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This course aims to inspire and empower women and men across the world to engage in purposeful career development and take on leadership for important causes---to lead change with more conviction and confidence---and improve our workplaces and communities for all. By offering more complex understandings of issues related to professional women and work, the course will help you increase self-knowledge about your own values and vision, as well as enhance your capabilities as a leader, manager, and team contributor. We will examine the opportunities, challenges, trade-offs, and organizational dynamics experienced by women in work organizations, as well as reflect on and practice effective individual behaviors. The course aims at answering questions such as: What are the valued attributes and behaviors of women in the workplace? How does the gendered nature of organizations impact women? What derails our career advancement and what propels us upward? What are your leadership goals and aspirations? How can you best integrate your multiple family and work life commitments? How do you define career success? What can organizations do to provide women with opportunities to excel? What opportunities could our global economy harness by advancing women to leadership? How can the full talents of the workforce be tapped into and developed? The course is about leadership and inspiring change, but at its core it is meant to inspire and empower women and men across the world to engage in purposeful career development and take on leadership for important causes, to lead change with more conviction and confidence, and improve our workplaces and communities for all. Your involvement in the course activities is essential to help you learn these concepts and develop the necessary skills to implement them. If you watch the videos and read the required articles you will be introduced to some intriguing ideas. If you do the personal reflective exercises and complete the final project you will convert those ideas into relevant experiences to enhance your life and work. Going beyond your personal relevance, your potential learning will expand to understanding and working with others more effectively through either the Discussion Forums in the course or through face-to-face discussions (some of you are taking the course in groups). Each week, we will post reminders, changes, and other relevant announcements....



Jun 29, 2020

Amazing and well planned course! Learned about myself and those around me! It assisted me in fortifying my confidence as a leader and a woman in this society. Absolutely recommend!


Jul 21, 2020

Extremely insightful. It should be a prerequisite for all women entering the workforce to understand the challenges that we face and to be better equipped to prevail.

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von Angélica T

Dec 13, 2016

Thought-provoking course that validated many of my experiences. Helpful tips and frameworks for women and men alike. Thank you, Dr. Bilimoria!

von Dr. M G

Mar 26, 2019

a great course which really makes me think and act on new dimensions learnt. I suggest all women who aspire leadership roles to take this up.

von Mena M

Jan 22, 2019

That was amazing! I totally recommend that course because it will explain a lot of things that happen in workplaces and what women face in their milestone.

von Angela A S

Mar 31, 2020

This course helped me to be more assertive in my current job. I actually utilized some of the tools during my most recent performance evaluation .

von Daniel O

Apr 21, 2018

My expectations for this course have been exceeded. All who involved in developing this course have indeed done extremely great service to humanity. Starting with the lecture notes, videos, materials, quizzes, assignments, and discussion forums, you will certainly desire to participate. I doubt there will be a single soul who has already taken this course will ever describe and see this course with a different lens that will portray lack of insight, interest, and excitement. Dr. Diana Billimoria is an exceptional professor endowed with excellent qualities that will keep both your eyes and ears highly attentive and focus. The extent of her passion for all the presentations is absolutely non-comparable.

i have already shared and discussed the course with two other women and some of the lecture videos for their perusal and a possible enrollment.

It is a great delight to be part of this course, and once again kudos to all who made it possible.

Wish Case Western University all the best and wish for more of such courses.


von Soha G

Oct 14, 2017

The course was very helpful in bringing my thoughts together and get them into a concrete personal plan. The most important takeaway for me the concept of centered leadership, thinking about success in a holistic way is very logical and empowering.

Being exposed to the fact that women in well developed countries face the same issues we face in developing countries changed my opinion that women issues where I live is just another symptom of broken systems and if these systems improve women situations will "automatically" improve.

Identifying what I need to work on, knowing that there are well established tools to handle them was also great.

In fact the "Inspiring leadership specialization" in whole is really useful program and I am glad I came across it. Thanks to everyone who put an effort on it.

von Dimka G

Apr 08, 2016

Thank you very much for the great course!

Whereas Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence course was the basic for me, Conversations That Inspire course has helped me to spread positive emotions and to inspire people, Women in Leadership: Inspiring Positive Change has boosted tremendously my self-confidence and self-efficacy skills. I’ve gained clarity on my Leadership vision and the actions which I need to take in order to reach it. I have better understanding of the different tools for leadership and much more. Thank YOU so much for everything!

Looking forward to the next course from Inspired Leadership specialization! I feel inspired!

von Shemené K

Dec 02, 2019

This course has led to a better understanding of women and men in the workplace, It has unlocked more potential towards becoming a leader or being a leader no matter which industry you are in. The best thing I took from this was to be more confident and to speak up but to speak up in the right manner in order to be identified as a competent candidate for leadership roles.

Thank you to Diana Bilimoria, KeyBank Professor and Chair of Organizational Behavior at the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University, you surely are passionate about creating a better world for employees and are a true inspiration.

von Dr. P B

May 28, 2020

It's a great course with so many insights. Informative content and learned faculty/speaker with clear videos. I enjoyed the course. My request or suggestion is, this course has too many self assessment assignments that has to be written in paragraphs. If those could be in different formats like quiz or one liners, it can become more interesting and easy to complete. However, I have learnt a lot and would suggest this course to everyone especially, women. Let's climb higher. Thank you for all the great insights about women in leadership madam. Thank you again.

von Lornah O

May 01, 2020

Right on point. I did relate with so many things raised in this course. The knowledge I have learnt and gathered will carry me in my personal and professional life. I will not be share to negotiate my salary, or position or project. I will not beat myself down and only look at others interest rather than mine. I will not be shy to get involved and learn the organizational politics and know who calls the shots...I love it I love it i can go on and on and on.. Thank you thank you

von Subhrata M

Jul 29, 2020

Dianna is a great coach and through the videos, reading materials, optional questions and assignments on our reflection she is always able to keep the participants completely engaged ensuring that we thoroughly enjoy the course and learn efficiently too. I also love her body language as she talks through the video. Very motivating! I would definitely recommend this course to budding women leaders who want to inspire a positive change. Thanks.

von Mireya N

Dec 20, 2017

I loved this course :) I enjoyed the videos with the instructor, with her wise, calmed, optimistic voice. This course was a very strong step to understand my identity as a leader, and to have clear that my skills, values and life needs are different from others, it means that I do can become a great leader, knowing myself better, working in myself. This course has giving me very useful tools to achieve that.

von Sonali B

May 29, 2020

Thank You Dr Diana , Coursera Team and Mahindra Finance for offering this course. It has helped me take a level ahead in my leadership Skills and has helped me overcome few challenges which is helping me best to achieve my goals and Vision. Have loved the way Dr Diana has coached and would surely want to meet her some day to thanks her in person for her wonderful teachings .

von Beata J

Dec 03, 2019

very clear and easy to understand concepts and theory regarding our approach to work and career, supported with many studies results, cases and external readings. Builds not only self confidence but also helps to understand why we are acting the way we do - armed with this knowledge we can be more clear in what we want/need to change to become a better version of oursel

von Merrill C

Oct 22, 2016

Really great professor and material! I found the content to be relevant and the tools to be practical and useful. Also, the course fit into my busy life (i.e. there aren't hours and hours of lectures to watch), yet I still got a lot out of every week! Prof. Bilimoria has a great presentation style and very encouraging/accessible approach.

von Lilija M

Apr 06, 2017

This is probably the best course I have taken so far on Coursera, very informative , truly inspiring, and impacting me in a positive way as it has induced me to review my life, my achievements and career, challenges I met, analyse them and reconsider my approaches to self-evaluation, goal-setting and fulfillment.

Thank you very much!

von marta b a

Jan 15, 2019

I really enjoy this course and recommand to take it to every women (and some man)! It brought me to high-level reflections which I eventually woudln´t have otherwise and at teh same time it provided some very handy tools and strategies of how to deal with daily challanges (self-confidence, salary gap, creation leadership vision).

von Arpana G

Aug 01, 2019

I can't afford to pay the amount to get the certificate. Kindly do the needful and provide me the certificate as I already completed my course before the target enrolment which was free. Your help and support will be highly appreciated. Thanks and Regards, Arpana

von ioanna p

Apr 05, 2020

Great course for women in leadership. The course provides an overview of the various components of the individual women journey in Leadership. I loved this course and I strongly recommended to women who believes that ‘everything you want to do you can do’.

von Vikram A M

Aug 29, 2018

This course gave me fresh perspectives about how women are treated globally irrespective of educational backgrounds or culture. It also highlighted what each one of us, in our roles as influencers, can do. Highly recommended.

von Mahesh P

Aug 01, 2017

Fantastic learning experience. Very important to be exposed to this work for personal and professional growth. I also learnt about my own unconscious bias. Plus the module (week 4) on negotiating effectively was awesome.

von Susan D

Jul 30, 2018

Tremendous course that has already provided immeasurable benefits to my career. This is the best professional development opportunity I have undertaken; connecting with women in senior leadership roles in my orga

von Alka A

Jan 16, 2020

I found the course very engaging and helpful. Information from various research outcomes and reading materials on the subject are interesting. I will definitely try and practice the learnings from this course.

von Bernard D V

Apr 03, 2020

Excellent course. That should be recommended to enhance workplace relationship and solve some gender issues. The course is very interesting, well-documented and well-explained. This is an excellent course

von Karen G W

Mar 29, 2019

The course was extremely interesting and has made me think a lot about the position of women in businesses and how I need to look at my own career and how I can inspire other women and help create change.