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Journey of the Universe weaves together the discoveries of the evolutionary sciences together with humanities such as history, philosophy, art, and religion. The course draws on the Emmy-award winning film, Journey of the Universe, and the book from Yale University Press. Journey explores cosmic evolution as a creative process based on connection, interdependence, and emergence. It examines a range of dynamic interactions in the unfolding of galaxies, Earth, life, and human communities. It investigates ways in which we understand evolutionary processes and the implications for humans and our ecological future. The Journey course, thus, is based on a new integration that is emerging from the dialogue of the sciences and humanities. Journey tells the story of evolution as an epic narrative, rather than as a series of facts separated by scientific disciplines. This changes our perception so that we begin to see ourselves as an integral part of this narrative. By situating ourselves within this story we can better appreciate the complexity and beauty of processes such as self-organizing dynamics, natural selection, emergence, symbiosis, and co-evolution. As we discover these intricate processes of evolution, we awaken to the beauty and complexity of our natural environment at this critical juncture in our planetary history....


4. Mai 2020

Very, very insightful. Best course that I participated in. I simply loved it. And if you (the reader of this review) have any sort of curiosity regarding reasons of existence, this course is for you.

20. Okt. 2018

I love everything about this. Plan to go back sometime later and explore more of the websites and links that are referenced. I especially enjoy material from the American Museum of Natural History.

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von Mai H

23. Juli 2020

What a wonderful course! I'm so grateful for the journey that I was able to witness, and the responsibility that I got reminded as being a part of this engaging community. This is a lifetime's worth of wisdom.

von Thomas H

2. Okt. 2017

Extraordinary. Astronomy has always been a friend. Now it has become a mentor. Suddenly my priorities have become clear. My life needs no further focus. God, sobriety and “Journey of the Universe.” Powerful!

von S I

26. Jan. 2017

Yup...thought provoking film and lectures. Expanding universe, coexisting creatures, earth as a whole is living and we are part of this living creature with greater responsibility are somethings i've learnt.

von Christine A

26. Apr. 2020

I absolutely loved this course. I am an artist, and it falls directly in line with what I am attempting to portray in my art. Everyone needs to see this film or read the book. Thank-you

Christine Allan


von April M L B

10. Sep. 2020

This course gave me a lot of lessons which I can really relate what is really happening around us and it also help me to freshen up the things that I've learned when I'm still studying!

von 雷沁颖

28. Okt. 2016

I love this course and I appreciate all the gifts our universe, our earth give me. I will cherish the earth and keep doing my best to protect what I have, what we have.

von Colleen S

14. Jan. 2017

This course is a must. There is just no other course that can nurture your spiritual yearnings within the framework of science. Take it. It's a wonderful course.

von Valarie B

7. Nov. 2017

I have so enjoyed taking this course and am enthralled with all of the new perspectives that were presented. I look forward to continuing with the certificate.

von Abhi

21. Feb. 2020

What a story that connects and answers my spiritual queries. Connection and communication to everything around has only become simpler and amazing ..

von Shamim D

27. Feb. 2017

A truly insightful and enlightening course that will provide a clear understanding of the creation of the universe and of life in a scientific sense.

von Annabella R

31. März 2018

This course and the conversations provide the latest thinking on the contiuously evolvng univese. The speakers are excellent , the topics amazing!

von Aza O

23. Mai 2017

Big History meets the World Wisdom Traditions with a sense of 'how can we navigate our collective future here on Earth in the Anthropocene'??

von Vitaly W

31. Juli 2017

Amazing course that touches to the very core of human existence and the concept existence as a whole as applied to the universe

von Fernando B

23. Nov. 2017

It´s quite a Journey of insight, wonder and magnificent discoveries of Human kind. I experience an awakening of my curiosity.

von Chandan n

26. Mai 2020

The course is very detailed building up from the very basics. You don't need the expertise of any sort to learn and enjoy.

von Chenlin W

29. Dez. 2017

This course gave me a brand new insight, I very like it!

Though somehow some long video someimes can't play properly.

von Charlotte L

6. Nov. 2016

Really help me a lot, thanks for all of the tireless efforts of the people for our life, the earth, the universe.

von kousay a

28. Okt. 2016

A profound intellectual journey. Take this course and immerse yourself in the beautiful nature of our universe.

von Wancan S

4. Aug. 2017

It is amazing to walk through this journey, having a wider perspective of the universe and my role in it.


21. Juni 2020

THANK you the journey of the universe:The unfolding of life is gave vry much information THANK YOU

von Anna J

4. Mai 2020

So much amazing information to understand the Universe's history and the human life and impact

von Susan F

23. Mai 2019

Fantastic content and well structured for the busy working person to fit into their schedules!

von Alex t B

11. Okt. 2016

Great course. Especially liked the 3 part video in week 6. Looking forward to the next one.

von Lilian D T

18. Jan. 2017

just wonderfull and easy to learn and let us start to see the world in other point of view

von Charles S

29. Nov. 2017

This is a most fascinating course. I enjoyed it very much and feel that I learned so much.