Good overview, but very detailed and definitely not for beginners - especially due to a lack of personal attention. I have had to supplement a lot of the material I missed through other resources. Still, a fairly good overview of CSS3 for those who already have a little understanding.