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Welcome to Practical Time Series Analysis! Many of us are "accidental" data analysts. We trained in the sciences, business, or engineering and then found ourselves confronted with data for which we have no formal analytic training. This course is designed for people with some technical competencies who would like more than a "cookbook" approach, but who still need to concentrate on the routine sorts of presentation and analysis that deepen the understanding of our professional topics. In practical Time Series Analysis we look at data sets that represent sequential information, such as stock prices, annual rainfall, sunspot activity, the price of agricultural products, and more. We look at several mathematical models that might be used to describe the processes which generate these types of data. We also look at graphical representations that provide insights into our data. Finally, we also learn how to make forecasts that say intelligent things about what we might expect in the future. Please take a few minutes to explore the course site. You will find video lectures with supporting written materials as well as quizzes to help emphasize important points. The language for the course is R, a free implementation of the S language. It is a professional environment and fairly easy to learn. You can discuss material from the course with your fellow learners. Please take a moment to introduce yourself! Time Series Analysis can take effort to learn- we have tried to present those ideas that are "mission critical" in a way where you understand enough of the math to fell satisfied while also being immediately productive. We hope you enjoy the class!...



6. Apr. 2021

It is a very good course which builds on the basics of time series and also covers more advanced topics like SARIMA. The course contains ample examples which helped me better understand the material.


23. Jan. 2020

Excelente, uno de los mejores cursos que he tomado. Lo más importante es que se practica muy seguido y hay examenes durante los vídeos. Si hay un nivel más avanzado de este tema, seguro que lo tomo.

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von Emelie E

11. Nov. 2021

Very good content! However some of the links are broken or not updated. Still, this course definitely deserves a 5 star rating, as you can view all content for free.

von Kwabena A

4. Mai 2020

This course was intellectually stimulating, the explanations, The R-codes were just on point. I'm thankful to the Coursera team, Professor Thistleton and Dr Sadigov.

von Anet M C

20. Mai 2018

I really liked to take this course. This is my first approach to R programming, and this course was useful for me to reinforce my statistical skills and to learn R.

von Борисова А Н

22. Juni 2020

Очень хороший и качественный курс! Я испытывала трудности в понимании из-за того что курс на английском языке, но благодаря тому что с темами знакома - справилась.

von Nhiên H

10. Juli 2022

Very easy to understand and nice example.

But it need to update the link to dataset. They all link to Qlik, and it need to be paid for account so I can't access.

von DR A N

10. Apr. 2018

Excellent course ! Great instructors !....Especially Dr Sadigov... Will prove very useful to me to analyze and forecast medical and public health time series :-)

von Ravindra C

28. Juni 2022

Course is learning based and very helpful for time series problem analysis as well as for mathematics to deal with the fundamentals of the tim series problems.

von Jimmy A

15. Nov. 2021

A​s a free course, it is good to complete this course even without any official support now. It is a good free course to learn time series analysis using R.

von Gionata L

5. Apr. 2018

Very nice and pedagogical introduction to time series analysis. By the end of the course you feel like you know how to analyse and model time series.

von Kyle R C

20. Feb. 2019

I only wanted to look at a few lectures from this course, but they were so good that I decided to go through the rest of it. I was not let down.

von Begoña R H

24. Feb. 2019

Análisis de series temporales explicado de la mejor manera posible, de lo más básico hacia lo más complejo, incluyendo código en R. Recomendable

von Md. M H R

20. Juni 2020

Time series analysis is a very important part of Econometrics. I have learned time series analysis theoretically and software application.

von vania t

17. Dez. 2020

wonderful mix of theory and practical time series . it really helped me with identifying models and also understand the theory behind it

von Mohammed M A

31. Dez. 2018

Grateful to the instructors for the engaging and fruitful learning I enjoyed in the course Practical Time Series Analysis! Thank you :)

von Liu L

29. Aug. 2018

Good introductory course on time series and R programming. Hope you can give a following course on further topics obout time series.

von Abhijith S

4. Juli 2019

This is the best course for beginning time series analysis. ACF and PACF were explained very well. I highly recommend this course.

von Sergi

14. März 2019

Very good and structured lessons about fundamentals of time series modeling. Well done! I missed a bit the forecasting part though

von Krzysztof R

6. März 2019

Very motivating course, quite easier as it is intermediate one, but still satisfying and moving the knowledge forward! Recommend!

von Vito L

13. Juni 2021

Great. Just enough math to understand the underlying concepts but not enough to confuse you or distract from the applications

von jiaqi z

14. Feb. 2021

This course is quite helpful for me to learn time series from zero. The tutorial is humorous and easy to understand. Love it!

von Zhihua Z

13. Okt. 2019

This course is very helpful with making all concepts and applications clear. Two professors explain each topics very clearly!

von Aishwarya A

10. Sep. 2019

I loved the simple yet intuitive mathematical concepts that accompanied each lecture. Could have included a capstone project.

von Indresh T

4. Feb. 2020

Course is really good to know the in depth understanding of the various models working around for the time series analysis.

von Flavio L R

6. Juni 2021

It was a great jouney with statistics and time series. I thank the instructors and coursemates for the help at the foruns!

von Vidhya K

24. Nov. 2018

The course is very insightful substantively covering both theory and practical in a balanced manner. I liked it very much.