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Operations Research (OR) is a field in which people use mathematical and engineering methods to study optimization problems in Business and Management, Economics, Computer Science, Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering, etc. This course introduces frameworks and ideas about various types of optimization problems in the business world. In particular, we focus on how to formulate real business problems into mathematical models that can be solved by computers....



5. Nov. 2022

The course are very good conduct, I have explore into the OR and get better understanding of how to create a problem and solved it using Excel Solver. I cannot wait to continous to another course.


28. Sep. 2022

This course just opened my eyes to real value of mathematical operation in different business and now I am much more competent for jobs which need high knowledge of operational research.

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von Alejandro B

20. Feb. 2022

This is the best and most useful course I have taken in Cousera. Highly recommended.

Excellent content, almost optimal, unimprovable. An excellent professor, very knowledgeable, pedagogical, with very good communication skills.

I have a degree in BA and work as the Operations Manager at a big mall, and have found very useful the knowledge I have acquired with this course.

Looking forward to taking the other courses in the series.

von Can

27. Jan. 2023

5 stars because it is a 100% free course. It is not ethical to give it a less-than-perfect rating.

On the other hand, "Introduction to an Introduction of Operations Research Applications Using Excel" would be a more fitting title. There are also some obvious mistakes in the course material.

1.25X playback speed is recommended. The TA in this course is SUPER cute! You don't want to miss the lab sections.

von Rupkatha G

6. Juli 2021

The instructor explained everything in his slides in the most lucid manner possible. I specially liked the last quiz wherein instead of MCQs, we had to put in the exact correct answer only to score a 100%. This actually checks the knowledge of the student as well as gives them the confidence to solve future problems at ease, as per my surmise.

von Shivraman K

6. Juli 2021

Great instructor and really good material!

Would have liked if he had provided references for further reading (books).

von Rufat I

21. Apr. 2021

Nice introductory course for Linear Programming with a variety of real life application examples.

von qiqichen

25. Juni 2021

great course for beginners, got new insights about how to formulate a model for practical issues

von tak y

2. März 2021

cute girl

von Cor v H

21. Feb. 2021

The instructor is very boring. He just reads a sheet and there are no practical examples. It is an easy course, but the Forum is absolute in Zombie state, i.e. dead. Course part 2 is even worse. If you give the right answers it is rated "not right". Also in the part 2 of the course, the forum is dead and there is no discussion and no responses to questions etc. This course is a total waste of money.

von Christian J H

12. Aug. 2022

Very well explained and well paced. For me personally, the assignments could've stood to be just a hair more challenging but nonetheless perfect for reinforcing the concepts. This is just the first of 3 courses by the same team after all, so it serves as a perfect foundation leading into what's to follow. Great balance between Mathematical concepts and how those concepts apply to the real world in very useful ways! And finally a course with consistent notation that's clearly laid out up front! :)

von Shaikh S R

11. Sep. 2022

The topic in this course has been described in a very precise and understandable way. I have spent last few months to understand LP but could progress a little and lastly i found this course. Although i am a Master student of Logistics in Germany but i still found this course very essential and related to my academic studies as well as for future profession. Thanks to the Professor and TA for their student friendly orientation and turning such a difficult topic to a easier one!!

von Daniela M

11. Aug. 2022

This course was incredible! As someone who wants to study OR in university, this provided a broad and comprehensive introduction to the subject, and it definitely helped me adjust to many new concepts. The teacher was always excited to explain the problems and examples, which made it easier to understand the lectures. The curriculum is well thought out and overall, this course is truly worth it!

von Maximilian F

2. Okt. 2022

Excellent course. It gives a great introduction to linear programming, (mixed) integer programming and non linear programming. The course explains very well which problems can be solved eachby method and how to write specifications for these type of programs. The assessment exercises are not trivial. To solve them you have to thorouglly understand the lecture content.

von Joseph C

10. Mai 2021

the course is freshing, very different from the traditional OR courses.

And the teachers cold joke is some what pretty funny, I have learned a lot in this course, i will recommended for Taiwanese student especially in industrial engineering, for the teacher's speed isn't too fast and the pronouncing is pretty clear, really love it.

von Solomon W

10. Nov. 2021

It is a good introductory course on optimizations. It does cover the business, mathematical modeling, and applications which is quite impressive to cover in a 6 weeks course. The presentation is outstanding. The course notes are very useful. This is one very organized MOOC delivery. Thank you professor and staff!

von Gaby P

18. Mai 2021

Excellent class. Very well explained. Very logical and concise. The only thing I would recommend is to, at least, mention that the problems can be solved with open source libraries like pulp for linear problems and cvxpy for convex ones. I used those to solve the final quiz.

von Wayne W C

26. März 2021

Have learned about how to transform real problem to conceptual model, conceptual model to mathematical model, and finally get computer model. With computer model resolved by Excel, we could get candidate optimal solution.It's a pleasant learning journey!

von Camilo B C

20. Dez. 2021

Grate course to begin in the Operations Research's huge field, the way that the professor introduces each type of programming is very easy to understand and to find applications to solve real world's business problems through different models.

von Yening L

8. Okt. 2021

optimal course structure for contents delivery.

we're empowered with both 'the big picture' and 'tactical details in problem solving'

friendly and inviting teaching style - a big thankyou to both the professor and the T.A

von Keangsinh T

6. Nov. 2022

The course are very good conduct, I have explore into the OR and get better understanding of how to create a problem and solved it using Excel Solver. I cannot wait to continous to another course.

von Niloofar T

30. Dez. 2022

I enjoyed the way how the teacher explained the basic concepts of this course so softly and understandably. I recommend it to anyone who wants to have complete insight into operations research.

von mehdi k

29. Sep. 2022

This course just opened my eyes to real value of mathematical operation in different business and now I am much more competent for jobs which need high knowledge of operational research.

von Álvaro R E C

3. Nov. 2022

I think it is a very useful course. You may find a lot of information that can point you in the right direction, it is easy to understand and the lecturer is amazing.


7. Dez. 2021

This course is very helpful to understand the basics of operation research, after this course you will know where to apply linear, integer and non-linear programming.

von muhammedabuali

12. Aug. 2022

The course is very well structured, and has a good combination of theory and practice. The professor does a great job of making a complex topic easy to follow.

von Marco C

28. Dez. 2022

This is an excellent course to start in math optimization field. It shows you how to think in the logic of the solvers to solve the main families of problems