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Do you work for a nonprofit or in the social sector? Are you struggling to solve the problems and meet the needs of the people you serve? Come learn more about how design thinking, a human-centered approach to problem solving, can help you truly understand an issue, generate ideas worth testing and iterate to find solutions that make a real difference. Through global stories from areas as diverse as government, health care, and education, we’ll show you the tools, techniques and mindset needed to use design thinking to uncover new and creative solutions in the social sector. The development of this course was supported by the Batten Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Virginia's Darden School of Business. For more about the Batten Institute, see: @BattenInstitute @DesignatDarden...


2. Nov. 2020

I really enjoyed the DT course. Provided in-depth examples and explanation about how the tool is implemented. Highly recommended for those who have a little/no knowledge about the tool.

23. Juni 2020

this was my first course with coursera. i feel very motivated and found an amazing passion here learning with the greatest faculty of the greatest university.\n\nthank you very much.

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von Amy C

10. Sep. 2018

It seems minimal effort was put into making this into a course separate and built on the book this course is based on. Other than videos, there are no other materials except a short useless excerpt from the book - no accompanying handouts, nothing put into a nice table or graph or anything to take away. I guess they're just trying to get you to buy the book.

von Kwame K A

22. Jan. 2019

It is a great course that helps you rethink your idea of what a problem is by asking more questions about it. Course could do with more practical examples but a great course nonetheless

von Maria E d D

4. März 2018

The course isn’t bad but I didn’t find it engaging or practical enough. Examples ran too long, I prefer courses that are more practical in nature.

von Ranjeet D

10. Mai 2018

This not a 'course' in that there is no learning outcome. This is a compilation of talks by people who have authored books on this and related subjects. Is there an adequate body of knowledge on this topic? Maybe not. Let's just call Design Thinking a management jargon at this point and hope it develops some linkages to real management concepts and theby becomes an implmentable practice.

von Abigail V H

3. Sep. 2019

Excellent content and knowledgeable instructors. The case studies were very helpful in reinforcing the concepts of the framework. The information is practical, and along with the field guide and the book (of the same name), provides a powerful toolkit for any nonprofit professional.

von Kishori G

28. Aug. 2019

Design Thinking for socail sector was a very useful course. the videos, clarity of concept and explaination with examples were really very good. The e- learning software was also very helpful. I am happy I completed this course. Thanku team corsera and team verginia University.

von Kalpesh R

3. Jan. 2018

Super Awesome. The course is amazing and at the same time inspiring. Looking forward to pick up projects in the social sector for goals that are larger than life. Looking forward for continuous guidance and assistance to make a difference in the community and humanity.

von Abdulrahman M M

3. Sep. 2019

I learned this course on many things that I do have a real need. Thanks for Coursera and the University of Virginia whose offered us having quality education on our destinations.

von Magali M

30. Juni 2020

This class gives an excellent overview of Design Thinking methodology in the context of social and nonprofit sector. Videos and examples are extremely relevant and meaningful.

von Sharmin K

10. Aug. 2020

I'm very glad to have chosen this course! It helped me expand my knowledge and know how to deal with situations that are very difficult to understand. It taught me that we shouldn't immediately start finding solutions, but instead, dwell more on the problem at hand and try to see things from all angles possible. It's also important to involve as many people as possible. I've learnt about new tools like stakeholder mapping, journey mapping, the power of visualization and storytelling to name a few.

von Sayani D

28. Apr. 2020

I had no idea about Design Thinking and was apprehensive whether it would be the right choice of course for me. However, after going through all the video learning and readings and training by the team of trainers, I find myself very comfortable and interested in DT tools to apply in the business and social sectors, since I am Sociologist who teach entrepreneurship and leadership management courses. Thank you.

von Tomas C

14. Apr. 2021

I have to say that i was skeptical about this experience (my first international e-learning course) but the contents offered are worth a try. The stories shows the tools of design thinking in a very practical way, easy to understand and with all the confort of being study at home (also the only way to do it no this pandemic days). Thanks Coursera, Thanks University of Virginia, Thanks Jeanne.

von Rosina J H

22. Sep. 2020

I found this course to be very helpful. The units were well-designed, and I loved the focus on the greater social good. I highly recommend the class. I have read about design thinking but I believe the 4-question approach is not a list of steps to design thinking, rather it opens the door to more creative ways of looking at a human-centered problem.

von Joshua B

7. Mai 2020

Loved It! Thank you Jeanne. We digged into some great stuff. I'm a Doctoral candidate in Social Work and my focus on the 12 grand challenges is Harnessing Technology for Social Good, so this was AMAZING! Would love to connect and pick your brain on some ideas I have for my two dissertations.

von Estefania C

30. März 2021

Exceptional course, I obtained here the knowledge and tools I was looking for: design thinking, social impact and people as central human design. The mentors in this course are really passionate about the topic and also very good examples are given to understand better all the modules of the syllabus. I recommend this course.

von Paul R

20. Juli 2021

Excellent approach to using Design Thinking in the social sector. The examples used were also compelling and illustrated the usefulness of the methodology in the social sector. Without those examples it would be a bit abstract to imagine how it could work or to think that it was better suited to the corporate environment

von Carlo V P C

28. Dez. 2020

I was familiar with design thinking as a tool for innovation, but adding the social component to it is very important. Social projects require the level of creativity and involvement that are natural to design thinking. I'm glad you have established this connection, and will definitely be applying what I have learned.

von Senthil k J S

27. Mai 2020

Thank you Madam and your Team, you have inspired me in several aspects, specifically "all stakeholders voices are listened and connected to make the prototype for further experiments".

Design thinking changed the mindset of dictatorship into innovativeness.

"Not only design but your thinking for the greater good "

von Yasemin K

5. Juli 2020

This course was very easy to follow and understand. There were good examples to understand and the final assignment helped to integrate it all. One improvement could be to add some summary notes of the process described with tools to be used for easy access/remembering in the future.


24. Mai 2020

The very good course focussed on all possibilities while solving a problem. The concept of democratic research is what is making this course more impressive. Many social challenges can be solved in the future using this approach. I thank Jeanne M. Liedtka & Team for their efforts.

von Madhavi R

22. Nov. 2020

Great course and great learning

A big thank you to Prof Jeanne and the entire team for putting together such a wonderful course. The learning outcomes are real. I wholeheartedly pray and how that such noble efforts make this world a better place to live for many people.

von Michel F d S

26. Apr. 2021

Excellent course! Very well organized and planned, with a very well structured learning path. The contents are very well presented and explained. I learned a lot. Finally, I was able to understand what design thinking is and how it works. Congratulations!

von Maria P H

14. Juli 2020

This course gave me the opportunity to open my mind to new knowledge about how to improve and understand the world of business; by doing this I learned the fundamentals tools to improve the way of how a company can be the best version of themselves.

von Benjamin P

19. Mai 2020

A great insight into structuring thoughts and methodologies into an effective strategy and techniques to gather relevant information, garner support and implement much needed innovation in the realm of social service.

von Juan R

1. Juni 2020

I loved this course, I really enjoyed it. Design Thinking is an interesting approach to for solving all sorts of complex problems including those associated to services provided from the social sector.