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This course will introduce the learner to the basics of the python programming environment, including fundamental python programming techniques such as lambdas, reading and manipulating csv files, and the numpy library. The course will introduce data manipulation and cleaning techniques using the popular python pandas data science library and introduce the abstraction of the Series and DataFrame as the central data structures for data analysis, along with tutorials on how to use functions such as groupby, merge, and pivot tables effectively. By the end of this course, students will be able to take tabular data, clean it, manipulate it, and run basic inferential statistical analyses. This course should be taken before any of the other Applied Data Science with Python courses: Applied Plotting, Charting & Data Representation in Python, Applied Machine Learning in Python, Applied Text Mining in Python, Applied Social Network Analysis in Python....



Dec 10, 2017

Wow, this was amazing. Learned a lot (mostly thanks to stack overflow) but the course also opened my eyes to all the possibilities available out there and I feel like i'm only scratching the surface!


Mar 16, 2018

overall the good introductory course of python for data science but i feel it should have covered the basics in more details .specially for the ones who do not have any prior programming background .

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von 卢雅丽

Jan 20, 2019

many functions were not included, so I have to look up many other materials to finish the assignments.

von Alexandre M

Jan 10, 2019

This class definitely makes you learn, but not as much from the lectures and course materials themselves, as from the discussion forums (shout out to teaching staff and mentors for their great help) and online tools like Stack Overflow.

I understand that this is also a technique to make us more independent, but it seems like the professor just wanted to skim over this part in order to concentrate on some future / more advanced class that is more interesting to him.

von Joanne L

Feb 24, 2019

Prior coding experience would definitely make this course easier to pick up. A lot of the learning i found isn't driven from the videos itself but from just constant googling.

von Iustin D

Feb 24, 2019

The course content was OK. It's jut a pity that the assignments section was so frustrating to use. I needed around 10 attempts for each submission just to realize that I forgot a print() or that the file names were not exactly as in the requirements... In total, I spent half of the time allocated to assignments just to hunt for stupid errors.

von Shraddha K

Mar 02, 2019

More elaborate lectures would help more!

von Aashith G

Mar 10, 2019

I think the modules pick up a sudden pace in Week 2. The title should be changed to "Intermediate Data Science in Python" or similar :)

Alternatively, maybe this course could have a Python basics intro course as a prerequisite.

von Varun R

Mar 27, 2019

Too hard for beginners in programming. They should mention this before we pay for the course.

von Anant A

Mar 27, 2019

I don't think this is a good enough course to "teach" you "data-science". All this does is give you an overview of things you need to know.

von Mary A H

Mar 22, 2019

The assignment difficulty is much, much greater than the rather basic instruction provided in the lectures. This results in a lot of google searches to figure things out. I feel I could have received an equivalent level of education on my own, by reading books and doing free exercises online. I don't feel there was sufficient value added by the course over independent study.

von pranay b n

Mar 28, 2019

Nice course but just by referring to videos answering the assignments is difficult

von Dr S K

Dec 24, 2018

The material intended to be taught by this course is really good. What is missing is additional video tutorials to support the learner. I had to resort to youtube video by codebasics and other people so I could put together the required knowledge for this course. It urges the learner to do individual learning which is good, but there needs be more direction and support with educational material presented in a meaningful manner.

von Pravin A J D

Dec 09, 2018

can be made a bit detailed course on Python

von Nick R

Dec 09, 2018

Content was well paced and well presented but the auto grading submissions took a long time to get used to and were very stressful. The recommended time to complete the assessments was also very optimistic, most assessments took me easily double the time suggested.

von Dannis C

Mar 29, 2019

Very fast paced, you definitely need to have a solid background in Python and the different libraries.

von Ruban S

Apr 07, 2019

The coursework validation could use some work to be more concise with error messages but it's OK as long as you work with it.

Content is good and seems to give a decent coverage to the basics.

von lcy9086

Jan 27, 2019

Don't try this if you are not working with pandas for a while....

The course is actually packs a lot if stuff without being clear about every item.....

Sometimes you just DON'T know what the speaker is talking about :(

von Adi.Vamsi S

Dec 12, 2018

It's good but I'm unhappy with the programming tutorials ie. Jupiter note book section no explanation is given

von Mark E

Mar 15, 2017

This course relies almost exclusively on self learning of the details of pandas. It would be greatly improved by examples of how to use pandas to solve problems similar to the assignments.

von Ashvin L

Jan 01, 2017

The course is quite demanding from the get go. If you are trying to get by with casual interest, then this is not the course for you. Much of my December vacation (which I had earmarked for playing video games) was spent coding on this course.

The biggest gripe I have about the course is the grader system. It gives a binary output indicating whether you got the question right or wrong. Unfortunately, often that is not good enough, to debug your code. I spent hours figuring out what's going on. The forums were also not helpful, since there were not many taking the course.

At the end of all this, if I ask myself, did I learn a lot? The answer is probably no. However, I did get a lot of coding experience. Debugging experience.

We have many databases (MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, etc), which have far more powerful features than what pandas can do. Therefore, as a system designer, it is unclear to me as to why I would ever pick Pandas over the rest. It appears quite slow (compared to the likes of time tested databases). It offers very few features (when compared to a DB). Lastly, I can use it only with Python. To me, it appears to be a no-brainer to use any one of those DBs to store, modify and massage my data. Maybe there are valid applications that can make use of Pandas like features, but I did not learn that from the course


Better Motivation to use Pandas over standard Databases

Better grader design.

von Anna K

Apr 29, 2018

The quality of the testing system is really poor.

von Agamemnon

Jan 05, 2018

Not clear enough to understand the lecture, also there is a huge gap between assignment and lecture.

von Vivek S

Mar 21, 2018

Lectures should be more in depth especially when going over the concepts in python. They should show at least couple of ways to solve problem under discussion to help drive home the discussion point. Assignment questions were not constructed properly and were very confusion at times. Having a correct answer (not the solution) would help in debugging the issue.

von Jinsuk H

Oct 15, 2017

Good materials but video doesn't help much

von Konstantin K

Mar 04, 2018

Quite bad knowledge delivery from lectures. The course is rather self learning than course. A lot of vague points and uncertainties in assignments.

von Tyler N

Jan 31, 2017

This course was over all okay. My primary complaints are that I felt that the class moved too quickly and relied too heavily on students to teach themselves through the Pandas documentation. The Pandas documentation is really only so-so and it would have been nice to have more guidance through the course materials.