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In this course, you will learn how businesses create value for customers. We will examine the process by which Marketing builds on a thorough understanding of buyer behavior to create value. You will learn the major elements of the marketing mix - product policy, channels of distribution, communication, and pricing - and see how they fit within different analytical frameworks that are useful to managers. This will enhance your understanding of how marketing works in the business world. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to: • Define marketing and describe how marketing creates value • Describe the elements of the marketing mix • Explain how these elements interact to create value for consumers • Use different analytical frameworks to examine how managers solve business problems • Evaluate brand extensions • Develop a marketing Plan proposal This course is part of the iMBA offered by the University of Illinois, a flexible, fully-accredited online MBA at an incredibly competitive price. For more information, please see the Resource page in this course and



Sep 05, 2019

Great course that is thorough in content. Only criticism is the quizzes seemed unnecessarily "tricky." If the quizzes leaned slightly more toward reinforcing course material would be ideal.


May 05, 2020

It is as expected both learning and experience wise. Please do try this course and get to know about segmentation and various marketing theories and articles which made a difference.

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von Natalie C

Jan 02, 2018

Course content is fine and well organized. Peer reviewed assignments need significant overhaul, however.

von Margery A O

Apr 16, 2017

I love this course! First of all, the teacher is a great communicator. He uses vocal variety to catch attention and to emphasize important concepts. The visuals match perfectly to his explanations. There is added value through interesting stories. He chose great examples. He uses simple and easy to understand English. And he connects with the students even if the videos has been recorded. Awesome experience. I think I remember more of the concepts here than way back in college. As a test on this, I was writing in my notepad about all the concepts without looking at my digital notes. I did great!

More on the course. I think he covered all the basics. He just didn't discuss more on Brand Architecture, Brand Audit, Brand Tracking, specifics on how to calculate Demand and Supply, etc. Plus, I think there could be a better way to present the product mix width, product line length and depth, stretching, and filling concepts (just that part). But all in all, the course is amazing. I just might have to enroll in a Brand Management course to know more about specifics on that.

Would love to enroll in other courses taught by Mr. Hayden Noel.

von Jenny B

Oct 08, 2018

This is a must take course if you are interested in business and has been one of my favorites so far in my MBA at UIUC. Professor Noel is a leader in the field of consumer behavior. You'll really enjoy his class and learn a tremendous amount of information and appreciate his enthusiasm for the subject of marketing. His love for marketing is infectious, like a true marketer should be!

von manoj y

Apr 03, 2017

Marketing Management 1 is superp course...Most recommended for anyone who want to excel in the field of Marketing and business ,Haydon Noel is one of the best Mentor in the Business

von Santosh K B

Oct 31, 2018

Excellent course to get introduced to marketing basics. I am not from management background and I really enjoyed the course

von Laleen D

Feb 16, 2017

I doubt I'll ever be smug again and think it's all about P&L. Professor Noel takes you through an inductive journey analyzing real case studies which require a marketing solutions. As a private investor, I've become more englightened about the value of marketing. We're now starting on a very fun part of the course, where we are invited to create our dream product and build a pitch. Think Shark Tank meets an MBA class! This has been more challenging for our team than any other assignment. While it was great fun to dream up a product with a couple of engineers. It's quite another thing to figure out how to build a marketing presentation that's so good that people will want to invest in it! I think it's opening up all of our eyes.


May 17, 2020

This course of Marketing Management from University of Illinois, has helped me to understand the very basic and important point on marketing.

As, value creation in market; understanding the need and finding the right solution to it in form of products. Also, I got brief knowledge about STP i.e. Segmenting, Targeting and Positing and also learned the concept of Marketing Mix and 4P's of it. the assignment which we got were too informatics and were similar to the industry based projects, which gave us 1st hand experience of the work done over there.

von KETA A

Apr 05, 2020

It was really very useful course, i liked the mentor very much, he was describing every module in a very interesting and legible way, with good examples. His English was excellent, it was easy to understand him even without subtitles. I am going to pass h the next level of this course, while there are some missing issues i would like to go through.

Thank you very much for providing such opportunity and to spend time usefully during quarantine time.


Jun 03, 2020

It was one of the most interesting experience throughout my educational journey. I was never used to online classes like these but this definitely opened me up to this world. Prof. Hayden Noel deserves a major shout-out for being an absolute delight and for giving interesting examples. Truly and enlightening course.

von Badrinath R

Feb 12, 2017

Excellent introduction to the concepts of Marketing. The professor keeps the "virtual" class very engaging. I am taking the iMBA class in tandem with this course and I have to say that, my misconceptions about "marketing" are getting clear. Worthwhile if you are thirsty for knowledge and want to have fun learning.

von Coral I

May 31, 2020

Great course! Really has me thinking about how my brand is doing and ways to improve. Truly shows the importance of marketing. Professor Noel takes the processes and theories and makes them simple and applicable to real life. Thank you!

von Amidu R R

Feb 19, 2020

I really enjoyed the course probably because I had marketing as my background though, however, every part it was explanatory and it's really helpful, it also serve as a refresher course to me, thump up to the teach.

von M. C O

Feb 13, 2019

The content of this course is very good. I would qualify as excellent the teacher's performance. It has been very easy for me to understand the course and I enjoyed it much. I definitely will begin the second part.

von khair M

Apr 09, 2020

Wonderful course. it was my first online experience having an online course, and the marketing management course was really helpful and informative by the worthy and respectable tutor. our tutor was really humble.

von Fady T

Jan 10, 2017

Excellent course , as it covers all the topics needed by a marketer to know and the doctor's way of teaching is amazing because it's simple and he uses examples alot which makes me understand better and quickly

von Frank B

Jun 21, 2020

Great course for anyone considering becoming a marketing manager. You cover all the essential principles that will help you think from a customer, market and company focus before rolling out a marketing plan.

von David H

Jun 02, 2018

Very engaging course. Perhaps one of the best professors I've ever had. Makes it simple to understand and captures the students attention. Love the videos he did around town and on campus. Highly recommend!


Apr 26, 2020

hy I am krishan rupani and according me this course is very good by my side with a great professor who teach me this course in the great and easy manner. i thanks course era for this wonderful teaching.

von Utsav M

Jun 16, 2020

An amazing course that helps in translating theoretical knowledge into practical learning through very relevant examples and case studies. The video interactions added a nice flavor and were refreshing

von Temurbek K

May 05, 2020

This course has provided a wonderful foundation for my further learning of Marketing. Strongly suggest this course to anyone who wants to launch a business or a project but doesn't know where to start.

von Kevin F

Sep 05, 2019

Great course that is thorough in content. Only criticism is the quizzes seemed unnecessarily "tricky." If the quizzes leaned slightly more toward reinforcing course material would be ideal.

von Nishant K G

May 05, 2020

It is as expected both learning and experience wise. Please do try this course and get to know about segmentation and various marketing theories and articles which made a difference.

von Moyinoluwa A

Feb 21, 2019

The course was great. The lecturer was amazing and I loved how interactive it was. I was able to learn a lot and very easily. Can't wait to start the Marketing Management II course

von Kevin O

Aug 21, 2018

Prof Heyden is very interesting insightful and engaging. The content is relevant and well prepared. Excellent course for marketing professionals and those interested in marketing.

von Wolfgang R .

Dec 14, 2017

Taking decisions on what to do either for a line extension or a brand extension and measure their impact is how companies can minimise the risks involved and avoid financial wast.