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Welcome! This course is an introduction to the primary concepts of gaming, and an exploration of how these basic concepts affect the way gamers interact with our games. In this course you will understand what defines a “game” and the mechanics and rules behind different types of games. Through four linked assignments you'll learn ways to create and describe a game concept, and specifically what makes a compelling game. This course focuses on the conceptual underpinnings of games, and all assignments can be completed with a pencil and paper – no previous programming knowledge is required....



12. Apr. 2020

I really loved doing this course. Learnt how to make a simple game and make it really interesting! I loved how the easily the instructor was able to teach us and make us curious throughout the course.


12. Feb. 2020

The lecture videos from Professor Fran and his old friend were surprisingly entertaining. Kudos to the team because they were able to make it fun, informative, and engaging throughout the four weeks.

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von Cristóbal H S

16. Jan. 2016

I know that the title says "introduction", but I felt it was to basic...I liked the approach of the homeworks, but I missed more reading material or more sources to explore...also, being an introduction to game design, I think many issues froom game design were not touched.

von Rodrigo A P S

30. Nov. 2020

The course itself isn't bad, but the grade system could be better, I found myself being evaluated without receiving feedback or reviewing games where other students wouldn't answer the questions that where asked along with the submiting of the game.

von Marley G

13. Juni 2022

​Wasn't bad but a lot of the things seemed pretty straight forward. Good if you're still doing your 7 day free trial of this site but definitely not worth $49.

von Ramon M L

18. Feb. 2016

It felt few content, i think there could be more content in this course. Though i have to say i learn new stuff, but i which it had more content to learn more.

von Deborah M M

19. Nov. 2015

A whimsical introduction to game design and the springboard for a Specialization Certificate, therefore important to take.

von Dimitris K

13. Aug. 2016

A quite simple beginning, might end up being a little bit too simple. The future looks promising, though!

von Leah O

9. Jan. 2017

It was ok for what it was. It is a very brief introduction. Fun teacher, but very limited information.

von Jeffrey B

9. Dez. 2016

Good introduction course. Perhaps a bit light on material... reviews from others are very helpful!

von Tülay T M

7. Jan. 2021

Course content is ok, but its hard to progress if all passing requirements are peer-grading only.

von Sergey F

19. Juli 2017

very simple, only some basics and a lot of "water" material. I don't see reasons to pay for this

von Daniel

24. Feb. 2016

Very little content. Most of the value comes from working on games for the assignments.

von Marc-Olivier M

28. Juli 2021

Very little content. About 15-20 minutes of lectures per week.

von Dr. M N

15. Juli 2020

I was not able to unenroll it

von Paul B

28. Okt. 2015

Fun course, not much depth.

von Maeve B

16. Feb. 2016

This course, though fun, was not intensive at all. The main issue I have is probably with the Coursera structure itself. Many of your homework assignments are based off of if people can understand the instructions of the game- which, if you have mostly non-English speakers, sort of takes the homework from being "be creative and challenge yourself" to "make sure everything you write down is 3 words max or else the people GRADING you won't understand it". This is also true when looking at these students' games- when half of your grade depends on your clarity, these kids are ultimately at a disadvantage. I'm sure there were amazing games made by some of the non-English speaking students, but I wasn't able to understand and play many of them. It is fantastic that Coursera is open to everyone, but when your grades are based off of clarity of language, it gets tricky.

von John C

20. Sep. 2021

I'm sure this course will work for some people, but beware that there are people who speak different languages in the course, leading to unfair assessments. I've been given 0s in response to my language as if it's my fault and I can't understand their suggestions since it's in a different language. Would be better if there were language settings or something to prevent language barriers affecting scores, but as it stands I don't recommend this course unless you're willing to put up with it.

von Daniel S

3. Feb. 2022

The course material is great, but the review system slows the course to a crawl. Waiting for other students to review your work - or worse, waiting for other students to submit work that you must review before moving on - is just miserable.

von Varsha A V

31. Jan. 2016

The lectures tend to be a bit boring. However the hands on assignments give great insight into understanding the basic concepts of game design and narration.

von Rebekah c

5. Okt. 2015

idk its not what i expected. i really want to start with actually making a computer game not a paper game

von Richard H

20. Okt. 2015

The instructor is good but the amount of content is severely lacking compared to alternatives.

von Alexander P

19. Okt. 2017

Not enough content for a paid course

von Keone M

9. Feb. 2016

Enjoyable but limited content

von Emi S

9. Sep. 2020

Feedback was very poor. Instruction is generally minimal and there is not a lot to learn from this course. The reason why this course works so poorly is the reliance on other enrolled individuals to provide important feedback. An alarming amount of student work I peer reviewed showed very little consideration for the project goals and one sentence descriptions. In addition, my work would sometimes receive one sentence feedback. There was absolutely no assurance that I would get constructive feedback. It's also possible to resubmit my work for a regrade, which can very easily be exploited. The worst students could complete this course in a single afternoon. This course needs an overhaul on evaluation.

von Benjamin B

23. Sep. 2019

The content of the course was great, but forcing people to wait for peers to grade (which in my case took a week per assignment) is ridiculous and clearly just drags out time to make you pay more for the monthly subscription. Remove this feature or require fewer peers.

von Ivan D

1. Dez. 2015

I went in this course with high expectations. After I watched all of the videos for the first week and saw the hilarious homework I quickly checked what this is about.

LESS THAN 3 HOURS OF VIDEOS! Not to mention paying, you will be better off with Extra Credits...