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In the professional realm, we need to be able to argue without being argumentative. Whether you are fundraising for a nonprofit, pitching a business proposal, or suggesting a change to company policy, you are making arguments. In making the case for your topic, you often want to raise awareness, identify a pressing problem, discuss appropriate solutions, and outline specific steps for the audience. To be persuasive, you must be clear (the audience may have little to no existing knowledge), you must be convincing (you are trying to sway the audience that your argument is valid), and you must be compelling (you are trying to motivate the audience enough so that they want to take specific actions). Persuasive speaking thus requires clarity, strategy, topic mastery, plus a sense of style and presence. By the end of this course, you should be able to design persuasive speeches that address problems and solutions and that motivate audience members. You should be able to use rhetorical style strategically and deliver passionate and compelling speeches. Learners will record speeches, providing and receiving peer feedback....



14. Nov. 2017

A really exceptional course. I have done eulogies and ceremonial speeches before, but I always felt that I wasn't quite connecting with the theme. This course helped to complete the jigsaw. Thank you.


3. Mai 2021

This is an engaging course that sharpens skills on good and sound speeches that make sense and communicate ones key points with an argumentative but motivating speech.

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19. Juni 2020


von Rashed A A

14. Juni 2021


von Rolandas R

31. Mai 2017


von Akin A

29. Juni 2020

Great course! Brilliant lectures and assignments - I learnt a huge amount. The only slightly disappointment is the peer review system - I had to spend time in the forums asking for people to review my work (so that I could get enough reviews to pass).

von Janice U

4. Mai 2021

Great course. Learned a great deal about how to create and deliver a persuasive speech. The peer rating system is sometimes tough to complete because we all speak different languages. Other than that, educational course.

von Yixuan

24. Mai 2021

This course provides some useful tips in public speaking, which is pretty good. There are some provided material that is also helpful in extra reading.

von Sreeletha N

11. Dez. 2021

Well-structured course with ample examples to follow the intrinsic components of speaking and presentation skills. Great Job done by Dr. Matt!

von Suresh K S ( O - M S

29. Dez. 2020

The course helped me to understand various pursuance technique how to arrange and style the speech. This will help me a lot in my

von Linda E

13. Aug. 2019

Really rigorous. Learned alot. Final assignments were a bit redundant.

von Akella K M

5. Nov. 2021

Good course content, quite the find.

von Imadeldin E T ( - A E T

28. Nov. 2020

Very good training course

von Palani T A

22. Jan. 2020

Very useful.


13. Juni 2019

A bit better than the previous courses, yet again: too many videos that do not provide consistent tips and strategies to improve the analysis and the production of speeches. Sometimes the videos are boring and the content non-stimulating.

von Marcelo B Y

9. Nov. 2017

Good corse, great practice with the vídeos. The interaction in the forums and groups is quite low, I thiink because s

von Ayesha A A S A

11. Nov. 2021

course still showing in progress to me , why ??

von Astrid P D

6. Aug. 2017

I prefer to stop the course because I can't longer watch more video with this professor. I am totally sorry but the way he speaks without pause, silence is very disturbing for me.

I prefer to give up and focus on other MOOC with the same topic but a more accessible presentation.