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As data becomes the modern currency, so the ability to analyse the data quickly and accurately has become of paramount importance. Excel with its extraordinarily broad range of features and capabilities is one of the most widely used programs for doing this. In the first course of our Excel Skills for Data Analysis and Visualization Specialization, you will learn the fundamentals of Excel for data analysis. When you have completed the course, you will be able to use a range of Excel tools and functions to clean and prepare data for analysis; automate data analysis with the help of Named Ranges and Tables; and use logical and lookup functions to transform, link and categorise data. This course will enable you to build a strong foundation in the fundamentals, helping you to be more efficient in your day-to-day and developing the necessary skills to work with the more advanced techniques used in later courses. To make the content easy to relate to and to personalize the learning experience, we are going to follow Zara's journey through the course. Who is Zara? Well, she is no-one and everyone. You will find that Zara's trials and tribulations sound familiar, and together with Zara, you will develop your Excel skills along the way — and, importantly, have some fun doing it. The Excel Skills for Data Analytics and Visualization courses are the sequel to one of most successful specializations on Coursera, Excel Skills for Business, which has attracted hundreds of thousands of learners and top ratings. Transform your skills, your confidence, and your opportunities by adding this new set of skills to your repertoire....



24. Sep. 2022

It was an excellent experience to learn in these type of flatform. This is course give me a tremoundous learning oppurtunity . iam studied all studied materila, attended all quizes with 80 t0 95% .


17. Juli 2020

Well done. A small thing, though: in the quizzes, the grading could be made more fault-tolerant. Example: an answer such as AND(y,x) instead of AND(x,y) is deemed wrong, which borders on the nasty.

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von Victor A

22. März 2022

I wish I could grade this course with more detail, I'd rate it 4.5 stars.

Overall, it seems to be one of the best resources on Coursera regarding Excel skills and almost up to date with the latest version of Excel and its more useful formulas for Data Analysis. There are some formulas not included in the videos but with a brief explanation in the weekly toolboxes; these are really useful formulas and even needed to answer some questions in the weekly graded assignments, but don't worry, with what's covered in the videos you can handle those extra formulas confidently.

The practice challenges are great, but there is a problem with the final asessment (25% of your final grade), don't know if there were previous versions or inconsistency in the file containing the data for it, but it is hard to get the suposedly right answers for the last 4 questions or so, at least I could not get any of the available options to answer; nonetheless, I considered I got a good grap of the necessary concepts and did not focus on getting a perfect grade. I mention this because it also seems there is lack of feedback or support on the forums from the teaching staff, I sugest reading the corresponding weekly posts to see if some other learners have found a solution or workaround with any trouble you may have.

Also, be aware of your regional settings when handling currency and date and time formats, they can cause errors in your formulas that you will need to address individually or with the help of other learners.

VBA and macros are not covered in this course, maybe they are covered in further courses of the specialization. Macquarie University also offers some other specializations focused on different applications, look for them to see if you find what you might be interested in.

von Tanzeel U R

3. Feb. 2023

I recently completed the Excel Fundamentals for Data Analysis course on Coursera and found it to be an extremely helpful and well-structured program. The course covered all the basics of Excel software, including spreadsheet formatting, data manipulation, and analysis tools. The instructor was knowledgeable and made the subject matter easy to understand.

I appreciated the hands-on approach to learning, with weekly practice assignments that allowed me to apply what I had learned. The discussions with fellow learners were also a valuable aspect of the course, as they allowed me to expand my understanding and share my experiences with others.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their Excel skills, whether for personal or professional use. The course was well-paced and the certificate of completion is a great way to demonstrate my knowledge and skills in Excel. Overall, I found this course to be a great investment in my professional development.

von Jennel G B

4. Juli 2022

Q: If you want to create a Table, you need to click somewhere in the data before creating it. My Answer: This is FALSE. You can start anywhere in the workbook, then click in the "Table" under the Insert Menu, and then select the range you want to apply the Table. Q: On the Attendees sheet is a table showing people who will be attending our next event. We wish to include a welcome pack for people who are relatively new. In K7 create a calculation to check if the Start Date is on or after the date shown in U14, if it is put the text New in the column, otherwise leave it blank (do not put space or FALSE). Because it is a table your calculation automatically copies down. What is the number of new people as shown in W14? My comment: It should be: "What is the number of new people as shown in V14?"

von Sara C

14. März 2022

A very useful course, even in period when I was taking it I had lots of use of the learnings so far, and I can immediately use this on my daily work.

My excel installation has a different regional format than the course providers and I had some problems with data in some of the work sheets. For instance, my formatting uses a comma as a decimal divider, while the course material uses a full stop for the same, and excel cannot interpret the difference. I also separate arguments in formulas with semicolon rather than a comma, as a consequence of this, so it was not possible for me to copy-paste formulas into the response field in the quizzes. I still made do, but it was a bit of a hassle to have to make manual adjustments for these differences all the time.

von Jason O

28. Jan. 2023

Some of the assessment questions need to be reviewed for correct grammar, missing words, or punctuation. Also, there were discrepancies in instructions vs. the intended Workbook Output. (Ex. The final assessment has a question which states clients with a balance of 300 - 11999.99 receive a 5% discount; the Assessment work book lists Discount Percentage by Balance but the balance list values are 0, 300, 1200, 3000 and the discount is 3%, 5%, 8%, 12%. So the correct interpretation would be "clients with a balance of 300 - 1199.99 receive a 5% discount.) These errors cause confusion and frustration which is exacerbated by the nature of online assessments.

Great course, great practice, learned a lot.

von R M

11. Jan. 2022

This is my first course ever to be successfully completed on Coursera. Instructors are engaging and the videos make you feel comfortable in actually learning Excel. All the little tips and tricks that the instructors showed in the videos and then reinforced with real-world examples have made me more confident in using Excel. The part of the course focusing on working with dates was extremely helpful since this is not something that I had much experience with. This course has given me a great bag of tools that I can immediately apply to work projects that require the use of Excel. I am very thankful to the instructors and anyone else who helped to put together this wonderful course!

von W.M.M.Sewwandi

1. Jan. 2021

Tbh I didn't even know that I didn't know how to use excel properly before I started this course, it was very exciting to follow a course where the study materials are perfect and also the quizzes after every single lesson were really helpful, cause sometimes after having a lesson we falsely believe we know everything now but those quizzes really show you "well you need more practising, stop overestimating" the entire course was very fun and very informative, so thank you very much for the month of knowledge, I enjoyed being Zara quite a lot. I still believe I need more practising, and so I'm going to redo all the downloaded materials, to make sure. Thank you very much.

von Sahil k

17. März 2022

This course is designed in the exact same way as I wanted. Practice tests after each session made me analyze where I was lagging so that I can practice again. I found weekly practice assignment very helpful and challenging as it comprises of all the learning material they had taught in a week. Before weekly assesment test these assignments worked as a charm for me. I want to thank to both the great teachers for enriching my learning experience.

Apart from this, complex topics in week 5 could have been more elaborated else everything was great.

von Rony R

5. Apr. 2022

It is important to set goals for yourself that keep you motivated and push forward Even though I only just managed to squeeze it in between all my weekends good to have achieved certification in "Excel Fundamentals for Data Analysis" Now to start planning my learning and certification roadmap for 2022. I am currently leaning towards rounding out my functional level (Data Analysis) certifications. If I can manage that, I will probably set a stretch goal to achieve one of the professional certifications or perhaps another speciality.

von Carlos M N M

7. Feb. 2022

Le voy a dar 5, porque el contenido es excelente, además, los profesores explican superbien, pero hay un detalle que deben corregir: hay Bug en Varias preguntas, lo que no permite llegar al 100% de la nota en algunos casos. Por favor, corregir. Por lo demás, todo excelente. Uno llega creyendo que sabe mucho de Excel y se da cuenta que mas bien, mucho es lo que hay que aprender, las pruebas son duras, pero quedé enamorado de este curso y voy por más. Muchas gracias.

von Judith I S

3. Feb. 2023

I think the course provides a good foundation to clean data and a good range of knowledge about functions that can be used to operate with data en different formats. Exercises and challenges are great for practicing.

I would however encourage the teaching team to provide the solution sheets for the weekly final assessments and the final assessment once the course is completed because you might get stack with some operations and would like to see how to resolve them

von Chi N

23. Juli 2021

(+)A good one to introduce tools and fomulas for a daily analysis.

Content: Concise and easily comprehensive, homeworks are aligned with what is tau

Tests generally are designed well, not difficult but required your comprehension on these knowledge.

(-) Im using Excel 2010 whilst the course uses 2016, so some functions are not available. Then I would not recommend use excel below 2010.

von Ravi V C

9. Aug. 2021

This course is just amazing for the efforts that has gone into making it self-explanatory for those who are ready to put in those hours. Kudos to both Nicky and Prashan, for the lucid choice of words and, succint verbiage. My sincere gratitude for all the efforts the entire team has put in, to make this available to me.

I am highly motivated to take up remainder of the courses and, look to complete within a much shorter time frame. Appreciate the help and, support.

von Nguyễn M

15. Nov. 2021

This is absolutely awesome! I have learned various helpful and practical Excel skills. All lessons are discussed in details, step by step, which makes them much easier to follow. The assignments at the end of every week are of great difficulty that allows you to test your understanding and practice. I will definitely recommend this course for my friends and colleagues. I would also like to thank to Coursera and MacQuarie University for introducing this course!

von Linh V H

25. Aug. 2021

I have just finished the course with a 100% Grade. This course is very well-designed and it offers plenty of exercises for you to practice the skills. I like how the quizzes show up after every practice video. It helps me check my understanding of the lessons, and reminded me of the points I had failed to catch up. The Excel functions this course introduces are also pretty handy. I would recommend this course to those who want to leverage their Excel skills.

von Rubicel G H

29. Mai 2022

Es un curso interactivo, con ejemplos muy bien explicados pero con un nivel avanzado.

Es una herramienta muy util en el campo de aplicación (de la Ingeniería). En lo personal, aprendí a utilizar muchas herramientas que no conocía, pero que me son de mucha utilidad en mi campo profesional.

Doy las gracias a los instructores por hacernos llegar este conocimiento de una manera muy practica.

Mil gracias

Rubicel Gordillo Hernández

von John N D

14. Nov. 2020

I have really learned a lot in this course. I have been using Excel since college and also from my work, but I was surprised as to what I didn't know in Excel. That is why this course is very perfect for users who are only self-taught like me. The instructors are also very articulate in explaining the topics. I love their conversations with each other in the Introduction videos, which makes you really want to learn more.

von SAN V

11. Apr. 2021

I have been using Microsoft Excel for a long time. I do most of the things discussed in this course before taking this course. But, I didn't know whether I used the most efficient way. This course takes a defined and calculated approach in building the skill without losing interest or momentum. It is tailored for people from different skill levels. Great spirit from the faculty. Keep up the good work sir and ma'am.


24. Apr. 2022

This course has made me realize that I'm still very much a beginner in this area. My Excel reports were horrendous before enrolling in this course. And, to be honest, I'm terrified of using Excel. However, thanks to Nicky and Prashan's detailed and easy-to-understand videos, I've developed a newfound enthusiasm for Excel. Thank you again to Nicky, Prashan, and the Coursera team for all of your help!

von Avijit D

6. Dez. 2021

The Course was very good, provided in depth discussion about each topic and formulas. The assignments were good and provided much needed practice and revision after each modules. The final assignment was a bit tough though. But overall this course provided a very good foundation of the real world challenges an analyst faces. Data transformation and cleaning was the primary focus of this course.

von Krutika S

22. Apr. 2022

I have already completed my advanced excel course yet there are formulas and tools I was not aware about . It is a very good course and they have a alot of practise quiz which we need to pass which is actually helpful to know if we understood the concepts they can be quit chanllenging sometimes. Also a laptop is a must if you are opting for this course . overall a course that is worth learning.

von Panagiotis K

19. Juni 2022

The work that’s gone into this course is good. Everything is well thought out , well prepared and expertly presented. The frequent quizzes are very helpful to help retain memory. I was also very happy about the Quick reference guides, A great time saver. The assessments are very challenging but I’m grateful since the challenges helped me to work through blocks and challenges. Great value.

von Tatyana P

5. Apr. 2022

Excellent course. The scope and the quality of information is well chosen, and the presentation is outstanding. There are a few quizzes with key errors here and there, as well as some bugs in the Excel file for the final assessment, which can be frustrating, but I look at it as a part of trouble shooting practice you will end up dealing in the real world as well. Highly recommend.

von Giulianna M

20. Okt. 2020

The teachers are such class acts! I easily followed every lectured and the language used was perfect for anyone. The follow-throughs are easy and the material provided is really helpful. The challenges are my favorite since I can review everything from that week's lecture. Really great to start managing data in Excel. Looking forward to the next course with these teachers.

von Muhammad A M

4. Juli 2021

The course was comprehensive and felt quite intimidating at the end. Although, final assessment was quite challenging but I really enjoyed my time pushing pass my limits and improving my excel skills. The instructor Niki and Parshan did a superb job and explained the excel concepts which otherwise would be difficult to learn. This course is highly recommended.