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By the end of this course, you’ll be able to manipulate files and processes on your computer’s operating system. You’ll also have learned about regular expressions -- a very powerful tool for processing text files -- and you’ll get practice using the Linux command line on a virtual machine. And, this might feel like a stretch right now, but you’ll also write a program that processes a bunch of errors in an actual log file and then generates a summary file. That’s a super useful skill for IT Specialists to know. We’ll kick off by exploring how to execute Python locally, and organize and use code across different Python files. We'll then learn how to read and write different types of files, and use subprocesses and input streams. We'll also dive into Bash scripting and regular expressions -- both very powerful tools for anyone working with systems. We'll even touch on automatic testing, which allow us to automate how we check if our code is correct. To finish, we’ll put all this together by using the tools that we’ve acquired to process data and generate automatic reports. We’ll also explain how to set up your own developer environment in your machine. This is a key step in being able to write and deploy powerful automation tools....


15. Juni 2020

In starting five weeks , all answers were directly provided and week 6 and 7 were very tough. So i suggest to equalize the toughness level in all weeks ,ie, no direct spoon feed nor abrupt toughness

19. Nov. 2020

Great course! I had some previous knowledge, but this was perfect to fill in the gaps. Also, unit testing was completely new to me and will be very useful in future projects. Thanks for making this!

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von Bin H W

11. Dez. 2020

the classes are to brief, not making you ready for the final assignment, and for final assignment, why should be be wasting the lab time to type all the names and email in excercise 3????

von Wallace H

16. Juni 2021

Should give clear requirements for Qwiklab assignments to avoid getting stuck on progress only because some prerequisite files are not generated or located in a wrong directory.

von Tanishq S

12. Apr. 2020

course content is good however in the last week things got much complex with that the interface of assessment is not good.It shows not passed despite getting full result

von Yan Z

13. Sep. 2020

Very bumpy learning road compared with my experience with Google IT Support Course. This course is not designed as good as the Google IT Support Course.

von Mohamed R

4. Feb. 2021

I loved this course and learn a lot and the instructor is more than amazing but the reason I submitted 3 stars because the final weak exam is so easy

von Huiwen L

7. Dez. 2020

Not to the course contents itself, But there's something wrong with the QUIZ in week 2 for months and the coursera support team still didn't fix it.

von Harold S

9. Dez. 2020

The levels of learning varied a little too much in this course, from spoon feeding to being pushed off of a cliff... Was still worth it in the end.

von Subrata K D

4. Juli 2021

The course content was too good and specially the explanation was marvelous. but in kwicklab some files were missing while completing the lab..

von mitch

5. Feb. 2021

The course is fine until they throw you in the deep end (on a timer too) where you have to write some decently complex code.

von Rajeesh O T

20. Sep. 2020

the teaching was good but it the assignments and some topics were hard and tooks a lot pf brain to sink in

von Megan N B

20. Feb. 2021

A more accurate title would be "Using Python to Interact with a LINUX Operating System."

von Nishant D

4. Apr. 2021

Faced difficulty in completing final course lab with all valid code snippet

von Anish K

15. Nov. 2020

I expected little more in-depth knowledge rather than just showing it.

von Christopher A

9. Apr. 2020

Instructor was great but Qwiklabs was very frustrating to deal with.

von megha d

7. Apr. 2020

the labs should have been written by our own and not given the steps

von Indira P

2. März 2021

It still feels difficult for me but suddenly the course was ended

von Mufaddal H

3. Dez. 2020

Deeper dive in all of these topics would have been better.

von 9e

14. Apr. 2020

i dont have facility to installation of the environment

von Brad D

2. März 2021

The labs have a lot of undocumented problems.

von Rabah S

15. Juni 2020

Many issues. Some where frustrating.

von Neel A

1. Sep. 2020

Jupyter or CoLab could have worked

von Канцедал Г О

7. Sep. 2020

Достаточно начальный уровень.

von Bagath S

20. Apr. 2020

need some advance concepts

von António P N

5. Juni 2021

No autonomous work

von Roopa L

22. Mai 2020

Little difficult