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Machine learning is the science of getting computers to act without being explicitly programmed. In the past decade, machine learning has given us self-driving cars, practical speech recognition, effective web search, and a vastly improved understanding of the human genome. Machine learning is so pervasive today that you probably use it dozens of times a day without knowing it. Many researchers also think it is the best way to make progress towards human-level AI. In this class, you will learn about the most effective machine learning techniques, and gain practice implementing them and getting them to work for yourself. More importantly, you'll learn about not only the theoretical underpinnings of learning, but also gain the practical know-how needed to quickly and powerfully apply these techniques to new problems. Finally, you'll learn about some of Silicon Valley's best practices in innovation as it pertains to machine learning and AI. This course provides a broad introduction to machine learning, datamining, and statistical pattern recognition. Topics include: (i) Supervised learning (parametric/non-parametric algorithms, support vector machines, kernels, neural networks). (ii) Unsupervised learning (clustering, dimensionality reduction, recommender systems, deep learning). (iii) Best practices in machine learning (bias/variance theory; innovation process in machine learning and AI). The course will also draw from numerous case studies and applications, so that you'll also learn how to apply learning algorithms to building smart robots (perception, control), text understanding (web search, anti-spam), computer vision, medical informatics, audio, database mining, and other areas....



Mar 03, 2018

An amazing skills of teaching and very well structured course for people start to learn to the machine learning. The assignments are very good for understanding the practical side of machine learning.


Mar 31, 2018

Perhaps the greatest instructor and the greatest course, I enjoyed it so much I had continued to do it in between my exams and looking forward fto start or deeplearning,ai specialization in a few days

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von omri g

Nov 11, 2015

Been asked to re-take all assignments *after* paying for a certificate! I wil never pay for a Coursera course again, and I would not recommend my friends to do so

von Larry C

Feb 24, 2016

There are too many mistakes and misleading statements made in the course material. There were a lot difficulties with submitting assignments in order to move forward in the course. I had to give up because I don't have time to be bogged down like this.

The students' comments and discussion would be useful if they can be accessed from within each lesson. I can't make heads or tails of what the discussions were referring to, when they are all clumped together at the course web site instead.

von Ross K

Oct 10, 2015

The course is more an exercise in flexing Ivy vernacular than it is actually teaching. The learning curve is too steep to be useful to the majority of potential registrants. You're interested in this course either to (a) learn something about an exciting and ever changing field and/or (b) to have the Stanford logo on your LinkedIn profile. In both cases, move on. The curve is far too steep to be useful or to merit the countless additional hours of background learning the course should have done to bridge the gap.

von Andy M

Sep 08, 2018

Huge amounts of assumed understanding make this course impenetrable.

von 이정은

Dec 10, 2018

Best lecture very nice

von Mahmut U

Dec 11, 2018

Excellent class with excellent teacher. I thank Andrew Ng for this amazing class.

von ankesh k

Dec 12, 2018

Amazing way of teaching by Sir Andrew Ng

von Shashikiran B L

Dec 10, 2018

Great In-depth course

von Zhanluo Z

Dec 11, 2018

Very structured, very useful and easy to follow.

von Manjunath G

Dec 12, 2018

Best place to start Machine Learning for Beginners for easy and effective understanding

von ayush

Dec 12, 2018

a great start for begineers in the field of machine learning

von Timothy K K

Dec 10, 2018

Great insightful course to open your eyes on the vast field of machine learning and get you started on the core concepts of the field

von Fernando O A

Dec 11, 2018

Excellent course! Andrew knows how to teach a subject that is not very trivial.

He uses a language that requires an abstraction of mathematical concepts, but without requiring a deep knowledge of formulas and calculations. He also manages to demand the least possible advanced knowledge, but it takes a little more dedication in programming and reasoning, achieving the goal of being understood through the preparation of well-elaborated exercises.

The Octave programming language is very simple and allows the dedicated effort in the exercises to really focus on understanding the algorithms and not on learning a new language.

Congratulations to Andrew, Coursera and others involved in the preparation of this course. I recommend everyone who wants to understand the basic concepts and algorithms related to Machine Learning.

von Michael F

Dec 11, 2018

Very valuable, well put together, excellent programming exercises.

von Silvian T

Dec 11, 2018


von Jaideep M

Dec 12, 2018

This course is an excellent introduction to machine learning and it helps you learn a lot of machine learning concepts. The programming exercises are very well designed and teach you to implement a lot of popular machine learning algorithms. This course is highly recommended for beginners and those who want to make a career in machine learning.

von Ankit

Dec 12, 2018

Very good (ML) course for the beginners. :)

von Jinxi L

Dec 10, 2018

good stuff

von Roy

Dec 10, 2018

Very useful. The best course I've ever had in Coursera

von Denis T

Dec 11, 2018

It is a good idea to show algorithms work on real objects. the examples are simple-understanding becomes absolute.

von Daen K

Dec 11, 2018

Only basics

von Rajeev A

Dec 12, 2018

Simply Awesome ! Very thorough contents and Andrew Ng explained the concepts very clearly.

von Malan L E

Dec 12, 2018

It was really helpful for me to understand basic concepts of machine learning in order to start my career in the respective area. Thanks a lot for making all the materials available for free. I am hoping to buy this course in order to obtain the certificate. Thank you again!!!

von Chenlinnan

Dec 11, 2018


von Evrim K Ö

Dec 11, 2018

Very clear, very-well explained. Masterpiece!