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Radiation is all around us - without it we wouldn’t exist. Yet the word has become synonymous with danger, death and disaster. This MOOC will allow the world to see radiation in a new light, to expose its benefits as well as its risks. X-ray radiation, for example, is a scientific and medical discovery that has improved or prolonged billions of lives. Most of us have had an X-ray at some point in our life, at the Dentist, in a hospital or clinic. Yet few people really understand what X-rays are or where they come from. In this course, we will travel along the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation from unimaginably long to infinitesimally small wavelengths. At each significant point along the way we will stop and consider: What is the wavelength and frequency of this radiation? Is it ionising or not? Who discovered it and how? What are the uses of this radiation and What are the risks associated with it? Through this we hope to clarify a topic that is often confusing and concerning for many....



16. Jan. 2020

The curriculum neglected the topic of low frequency exposures (ELF) and its effect on circadian and immunological outcomes, which can indirectly contribute to adverse effects and possibly cancer.


15. Feb. 2020

Very insightful and engaging. I would recommend this course to those of whom are considering further education in the area of radiation-derived healthcare.

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von Stephen G

15. Feb. 2020

Very insightful and engaging. I would recommend this course to those of whom are considering further education in the area of radiation-derived healthcare.


3. Mai 2020

I am a Field Imaging Service Engineer and I face daily questions from my customers and my family regarding the topic. With this course I had refreshment of my knowledge plus a new knowledge, which both combined gave me a better understanding of radiation for my daily life and for my field of work. I am glad to have been taken this course.

von Rubayet A

29. Aug. 2020

I really loved this course, though as a Nuclear Engineering student I was pretty familiar with some of the terms, I actually learned a lot. Very clear and beautiful teaching of different concepts and misconceptions. Thank you.

von Diwakar P

3. Aug. 2019

A very engaging & thought-provoking course providing the insights from atomic structure to Electromagnetic Radiations, how they interact with matter and associated health effects. The course is quite helpful in particular to clear many myths related to the impact of radiation on the human body, while also explaining working of many medical imaging & examination techniques (like MRI, PET, etc.) Overall, a well-presented content in a lucid & entertaining manner, aptly complemented by noteworthy graphics & videos. Thanks to all instructors and contributors. I'd say the course is simple to follow and worthy of binge-watching - One can finish sooner than prescribed duration (I was able to complete it in a single day :)).

and one can finish earlier than prescribed duration (I was able to complete the full course in a single day - like )

von Eric P

17. Jan. 2020

The curriculum neglected the topic of low frequency exposures (ELF) and its effect on circadian and immunological outcomes, which can indirectly contribute to adverse effects and possibly cancer.

von Catarina B R

20. Mai 2020

I learned a fundamental basis that we often lack during more specific studies. Extremely useful course that should be offered to all people, especially those in the health field.


17. Mai 2020

The course content is highly useful for a better understanding of the radiations ..and course delivering method is superb!!!!

von Lloyd E M

12. Juli 2019

This was a good review of the basic physics and science of radiation. It contained some excellent details on medical imaging and the identification of types of imaging as well the risks, uses and justifications for each. Not all lectures were ideal or well organized but were mostly great for entry level or for health care practitioners not dealing directly with medical imaging and radiation therapy or nuclear medicine.

von Anjan D

13. Okt. 2019

Its very informative. The way with which people think about radiation would be changed. Thankyou for this amazing course.

von B M T I

8. Juni 2020

The course was really good and an informational also.Seriously I got help from it.Thank You.

von Joy S

12. Jan. 2020

interesting, thorough review of radiation, what it is, what it does, what we use it for and how it affects us.

von Wilmer M

31. Aug. 2020

It is an extraordinary course, thank you very much for the teachings you give. It is great everything that can be learned and understood thanks to your classes. I recommend it with my eyes closed, for all those people who want to enter the world of radiations and really know the damage they can generate, but above all the benefit they have for humanity. Thank you once again, greetings.

von Kanyana R

27. Juni 2020

I am so grateful for the opportunity I have had to do this certificate,it has been worth my time infact I have gotten more than I expected.

The course content gave me a deeper understanding of the electromagnetic radiation and particulate radiation in relation to our day to day interact with them

Thank you so much to lecturers that took me through the course.

von Meheroze A H

17. Mai 2021

Highly Contemporary & Interesting Subject, and for sure, that would not only enhance anyone's Knowledge but also make him/her, aware of the latest Climate Crisis. Moreover, such lesson has been taught by extremely Sound & Competent Professor/s as well.

Meheroze Al Hassan_Dhaka_Bangladesh.

von Nicolas C

22. Feb. 2021

Amazing experience learning about radiation! I loved how this course is organized and planed out. I never thought I'd go through that much talk about cancer, and have it be scientifically liberating knowing what we reached in this day and age. Thank you for truly showing us the light!

von Erin

6. Juni 2021

This course is amazing! Had to take a quick second to THANK YOU to Professor Mark McEntee for such a well-designed, in depth course. There's a lot of misconception about radiation, and this course successfully gives me a holistic view and a new insight.


26. März 2021

how radiation interact with matter,investigate how ionising radiations are able to interact with our atoms and the kinds of damage they can subsequently have on our bodies. we learned the useful of radiation in medical imaging

von Leandro A

13. Nov. 2020

One of the best courses I've ever taken. The teacher is very didactic, he brings fantastic examples. The content is very well organized. It is very worthwhile for those who want to know more about the electromagnetic spectrum.

von Ashley P

11. Nov. 2021

Highly recommended. Interesting and insightful course with a logical progression through the Electromagnetic spectrum. Well explained and applied to the world around us and also it's uses within health care and diagnostics.

von Nissem A

27. Dez. 2020

Amazing course ! Very well presented. It helped me improve my understanding of fundamental aspects about electro magnetic waves and answered many old questions in my mind ! Thank you !

von Mariana P M H

6. Juli 2020

Fantastic course. It explains each lesson with words that almost everyone could understand. It is very interesting and you will definitely lear a lot. I recomend it to averyone!

von Kian E

29. Juli 2021

I​ would like to thank the Instructors for this fabulous course. They used some unique methods of teaching, which help me to follow this course with a high level of passion.

von Ivan D B T

4. Nov. 2019

This is really nice overview in both theoretical and practical aspects of the medical use of radiation, a lot of new things have been learned and i am highly grateful.

von Babu Y

15. Nov. 2019

The course content and duration is well framed. The lectures are very lucid and quiet interesting. Feel happy to be certified by the University of Sydney.

von Giorgi D

8. Dez. 2021

The course was very interesting, through which I gained the knowledge that I will use in my daily work. Can I get a course certificate for free?