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Everything comes together in the Capstone. You will draft a complete story, narrative essay, or memoir of 8–15 pages. With the advice of your peer readers, you will revise, rewrite, and complete it. The skills you’ve learned of plotting, setting, physical description, characterization, and stylistic clarity and innovation will culminate in an original work of art all your own. We’ll discuss the steps that professional writers take to bring their work into the public world. Along the way you’ll learn the patient habits of revision that make up the writer’s life....



5. Juli 2022

I have learnt a lot from this course about writing stories. All the teachers were excellent and contributed in taking our writing to a better level. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole writing experience.


8. Mai 2020

I got so, so much out of this! It's not only helped me with my own writing, but it's helped me with being able to be a better editor, also. Enjoyed being able to read other writers' works, as well.

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von Alexander F

14. Mai 2018

In general the specialization has been great!

I feel like the capstone project could be a bit more challenging, maybe having more active instances each week where students could improve and receive feedback faster.

von Wendy B

19. Jan. 2022

I would give this five stars for the instructors and videos. I appreciated the assignments and completed a 15-page story. The problem is there are a LOT of students here who seem to not be here to learn how to write a short story and that feels unsafe (as in, are they stealing assignments for classes they're taking elsewhere or hacking something)? With my first assignment, my feedback (which was supposed to be two pages) was "good," "okay," and one semi-helpful paragraph. The assignments I critiqued were blank pages and one 2 paragraph review of a hotel in the Philippines. With my sanding assignment, I got one person who said she couldn't critique me because she didn't speak English and 2 others who wrote one letter and failed me. I resubmitted, including a statement to just move on if the reader didn't want to participate or to provide feedback if they thought I didn't pass. Allow me to quote my feedback, "q," "nc," and "d." Super helpful... I'm not submitting the final, because it just feels like the risk of exposing all my work with no benefit. I also deleted my previous assignment.

I did use the discount to sign up for scribophile. If you're serious about writing, reading others work, giving and receiving feedback, I suggest doing that instead.

For Coursera, I would suggest: 1. students cannot be anonymous (that's where the lack of work and feedback seems to come from) 2. program will not allow feedback or assignments to be submitted unless it meets certain criteria, like word count with non-repeating actual words and 3. feedback is also graded. 4. Students cannot move on in the program unless they get passing grades on assignments and feedback. I'm guessing that whomever is in here doing that isn't paying for a subscription, so I'd also suggested dropping and blocking students who are just in here messing around.

I don't know why anyone is signing up for this and wasting everyone's time, but whatever the reason, Coursera needs to figure out how to manage that problem. It's not that other students are learning and just trying to do their best, but they are actively ruining it for others.

von Craig C

5. Juli 2021

The course content is excellent. I really learned a lot, and it is well structured. HOWEVER, there is no instructor feedback, there is only student feedback on your writing, and most of that is very poor. Feedback on final projects were suppose to be 1-2 pages, which I did. The feed back I received was OK, OK and Good Job. Very very disappointed in the feedback, which is a very important part of the course.

von Kayla F

18. Apr. 2022

T​he skills that lead up to this course are extremely helpful. However, no one monitors the peer reviews. After completing a short story first draft and reviewing three other stories (as per the grading requirement), I got one review. Instead of a well, thoughout-out answer, the peer wrote "d" in the text block so that they would receive a passing grade for reviewing others.

T​here is no way to reach out to anyone to fix this. In the discussion forms, you are directed to go to Scribophile to review/have your story reviewed. But why would I go to another site and review more assignments when I am paying for this course and putting the work into it?

I​f this class was monitored to some degee, I would probably rate this class higher, but until then, I do NOT recommend it.

von Florence L

13. Mai 2020

Some issues were noticed in the discussion and this not seems to have been fixed in May 2020. From the presentation I could undertsand that, unfortunately, this course is not what I was looking for. I was lookig for to the point advices about building an outline for example on week 1. Like some sessions we have had in PLOT and STYLE courses. Reviews are too much (see what people says in the discussions) and efficient guidance too less.

von Imelda C F

26. Dez. 2020

All my teachers and some of my classmates were exceptional. I really learned from them.

I believe there should be a mechanism where we can report the names of people who give crappy reviews - just writing good and not explaining why it's good or more often than not would not review your work but write you to review their work. Several did not even write anything at all. These students should be a) be reprimanded and given a warning b)given a second chance and 3) be booted out.

I had several reviewers who did NOT read my story carefully and gave me a negative review when in fact, all that they needed were right below their noses. They're just reading perfunctorily. It's something that dismayed, annoyed me.

I had somebody who copied my work. I reported that. There was also somebody who plagiarized the same work I just reviewed.

And some gave me glowing remarks, praised my efforts, and congratulated me for works done well.

There were also those who I learned a lot from when they told me NOT to use jargon but instead to focus on my emotions which simply means that I need to connect, connect, connect to my readers. And some got to see my funny bone. They made me happy.

Altogether I am one grateful student.

Forever thankful to Coursera, DOST Caraga, and the Giver of It All - Our Almighty God.

von Lori B C

14. März 2017

The entire 5 module experience was wonderful, enjoyable, stressful (in a good way), inspirational and encouraging. The Professors, the readings, the assignments coupled with the peer reviews made this online experience as close to a real classroom experience as I had hoped it would be. The course gave me the tools needed to keep going myself, as well as tools for reading generally, in a more critical way and, editing tips which are always, invaluable. I looked forward to each new week for the structure and, for seeing what would be required of me for that particular week's assignment and, most weeks, I surprised myself with what I did write. I am sorry that the course is over but I have taken away so much! Thank you.

von Antoinette W

4. Mai 2021

The Capstone and all its courses have helped me see writing through a different lens than I originally saw. All the classes challenged what I thought I knew about writing and what I needed to improve. I thank all of the professors for giving insight to their best knowledge on all the writing subjects and giving everyone who wants to be a published author, whether through a publisher or self-publishing, the opportunity to explore our dreams and write our realities on paper. If you want to grow as a writer and understand what is needed to succeed? Take the time in these courses and devote your craft to grow. Good luck to all future writers. I can not wait to read your stories!

von Milagros V

20. Jan. 2019

This last course in the Specialization walks you through the process of writing, editing and submitting a short story. Salvatore's prompts, interviews and the advice form other writers are very helpful. This is truly a capstone of the other four courses in the Specialization. I never believed I could learn so much and improve my skills just by doing the exercises, understanding the principles and finding my way of putting them not practice. Many of the pieces form other participants that I had the opportunity to review were really great. An amazing specialization in all regards. Thank you to all the professors that shared their insights and experience and metored us!!

von Carlos B

22. März 2017

This specialization was outstanding. It unveiled so many of the mysteries of creative writing that I've puzzled over for a long time. My skills are unquestionably improved. In addition, the courses guide you on the practice of writing. How important it is to make it a social aspect of your life and not write in isolation since that often leads to losing momentum. Joining a writer's group and/or attending writer's conferences and workshops are key elements in keeping up the writing and getting better. The professors and guest speakers for this specialization were fantastic. Can't say enough positive things about it - this specialization exceeded my expectations.

von Eileen M

2. Mai 2021

This was a great course and I learned a lot about creative writing. The presenters were top class. Where the course falls down is in the appraisal system. I have looked forward to the suggested two-page appraisal of my story to be given by one person just a mark out of five and no comment at all. The next one said in one sentence that I had too much dialogue and gave a mark out of five. The third person did it correctly and gave great feedback. My point is that people whose English is not sufficient to give an appraisal should not be doing a specialisation Maybe there should be a prerequisite for such courses.

Best wishes.

Eileen McParland.

von Jacqueline M K

12. Feb. 2021

The steps from draft to "final" learned in this course and applied in the Capstone helped to find my true voice. The comparison between my first draft and my "final" showed me that if I force the story, it sounds that way. By using the skills taught in the rest of the course, I feel like my story is much more natural and brings the reader along with characters more effectively. Thank you to everyone involved in presenting this course. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in embarking on a writing project or anyone interested in honing their skills. Well done.

von lisa r

10. Sep. 2016

I have enjoyed every second of the five-part creative writing specialization. These courses have made me reassess my writing practices, they have allowed me to hone my skills as both a writer and working on the editing process. The course materials were brilliantly developed to support the aspiring writer and the knowledge and writing tips are of a very high caliber.

Each guest writer and tutor have given great insight into the writing process and how every writer is different, everybody has their own methods of working. Superb and challenging.

von Sara C H J

30. Okt. 2020

This capstone was a great experience. It didn't only motivate me to go throughout my short story, but also gave me some insights to review my peers' work in a better way, especially because I'm part of the Scribophile community where many fellow writers help each other in the editing process of their writings. The instructor, Mr. Scibona, is a great facilitator. He helped me a lot in clarifying some concepts about writing styles from the course The Craft of Style. Thank you so much for this opportunity to learn more about my passion: writing.

von Ibrahim N

8. März 2017

I really enjoyed this specialization course from the University of Wesleyan. All mentors and guests were providing very valuable and helpful information for the beginner writers and course participants. I mastered some skill which will be very useful for me during my creative writing career and that is why I want to declare my deep thankfulness to all member of this team who made such a great specialization and Capstone project.

von Maria R

15. Feb. 2021

Incredible course! The professor makes each and every moment of the process relevant and interesting. Loved the shared class discussions and reviews of students' work. Thoroughly enjoyed it and love the fact that everything was approached in a very practical way, with the understanding that everyone taking the course has their own specific set of circumstances and time constraints.

von Janet W

20. Dez. 2016

This course has been one of the best writing course that I have ever taken. I tell all of my writing friends that they should take the course, even if it's just for a refresher. The instructors were very clear on the assignments, the course were well planned. I hated for it to end. I would be very interested in a more in depth course on fiction if there is such a thing.

von Susen E

14. Feb. 2018

This program has been a wonderful experience. It's given me an opportunity to hone my writing skills and learn to accept praise and criticism. It's been a pleasure getting to know my classmates through their stories. I will miss their creativity and competence. My only regret is that it's over! I want to keep on going. Perhaps I'll take the specialization again......

von John E S

29. Jan. 2018

Great course that really caps the four that preceded it! It's a great experience to explore my new and enhanced writing abilities and have them put to the test in the peer review proces.

And very interesting to view other's capabilities and progress.

Many thanks to Salvatore and the rest of the team for their great guidance and example!

von Julia T

20. Nov. 2020

This part of the course was MOST helpful to me, given I have completed 28 chapters of what may be a 30 chapter novel.

Brandon Skyhorse's sharing his own experiences was most helpful in terms of helping a writer see that he/she needs to work to get the piece to be submitted into the most error-free state of being as possible.

von Aditya R

14. Nov. 2020

An exceptionally masterful course. It answers all the candidate's plights with its rich material. The fact that there are regular assignments keeps you on your toes. All instructors as well as guests possess great understanding of fiction and will surely help you improve. Definitely recommend.

von Federico B S

31. Juli 2018

Fantastic experience. I found myself reviewing a story by a well-regarded author. I learned a lot from reviewing the writing of others. That alone is worth the five stars. The commentary I got back was not that thorough, but when people took it seriously it was quite helpful and encouraging.

von Mary C

4. Apr. 2017

I loved this class. The instructors were so gentle, articulate, and specific with their advice, and the instruction was excellent. I'd love to take it again and again. It did a lot for me as a writer personally, and I enjoyed seeing what other writers were doing. Highly recommend!

von Douglas B

18. Juni 2021

I loved this specialization. I will miss it. If you are lucky, you'll receive helpful feedback, but don't count on it for every assignment. There are some so called learners who don't want to do the work. Overall, I learned a lot from the assignments.

von Seeta T S R

29. März 2021

This is a great course that allowed me to fine tune my writing. Concepts and skills learnt will last me a lifetime of writing. I hope to complete my first novel in a few months, this specialization has put me in good stead to achieve my goal.