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This Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) course and the Digital Thread courses featured earlier in this specialization bring together the concepts from across digital manufacturing and design, forming a vision in which the geometry of a product is just one way of describing it. MBSE is where the model resulting from the evolution of system requirements, design, analysis, verification and validation activities is the focus of design and manufacturing. Students will gain an understanding of systems engineering, the model-based approach to design and manufacturing, the Digital Twin, and a roadmap toward a model-based enterprise. Students will be able to explain the value and expectations of systems engineering and model-based systems engineering, and the underlying motivations and opportunities represented by a model-based enterprise. They will develop the knowledge necessary to perform a baseline assessment of an organization’s potential to leverage MBSE. Main concepts of this course will be delivered through lectures, readings, discussions and various videos. This is the eighth course in the Digital Manufacturing & Design Technology specialization that explores the many facets of manufacturing’s “Fourth Revolution,” aka Industry 4.0, and features a culminating project involving creation of a roadmap to achieve a self-established DMD-related professional goal. To learn more about the Digital Manufacturing and Design Technology specialization, please watch the overview video by copying and pasting the following link into your web browser:


2. Aug. 2018

Gives a clear idea about MBSE covering basics of all the major fields related to MBSE and MBE. Also, informs about self assessment tool and various levels of assessment during complete life cycle.

8. Apr. 2021

This course is very informative regarding the future technology or industry. I would like to thanks Sir, Ken English for sharing his knowledge and experience to make this course very informative.

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von Shelley S

19. Apr. 2020

This course was not at all what I expected. It focused on why MBSE is a good idea for individuals and organizations. The topics were discussed superficially. The quizzes were mundane and lacked depth and nuance, with inexplicable penalties for write-in answers that directly matched quotes from the course. I was already convinced MBSE was a good idea, but was looking for practical examples, skills, and exercises on how to *do* it. I did learn some things in this course that I didn't know before, but not the knowledge I was seeking. The audio quality is also terrible. This did not meet my expectations compared to other paid courses here on Coursera.

von Fabio F

7. Nov. 2019

Very General overview of the opportunities of Model Based System Engineering, the course provides basic info, useful only as introduction for non-professional on the topic.

Could be an introduction in case a self-assessment on an organization is required on use of Model Based Sy Eng.

von Connor W

11. Jan. 2020

More examples were needed. Very monotone and it was hard to differentiate between key points and supplementary information. It needed more flow and I definitely had a hard time at many points visualizing what was being taught beyond a basic definition.

von Dana A

8. Feb. 2021

This is the best online MBSE course I have taken. It is clear and easy to understand without being overly simplified. The course describes and gives relevant examples of the material.

von Harsh D

3. Aug. 2018

Gives a clear idea about MBSE covering basics of all the major fields related to MBSE and MBE. Also, informs about self assessment tool and various levels of assessment during complete life cycle.


27. Juni 2020

Without coursera very difficult to learn various university courses in globally. For me it is very good platform to learn various areas of subject with renowned professors. Thank to Coursera.

von Somnath D

4. Feb. 2020

Very exhaustive and informative..would greatly benefit my academics and my profession.. recommend this to others engaged in Digital Manufacturing / IOT / System Engineering domain

von Abhishek N

15. Juni 2020

It is one of the best courses I have come across for MBSE. It rightly pushes the need of bringing the modelling practices for any enterprise.

von Pilli B C

12. Jan. 2020

Its a good course and helpful for my work related

von Sandeep M

29. Mai 2020

Assignments are not upto the mark. References are good.

von Christopher C

19. Juli 2021

Imagine a scenario where you are working in a large organisation as a systems engineer, one day your manager asks you to look at the feasibility of switching a project to a more MBSE approach but you only have minimal knowledge of MBSE specifics. If this is you then save your time, this "course" is about trying to sell you on the idea of MBSE rather than telling you how to approach implementing MBSE.

Plus I think the tutors got a little confused over what the course was supposed to be about between weeks 2 and 3 with it suddenly becoming a course on a model based enterprise not you know model based systems engineering, they even refer to it as an MBE course in later videos.

von Shashank N

14. Mai 2021

A fantastic overview of the Model-Based approach to systems engineering! Covers a wide field of topics ranging from various conventional definitions of system engineering, model based engineering and transition from conventional systems engineering methods to MBSE, modelling languages used to devise and develop systems architecture, namely SysML, all the way to Model Based Enterprise (MBE). A great course for beginners wanting to get familiar with model based systems engineering.

von Rikkin A

11. Mai 2020

A complete overview of Model based System engineering that is currently emerging topic in the Industry 4.0 era specially for SMEs. The Course is a must if you are an industrial or Mechanical Engineer working in the field of design or analysis and Manufacturing. Also for the persons who are keen to transform their role or organisation from traditional approach to MBSE. Devote 100% of your time and attention and you will make the most out of it.


16. März 2020

Course is very insightful and gives a great overview of the model based engineering system. Some of the references need to be updated as they are no longer available (and additional readings); however, that did not take away from the concept that was being presented in this class.

von Rabindranath R

16. Jan. 2019

the course is very short and informative. It provides MBSE concept in very simple approach and also suggest how systematically we can assess the MBE practices in the organization and follow recommended practices at different level to reach ultimate goal.

von Raghuvamshi T

12. Nov. 2021

Awesome introduction to model based systems engineering concepts including MBD, MBE. Course material is provided in a clear, logical way. Great course for beginners as well as seasoned professionals seeking career enhancement.

von Kristy L

22. Feb. 2021

I am not an engineer and I thought the class was designed for an audience that is more than engineers. I appreciate the videos and the transcripts. I actually like the mini quizzes throughout the course to keep me on track.


2. Mai 2018

A course that deals with the fundamentals of an Engineering System, through the implementation of strategies with practical examples, applications and tools of use until reaching the level of maturity. Complete!

von Ruben

8. Juni 2020

This course has been very useful to understand the MBSE approach while using the Systems Engineering principles. And how it is applied to build the Model Based Enterprise. I really recomment this training


9. Apr. 2021

This course is very informative regarding the future technology or industry. I would like to thanks Sir, Ken English for sharing his knowledge and experience to make this course very informative.

von Claudio P

12. Nov. 2019

Informative introduction on MBSE topics considering different aspects. It is not an deep course but put the general bases on the discipline. Well organized and exposed by professionals.

von Jethro A

15. Okt. 2020

I've worked for many years in an MBSE environment as a design engineer. This course gave me a clear view on how the system operate, from design/manufacturing, to procurement/shipping

von Mohamed I

23. Juli 2021

The course is very informative. As a person who never heard about MBSE before, I understood everything and got a very clear understanding about it. Thank you mr. English.

von J S

4. Juni 2020

very useful course in my professional definite i learn new ideas got the business and how to development in small scale industry , i learn about all thinks

von IVAN A B C

14. Sep. 2021

This course is really good for people who wants to learn about Model-Based Systems Engineering and how to apply all the concepts for professional life.