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This course examines the relation of advertising to society, culture, history, and the economy. Using contemporary theories about visual communications, we learn to analyze the complex levels of meaning in both print advertisements and television commercials. About the Course The course covers a wide range of topics, including the origins of advertising, the creation of ads, the interpretation of ads, the depiction of race, class, gender, and sexuality in advertising, sex and selling, adverting and ethics, and the future of advertising. The lectures will discuss theoretical frameworks and apply them to specific advertisements. Course Syllabus Week 1: What is advertising and where did it come from? Week 2: Am I being manipulated by advertising? Week 3: What’s in an ad beyond that which meets the eye? Week 4: How do ads get made? Week 5: What do ads teach us about race, class, gender, and sexuality? Week 6: Does sex sell? Week 7: What is the future of advertising? Recommended Background No background is required; everyone is welcome! Suggested Readings Although the lectures are designed to be self-contained, we recommend that students refer to the free online textbook Other free resources will be suggested for each week’s module. Course Format Most videos will be lectures with instructor talking. Each lecture will be illustrated with PowerPoint slides, print advertisements, and TV commercials. The videos for each week will consist of segments that add up to about an hour. Each week will have one quiz that will appear as stand-alone homework. All resources beyond lectures will be available online to students at no charge. Most of these will be from Others will be visits to the sites of ad agencies in the US and abroad, open access websites that deal with course topics, and open-access journal articles....



Jun 15, 2018

What a great course! As an owner of an agency, a marketer and advertiser, I found it very eye opening and enjoyable. I learned a lot that I can apply to our business. Thank you Professor O'Barr.


May 03, 2017

I will never look at advertising with the same eyes. It made me understand a lot of our current society and economy. Really suggested if you want to become a more informed citizen and consumer.

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von Sai S S N

May 23, 2020

I absolutely loved the explanations and lectures conducted so intelligently and thoughtfully by Professor O'Barr and how it was brought down to such a simple level of understanding. The examples provided gave us a deeper insight into the topic discussed and also provided knowledge into the different types of advertisements produced and published through the centuries.

If a similar course were to be developed, I would most certainly sign up for it. Professor O'Barr is a delightful, well-revised and knowledgeable teacher.

von Aine G

Feb 11, 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I took it to help me further my career and get a better understanding of advertising and the world I want to work in. It provided me with great of information and gave me a lot to think about, to research further and pay more attention to the advertising around me. I found that even though the majority of the examples and case studies were American I still found it useful and seen similarities in Ireland and Irish advertising. Thank you.

von Jose R M J

Jun 25, 2017

Informative and thought-provoking, this course will equip you with the tools you need to look at advertising with a critical eye and to understand its relationship with our modern world beyond what meets the eye. Professor O'Barr is also an excellent teacher, and his passion for the material inspires you to continue learning, even beyond what's mentioned in the lectures.

von Mr. S P

Apr 15, 2020

The course is full of surprises unfolding in each corners. Even been exposed to much of the content, I could never see the angels Professor William M. O'Barr referred. I'm sure that I have developed lot of different perspectives to analyse an Advertisement when looking at it or sometimes not analyzing them at all, as to enjoy the visual pleasure out of it.

von Ravindra K

Apr 01, 2020

I have been student of marketing since 14 years, completing and experimenting so many techniques as professor mentioned in 7 week lecture, have never found so intriguing his point of views on advertising and how it persists. I am really thankful to professor that he added more insight to my continuos journey of learning marketing.

von Mohak B

Apr 17, 2020

This is an amazing course, it is very knowledgable and best for someone who is interested in advertising. This course covers everything from the history of advertising to how do ads get made to what the future of advertising looks like. I personally think that is a must-do course for someone who is interested in advertising.

von cogochi1997

Dec 25, 2018

It is the my first time to study through a course in Internet. The experience is amazing, since it opens a brand-new door for me to advertising and gives a chance to explore the advertising by additional resources. Thx a lot~ Professor is really really nice and erudite. And I will continue to learn more about advertising~

von Hotsaliuk H

May 16, 2020

Hello, I am from Ukraine and I am 20 years old. It was really interesting for me to know a lot of new information about advertising! The examples are really unforgettable (especially about Macintosh) and the teacher give us useful information. All the materials are in the high quallity. Thanks a lot.

von gulsah y

May 11, 2020

Thank you for this amazing course during quarantine days. I have an interest for this topic so much and now with this course I have lots of information about it. Thank you so much to Coursea, Duke university an expecially Professor William O'Barr :) Çok teşekkürler :) (Gülşah from Turkey)

von Momoe K

Apr 24, 2020

Hi, I'm an ESL student. I was very glad to find that English in the course was less challenging than I expected. The course was so specific and entertaining that I could not believe I didn't have to pay for it. Visual materials such as pictures and videos were very helpful. Thank you.

von Manasvi S

Apr 21, 2020

This was an extremely interesting course. I learnt about so many things in just a few days. I can never look at the ads without reading them from now on. This was the best and systematic study put together for a better understanding and the mission was successful. I loved it!

von Shalom C V

May 17, 2020

My dream has always been to study sociology and although I couldn't, I enjoy remarkable courses like this one that are well assembled and that provide concise and valuable information to better understand the social milieu. Great course, it was addictive for me. Than you :)

von Saurabh M

Feb 26, 2018

It's a wonderful course which talks about the fundamentals of advertisement and links them to the practical scenario in history and recent times. Advertisement is a vast field, but this course certainly provides the required basis to further gain the expertise in the field.

von Seohyeon J

Sep 24, 2017

It was the most interesting mooc that ever took. I like a lot of cases that professor show. It was both interesting and informative leture. Thank you for making such mooc. I also like his teaching style. I hope I can see him in another mooc again.

von Ijeoma M

Oct 23, 2019

Great course! it has opened my eyes to things that goes on behind every advertisement. More so, I learned how advert has evolved over the years and how the society at large is affected positively and negatively by it. T

von Filip C

May 13, 2020

It's an excellent introductory course for professionals and people looking to get into advertising alike. It gives an excellent historical and social aspects that new advertisers should definitely know.

von Kevin L D

Jun 15, 2018

What a great course! As an owner of an agency, a marketer and advertiser, I found it very eye opening and enjoyable. I learned a lot that I can apply to our business. Thank you Professor O'Barr.

von Giorgio G

May 03, 2017

I will never look at advertising with the same eyes. It made me understand a lot of our current society and economy. Really suggested if you want to become a more informed citizen and consumer.

von Suchismita P

Jun 13, 2017

I am really grateful to Duke University for offering this excellent course. I will never see an advertisement from now on like I used to. I will try to relate all the topics I have learnt.

von Devansh D

Mar 20, 2019

Great course. This course has helped me a lot in getting better in Advertising field. I recommend this course to everyone those who are trying to build a non technical profile like me.

von Erik O

May 21, 2018

Great course if you're interested in advertising or work for a creative agency. Professor is very knowledgeable and he includes classic as well as modern examples of advertisements.

von carrie

Sep 02, 2017

This course is so informative and interesting, making me think about pursuing advertising so much! The professor is great with explaining complex ideas to simple ones. Love it!

von Sameer S

Oct 08, 2018

It was a great course where I learned a lot about not just advertisement but also the society we live in and how it effects the way advertisements have evolved over the years.

von Hamza

Nov 04, 2016

This course looks at advertising from a different angle which is very interesting and inspiring.

you will learn a lot, i highly recommend it to everyone in the marketing realm.

von Saakshi N

Jul 19, 2017

It is a very broad course, which beautifully delves into the subject of advertising by using innumerable examples and references to make studying easier and more interesting.