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When an investor is faced with a portfolio choice problem, the number of possible assets and the various combinations and proportions in which each can be held can seem overwhelming. In this course, you’ll learn the basic principles underlying optimal portfolio construction, diversification, and risk management. You’ll start by acquiring the tools to characterize an investor’s risk and return trade-off. You will next analyze how a portfolio choice problem can be structured and learn how to solve for and implement the optimal portfolio solution. Finally, you will learn about the main pricing models for equilibrium asset prices. Learners will: • Develop risk and return measures for portfolio of assets • Understand the main insights from modern portfolio theory based on diversification • Describe and identify efficient portfolios that manage risk effectively • Solve for portfolio with the best risk-return trade-offs • Understand how risk preference drive optimal asset allocation decisions • Describe and use equilibrium asset pricing models....



1. Feb. 2021

The course was very comprehensive and easy to understand. The instructors made sure that they are giving the information in a way that won't make me confused. Thank you so much for this great course!


2. März 2020

I love how Dr O teach by telling a story. Her Teaching technique is different from the college boring classes that I have been.

I wish she offer more courses.

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von Tommaso M

23. Apr. 2020

The course is very interesting. The topics are treated with obvious superficiality but it is useful to start acquiring some practice in the subject. The only flaw is the peer-graded homeworks, which often take days to correct.

von Lebogang M

15. Aug. 2020

The lecture is very good, I like her style of teaching; however, since its a beginner module, it would be nice if the lecturer actually taught us how to compute with excel so that we don't struggle with the assignments.

von Luis F T J

24. Mai 2021

The excel practices are confusing and hard to make with almos all the spreed sheet blocked, they should make some videos using excel to learn to good way to use it and not only try to make their practices without help

von Lisa C

17. Dez. 2016

This was a tough course and I actually moved to another schedule. I think a sixth week on using excel to solve problems would have been worthwhile.

von Himanshu K

19. Juni 2020

I think Excel should be used to teach so that more clarification should be there with tools

von Rajat R

24. Juni 2020

Great learning experience!!! A perfect course for the beginners...

von 杜睿

28. Okt. 2018

I have learned a lot, but I want to learn more

von Abhishek N

4. Juli 2020

well planned course,nice assignment an quiz

von Jeffrey C

30. Juli 2020

Good class

von Thomas M S

25. März 2017

Decent course to get an introduction to portfolio theory. Some work needs to be done to update the pdf slides with what the professor adds in handwriting during the course.

von agustin b

17. Aug. 2020

Demasiado teórico. Para undergraduates, y poco practico para los que tenemos muchos años

von Dada G O

14. Aug. 2020

The course was really tasking

von Shady A

31. Juli 2021

I have never ever stopped in a middle of a course, Because I like completing to the finish.(it makes me feel bad)

This course in this series of courses I stopped in week 4, I was close to the finish but throwing on an Excel file with many calculation made by the instructor with no explanations is horrible ! you try to figure it out based on learnt material but here and there you get stuck and you can't continue (Because its an investing course-you have to be accurate and understand), what now ? the forum isn't that Alive until you get an answer a year passes by . cannot contact the instructor in any form.

I am very disappointed, I tried searching the forum but nobody explained or they did ask and nobody answered, so what is the point ?

2 weeks passed not touching this course and seems like I have to take it from the beginning .

It's not a well built course series .

von Ritesh N

17. Aug. 2020

difficult to understand and apply it in real life

von Carlo S

22. Okt. 2018

I will fail because, despite submitting all my assignments on time and obtaining excellent grades on all of them, one of them was not reviewed and graded by my peers on time. Quizzes and Assignments should be graded by professors and Teaching assistants, not students. I pay I fee and and I expect more. The entire process was a fraud.

von Bjarne R

31. März 2021

The coherence between lectures and assignments is weak, and the assignments often ambiguous with respect to what is asked for. Moreover there is nothing about how to use Excel spreadsheets in financial calculations, eventhough this ought to be a central aspect.

von Matias D G

25. Aug. 2020

Extremely focused on understanding the math behind the portfolio management instead of the main rational in identifying the best portfolio. Excessive exercises in excel spreadsheets and most of them not clear guidance.

von Rod J

27. Jan. 2018

Very poor response times to questions on the forum by academic staff. There are also mathematical errors in the materials provided.

von Anish S

21. März 2022

very incomplete course does not cover the topics efficiently