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    Discuss why one musical recording is more compelling than another and identify the unique elements of the recording that contribute to it

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    Begin to assess and establish your identity, vision, and intention as an artist and producer

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    Write and develop a compelling piece of music by utilizing various tools

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    Establish the sonic signature of your production by utilizing specific production techniques

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100 % online

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There is no prior experience or knowledge required to enroll in this course.


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Welcome to The Art of Music Production

Welcome to The Art of Music Production! Before you begin the course, we will cover all the details about the course and what you'll need to know to get the most out of your experience.

1 Video (Gesamt 1 min), 4 Lektüren, 1 Quiz
1 Video
4 Lektüren
A Note From Stephen10m
Connect with Your Classmates10m
Course Resources10m
Earn A Course Certificate10m
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What Are Your Goals?8m
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Listening Like A Producer

By the end of this lesson, you’ll understand the concepts of listening to music emotionally and technically. Strategies for maintaining objectivity and using kinesthetic observations to discover musical effectiveness will be internalized. You’ll train yourself to make distinctions on what works and what doesn’t work, rather than just passively listening as a fan.

6 Videos (Gesamt 18 min), 1 Lektüre, 3 Quiz
6 Videos
Why Do We Listen To Music?3m
Listening Emotionally vs. Listening Technically2m
Kinesthetic Observation - Emotional Cues4m
Elements of A Compelling Musical Recording4m
Letting Go Of Prejudice2m
1 Lektüre
Elements of a Compelling Recording10m
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Identifying Emotions2m
Listening Like a Producer22m
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Identity, Vision, and Intention

In this lesson, you’ll hone in on your identity as a recording artist: who are you, and what are you meaning to convey through your music? You’ll work on refining your vision and intention for the recordings you’ll make employing these skills, and record and post a “work tape” of a new piece of music.

6 Videos (Gesamt 21 min), 2 Lektüren, 4 Quiz
6 Videos
Artist Comparison Exercise4m
Artist Identity Workshop3m
Producer Identity Workshop6m
What is your Artistic Intention?2m
Giving and Receiving Feedback3m
2 Lektüren
Artist Identity Examples10m
What is Your Artistic Vision?10m
3 praktische Übungen
Defining Your Artist Identity2m
Defining Your Producer Identity2m
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Strengthening Musical Productions: Tools & Strategies

By the end of this lesson, you will be able to employ several useful techniques for strengthening your songs and instrumental tracks. You’ll acquire skills in prosody, focus, and an intelligent approach to repetition. You’ll also learn to craft better melodies, write better lyrics, and construct a musical form that best suits the emotional contour you are trying to accomplish with your recording. You’ll understand the principles of getting the most out of feedback on your recordings, in order to gather valuable perspective to better convey your intended response. You’ll incorporate notes from your colleagues to further refine your recording and re-post an updated version.

10 Videos (Gesamt 50 min), 1 Lektüre, 3 Quiz
10 Videos
Form: The Structure of Your Song7m
5 Tools for Writing Better Lyrics9m
Crafting Better Melodies4m
Arranging - Rule of Threes5m
Studio Performance2m
Programmed Tracks5m
Singers: Virtuoso vs. Vibe3m
Producing Vocals4m
1 Lektüre
Song Form10m
2 praktische Übungen
Arranging - The Rule of Threes2m
Tools & Strategies22m
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Defining the Sonic Signature of your Song

By the end of this lesson, you will address the sonic signature as it relates to your intention and vision, as well as your technology resources and acoustic space. You’ll learn about microphone techniques, getting good levels, and mixing with reverb, EQ and compression. You will record your material, having made some deliberate decisions about the sound of your record, and post your recording for peer review according to specific criteria.

10 Videos (Gesamt 47 min), 1 Lektüre, 2 Quiz
10 Videos
Single-Source Recording5m
Multi-Track Recording5m
Sound Absorbtion vs. Sound Proofing2m
Acoustic Spaces & Mic Placement5m
Microphone Types and Pick Up Patterns8m
Guitar Micing Clinic3m
Application of Technology to Art5m
Where To Go From Here48
1 Lektüre
Microphone Types and Pick Up Patterns10m
1 praktische Übung
The Sonic Signature22m
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Top reviews from The Art of Music Production

von LRSep 26th 2016

Exceptional and essential guide for music producers. This course really makes you think of music production from a holistic perspective. I'll never listen to music the same superficial way anymore...

von BDAug 22nd 2018

Really enjoyed this and got a lot out of it.\n\nGreat curriculum, great delivery. Meaningful assignments, great community. Highly recommend if you want to reflect on and hone your artistic vision.



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Director of Music Production, Technology and Innovation

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Über die Spezialisierung Music Production

This Specialization will give you the knowledge and tools you need to record and produce professional sounding music. You will begin by developing your identity, vision, and intention as an artist and producer. Next, you will learn the technical aspects of music production, including how sound is translated into audio signals, recording techniques, and effects such as reverb, delay, and compression. You will also learn how to use the industry standard Digital Audio Workstation, Pro Tools, to create professional recordings. Finally, you will apply the knowledge and tools you gained in a culminating 4-week Capstone where you will complete a project beginning at the pre-production stage through the recording, mixing, and mastering stages....
Music Production

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  • Absolutely. You will be writing new pieces and making new recordings that will incorporate specific elements in order to learn new skills. The assignments in this course require you to submit your own, original work.

  • During the course, you will be asked to submit recorded examples of your song ideas. You may also use your smartphone or tablet. You may also use your computer's built-in microphone or an external microphone plugged directly into your computer (via built-in ports or an external audio interface), in addition to basic audio recording software, such as Audacity, that will allow you to record yourself and save the recording in MP3 format.

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