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The French Revolution was one of the most important upheavals in world history. This course examines its origins, course and outcomes. This course is designed for you to work through successfully on your own. However you will not be alone on this journey. Use the resources included in the course and take part in the suggested learning activities to get the most out of your learning. To successfully complete this course, it is recommended that you devote at least six hours to every module over the six weeks of the course. In that time you should watch the video lectures, reflect and respond to in-video pause points, and complete the quizzes. As part of the required reading for this course, during each week of this course you will have free access to a chapter of Peter McPhee's textbook, The French Revolution, which is also available for purchase as an e-book. View the MOOC promotional video here:


10. Aug. 2017

Well-structured course that explores the topic with depth and clarity, taught by a brilliant and engaging professor. Would recommend to anyone interested in the French and world history

16. Aug. 2016

This was one of the best courses that I took at Coursera. The wide ranging knowledge of Professor McPhee is impressive. The course was well organized and well presented.

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von Frankie

29. März 2017

Excellent ..I always knew ABOUT the French Revolution - i.e it happened- but I never understood the FULL consequences. Thank you, Professor McPhee..

von Alex B

17. Aug. 2016

This was one of the best courses that I took at Coursera. The wide ranging knowledge of Professor McPhee is impressive. The course was well organized and well presented.

von Tim H

4. Jan. 2019

This course is extremely well presented by Peter McPhee. I thought I knew a bit about the French Revolution but he presents the events in a completely new way and I learnt a lot more about the impact on real people in France. Peter's lecturing style is very engaging and comes across extremely well in the video. The course material is almost too comprehensive and I know I will be coming back to this course even after completion to continue working through the great resources provided. A must for all history buffs.

von Charles G

16. März 2018

Wonderful course! I had already some knowledge of the French Revolution but I have learned so much more. It really helped me to understand the causes and consequences of the Revolution, the sequence of events and the links between them, etc. The multiple examples, illustrations, or anecdotes included by Professor McPhee facilitate our understanding and liven up the presentations. The online support was also much appreciated; I asked twice a question on the forum and Professor McPhee replied each time with a surprising rapidity. In brief, it was just great. I wish there had been more lectures or that Professor McPhee and his team would offer additional courses on this topic or on similar ones (e.g., Napoleonic era). Thanks a lot for this course!

von Vicky

15. März 2018

Just take this course! Professor McPhee is amazing! He explains really well what happened so that even if you have no prior knowledge on the topic you can participate. The course material is really interesting and the presentations are really well organized. I can't recommend it enough! You will have though to spend some time. I would say for those who have no more than 2-3 hours, that it will be a bad choice. But take this course as soon as you will find the time. It is worth it!

von Beatriz m d

20. Feb. 2020

Ha sido un gran curso,he aprendido mucho sobre uno de los pasajes de la historia más apasionantes y desconocidos en muchos aspectos.He terminado el curso,no he hecho la evaluación de pares porque creo que es para los que quieren el certificado,que no es mi caso.Saludos,Bea.

von Gy N

17. Juli 2017

The content is easy-following and detail. It's is a very good fundamental course for those who want to have a basic idea on the French revolution.

von Henry-Claude B

5. Jan. 2019

Very good, brilliant presentation.

French, nobody is perfect, and retired Ingineer, loving the history of my old coutry, I'have discovered a lot of onknow events about this era.

Obviously, Professor Mac Phee knows France "comme sa poche", and I even sent to a frend of mine the photo of the garden gate of Erceville, the village evocated in Video #2.2.

He is a direct descendant of Barthélémy Gabriel Roland de Chambaudouin d'Erceville, who seated in Parlement of Paris from 1749, and then will take the Chair between 1760 till his death by decapitition in 1794.

Of the whole property, presently only a farm remains, the other contructions were destroyed during the WW2.

von Maria F

11. Sep. 2016

Exceptionally well presented course. Professor McPhee is a great teacher. He engages you and takes you through the complex events of the French Revolution at a very comfortable pace.

I'm currently reading his book: Liberty or Death, The French Revolution. I highly recommend it as a companion to this course.

My plan is to watch this course again when I finish the book in a couple of weeks.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Coursera for offering this, and other courses; and Professor McPhee for taking the time to put together this series of lectures.

von Lisa S

7. Juni 2017

This is an excellent course. Professor McPhee's lecture style is very relaxed and engaging, and the visual aids - whether texts or works of art of the period - are great. Do not be put off by the 1000 word essay at the end, as by the time you have finished all of the lectures and readings, the topic will be clear in your mind.

von Irina S

7. Juni 2017

Excellent course combining structured information, insight, and captivating presentation. Helpful reading material. Interesting visuals. Not being a native English speaker, I really appreciated Professor McPhee's clear and well articulated speach (for the very few words I couldn't grasp, the complete scripts provided a back up).

von Polina K

1. Sep. 2016

Super interesting and well structured course! I wish I has such history classes at school - I would have know so much more! This course really focuses on making you understand what has happened, why and why that way. Recommend to everyone with at least a slight interest in history.

von Anne H

6. Feb. 2018

This was an excellent course, primarily due to the outstanding lectures and the fascinating material. Also, the audio/visual qualities were exceptional. I am extremely pleased--time well used, thought-provoking material, and high-quality presentations! Thank you. Anne


15. Juni 2019

Personally I was fascinated by the academic level and the seriousness of the course, it is the first one that I have been and it has left me pleasantly impressed. Many new data, new positions and an interesting, entertaining and innovative critical vision.

von Ivor C

26. Feb. 2018

The course is very well structured with a chapter of Prof McFee's book to accompany each week of video lectures. He is a great presenter and neatly portrays the many different strands of the revolution in a very accessible fashion. I enjoyed it a lot.

von Martin F O

14. Nov. 2019

Awesome course imparted by Professor Peter McPhee, from the University of Melbourne. Excellent videos, amazing reading material (plus lots of suggestions for further readings). The French Revolution seen from various different angles. Thanks!

von Anthony S

15. Apr. 2016

Great lectures and Peter McPhee covers the main views of the French Revolution not just his own. I enjoyed how his questions throughout the video lectures encourage us to establish our own opinions concerning this part of history.

von Soren G

1. Okt. 2017

It really gave me a new perspective on the French revolution - a subject that I have always been interested in and in the last couple of years, I have understood better thanks to my newly acquired French proficiency.

von alejandro

24. März 2017

A really great course which is a credit to distance learning, with lots of material and insights into Revolutionary France. I particularly like Professor McPhee's clear and engaging manner in delivering this course.

von Angela T

5. Juli 2018

This is an excellent course which provided real insight into the issues and complexities of the French Revolution. Presentations are well-paced and the reading materials provided very interesting and comprehensive.

von Siai C

9. Okt. 2019

A very nice course! Well structured, clear, interesting, vivid and full of very useful materials and nice assignments! If Prof. McPhee proposes another course on the French Revolution, I would definitely sign in.

von Ken L

26. Mai 2017

Very good for a crash course on this historic event. It will make you want to do further research and learning on the subject once you are done. It also dispels many of the popular myths around the revolution.

von bhendo

24. Sep. 2019

The short journey through this historically relevant landscape, especially the rural regions with Professor Peter McPhee as an experienced guide, was an eye-opening intellectually delightful experience.

von Deleted A

15. Aug. 2019

Very well presented with just the right amount of detail and workload.

Thank you to Peter and everyone else involved in it's preparation and presentation.

Peter's book is well worth the purchase price :-)

von Anastasiya K

11. Aug. 2017

Well-structured course that explores the topic with depth and clarity, taught by a brilliant and engaging professor. Would recommend to anyone interested in the French and world history