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Taught by three of Wharton's top faculty in the marketing department, consistently ranked as the #1 marketing department in the world, this course covers three core topics in customer loyalty: branding, customer centricity, and practical, go-to-market strategies. You’ll learn key principles in - Branding: brand equity is one of the key elements of keeping customers in a dynamic world in which new startups are emerging constantly. - Customer centricity: not synonymous with customer service, customer centricity starts with customer focus and need-gathering. - Go-to-market strategies: understand the drivers that influence customers and see how these are implemented prior to making an investment. Complete this course as part of Wharton's Business Foundations Specialization, and you'll have the opportunity to take the Capstone Project and prepare a strategic analysis and proposed solution to a real business challenge from Wharton-governed companies like Shazam and SnapDeal or to a challenge faced by your own company or organization. Wharton-trained staff will evaluate the top submissions, and leadership teams at Shazam and SnapDeal will review the highest scoring projects prepared for their companies....


29. Apr. 2021

Learnt a lot of concepts in marketing that were hiding in plain sight. I want to thank all the professors who were part of making this course and Wharton online for making this accessible to everyone.

10. Dez. 2015

Great! I am taking the course with almost no experience in this area. Really enjoyed this class and learned a lot. A lot of practical examples which helped me to understand all the parts. Thank you!

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von Case C

6. Juli 2019

I thought the course was excellent. Some of the reviews complained about the professors... they were all easy to understand. Another complaint I saw was about questions. They were complaining info was introduced after questions, this did not happen in quizzes just in lectures much like when a professor might ask if anyone knows an answer before introducing the idea.

von Tanmay S

21. Juni 2019

It was great. It will give me a kick-start in my business management career.

von Shivam M

30. Juni 2019

Good course. Recommended for learning the basics in marketing.

von Mario F

6. Juli 2016

Slides used during the course were quite boring (too much text), not captivating and were not handed over to the students. That made preparing for the final exam extremely tricky.

The content was basic but good enough for people with no prior marketing knowledge.

Although teachers are skilled and extremely clear in introducing the concepts, the depth of the content did not convince me. I expected a more “solid” introduction.

von Vidya K

23. Mai 2020

The course covered most topics related to the foundations of marketing as I have come across in my IB higher-level Business and Management course, however, the questions on the quizzes are often phrased confusingly in my opinion, and often the course videos aren't very engaging.

von aseem b

8. Aug. 2016

This course on Marketing is a marketing disaster for WhartonOnline. This course made me understand atleast one thing in great clarity, that I should not waste money on Wharton courses. The amount of effort put into the course material, into the organization and flow of material (or lack thereof), and into the quality of videos and content delivery, would sum up right about to Zero. Needless to say, this review is going to be highly critical, since I expected some value and quality from a school like Wharton. Should you pay $95 for this course. I think they should pay you for wasting your time. The course tries to teach the importance of branding, and customer centricity, and personifies how not to do it.

Here are some specific complaints I have with the course, in no particular order. You might not agree with all of them, and some might seem insignificant, but in any case, here they are :

1. Platform : The entire course is just a series of videos, and plenty of them are over 15 minutes long. It's hard to imagine that students would be able to keep their attention, and grasp new and/or tough concepts with such an approach. A combination of text, figures, videos, and interactive exercises would have made it much easier to grasp the material

2. Videos : High school kids can make multimedia of better quality. Videos consist of someone talking for several minutes, with occasional inclusion of presentation slides. Slides are no help either. It seems material is copied out of a text book, then pasted into a slide, and then integrated into a video. And then professor spends a few minutes reading out the text of the slides. The diagrams are lifeless, asymmetrical and does not help advance the understanding.

3. Structure : The order in which videos are presented doesn't make sense. There is no structure to the material which would help you understand the concepts in a logical and progressive manner. Sometimes, the heading of the video does not even seem to match with the content. It feels all videos were filmed in an ad hoc fashion and then just put together in a random order.

4. Discussion Forum is not a great help either. You would want to see more activity and brainstorming there, considering so many students take this course. But, there is no incentive for the students to share ideas and contribute, since passing the course does not depend on discussion forums. When "Mentors" reply to some answers, those answers seemed to be pasted out of a text book.

5. Quiz : In its current structure, there is no point of having a quiz at the end of the week. The goal should be assimilating or internalizing the material and concepts, not just pass the quiz. The course allows you to retake a quiz upto 3 times a week, so you don't really need to go through the videos at all. They don't check if you went through all the videos before taking the quiz. And they don't give you answers and explanation after the quiz is done, since then the students would always score 100% on the second try. If I can not even understand where my understanding lacks and fix it, why am I taking this quiz.

8. Final Exam : You can find answers to most questions by just searching the key phrase in the course material. And they help you in doing that by telling you which Professor's videos you need to search. They don't test you on concepts, they test you whether you can remember what the Professor X meant when he/she made a statement Y.

9. Content Delivery: I found second week to be the best in terms of content delivery, but the rest of the weeks were more or less lacking. The examples or analogies given did not always match the concept introduced. If you read the transcript of the videos, the sentences spoken would not even make much sense. Many times, you can find the professor glancing down, as if looking at the laptop screen besides her, to read out the slides. The professor comes out as nervous and fidgety, which is very distracting, to say the least.

If you are still reading this review, I hope you would spend your $95 on a subscription to a business magazine, or may be just on some good food. This course is definitely not worth it, and it 'll cost you more in your precious time.

von Sruthi k

23. Mai 2016


von Amol T

29. Apr. 2020

This was an outstanding course and I recommend it highly to anyone in marketing, junior or senior. I have 20 years in marketing roles with increasing responsibility so its not just for beginners. Wharton School is the premier marketing educational institution. No question. You are learning from the best of the best at a such a low cost.

My advice: I like to learn slowly so I suggest you take your time. A module a week or more. Do some outside research on the topics. The videos were of very high quality, I was so impressed with their teaching styles and their perspectives that I purchased Raju's Smart Pricing book and Kahn's Branding book as supporting material, and watched several of Fader's lectures. Further, I found the final exam to be challenging actually.

I'm inspired to learn all I can from these experts now, and am focusing my continuing education on content from University of Pennsylvania marketing department, both inside and outside of Coursera.

Well done to Wharton and Coursera. I'm wow'd.

von Nhung T N

10. Apr. 2020

I was new to MOOC platforms and English is not my first language. Therefore, I found myself struggling a bit in the beginning of the course to focus and be disciplined. As time went by, thanks to the expertise and passion from the teachers in their area, each section just got absorbed more easily. My favorite part, I would say, is absolutely the examples and case studies. Since I have moved into the working world 6 years now ( I got my bachelor in International Economics in 2014), real scenarios and tried out solutions are much more relatable. At the same time, the course does not fail to provide the basics of Marketing principles and strategies in a systematic and informative way so that you can always dig in and expand it with your own research. Thank you for putting this together and inspire me to be a Marketer myself!

von Shivani B

21. Juni 2021

This course is truly one of the very few good courses you need to take for Marketing. The said course with modules from Professor(s) Barbara, Fader and Raju are packed with loads of relevant information and pivotal case studies (out of which some might be a bit old but still holds significance).

The course develops a broader perspective about traditional marketing which teaches nuances and abilities to gel well with digital marketing. If you are from the field, you will relate and develop a better picture in your mind and examples given throughout are vivid and very well-thought.

Coming from an Ivy League college expect to see (a little) lectures like format with a sole aim to provide better learning experience and knowledge absorption.

von Alex G

19. Mai 2020

I'd like to start off by saying that this is not at all a fake review or one that was paid for by any means. This course provided me with an obscene amount of knowledge and skills that I am going to turn around and apply to my business in every day life now. It was evident that each professor knew exactly what they were talking about as they even knew the fundamentals, efficiencies and intricacies of digital marketing. The examples used were spot on, the english was perfect and easy to understand, it was perfectly paced and I honestly don't think that this could have been done better if they tried. Brilliant job to all of the professors AND the production/design team behind the camera. Thank you very much.

von Sonya L

4. Nov. 2020

I did not know what was marketing until I took this course. I finished the course having a very good understanding of what is marketing, why it is important, how to put it to work and, what are some of the benefits. The course was concise and yet detailed enough for me to walkaway knowing and appreciating marketing. It was challenging but not intimidating. I am really glad I took this course from Wharton. I do not think I could have found a better suited course for me anywhere else. I strongly recommend this course to every student, entrepreneur, or business person who does not already have an MBA.

von Sena H

3. Mai 2020

I have been working as a Medical Sales Representative in one the most renowned pharmaceutical company. My aim is to have a marketing career in the future. For this reason, I decided to take this course in order to take the initiative. I conceived what a marketing department does, how is crucial to build a customer satisfaction, how to analyze pricing and how it is vital to build a strong brand. It was very useful for me to comprehend the real meaning of 'what is marketing' really mean. I strongly advice this course to whom desires to have a marketing career in the future.

von Boris B

30. Jan. 2021

This course was extremely beneficial! As a person who works in marketing but hasn't completed formal education in it, I was able to link a lot of elements from this course to my work. In fact, information from the course gave me a lot of insight to the world of marketing and how to go about doing certain tasks in my work. Although this course is focused on B2C marketing, even though I work in the B2B sphere, I was still able to get a lot out of it, since many of the principles are are relevant in both areas of marketing.

von Mary R D

7. Sep. 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed this short course. I also appreciate the different lecture styles of each professor. It cuts the monotony of having just one teaching style. It was also great to see that each of them reference lectures from previous topics to establish a point. There are topics that might need its own week, i.e. pricing, as I believe we can learn more. Nonetheless, I wish each topic would end with key takeaways or summary points as what Professor Raju has done. Great energy from Professors Kahn and Fader, too!

von Kate A S

10. Juni 2020

Here's a review from an incoming freshman:

I used to have minimal knowledge about marketing but this course is WAY MORE THAN CONCEPTS! It gives you insights about the past and current trends of marketing and how that relates to the future direction of the business. At first, I am hesitant to take this course because I have little to no interest in marketing because I used to think it's all about promotion and boring stuffs but NO. This course is way more than that. I highly recommend you take this course!

von Timothy W

2. Apr. 2020

Very informational and easy to follow, especially for someone who has zero prior knowledge in marketing. Loved the contents and teachings from all 3 professors, and as someone with a mechanical engineering background, I find that professor Fader's quantitative methods on analyzing the performance and health of a business using a bottom-up approach resonates most with me. Will definitely be doing more of my own research on CLV and the variables we can control to maximize it for my own business. Thank you!

von maria i l

5. Feb. 2018

excelente introduction course!! Marketing was an unknown area in my professional life and this course made me realized all the aspects that are involves in a market. This course active my needs for information and reasearch in my area and see all markest around me. Help me to evaluate my personal and intitutional perform and what I did right and wrong. I have new ideas to improved my professional life and motivation to develop (in future) a brand.

... And motivation to keep in this formation.


von Jon H P

2. Juli 2020

In-depth course for marketing that anyone with the right mindset would be able to complete at a very manageable time frame. As a Mechanical Engineering student, I found it quite hard at first but having such great professors/presenters made it all go much much more smoothly. The Coursera system is also forgiving, my final exam in marketing synced with my final exam with refrigeration but luckily the deadlines were flexible. Overall A great course that anyone shouldn't be afraid to take.

von Walt J

3. Nov. 2020

Overall, this was a fantastic primer on marketing. The professors did a solid job of building understandable frameworks out of complicated subject matter. There were some inconsistencies (e.g., referencing a previous lesson on the 5 "Cs" of marketing that must have been edited out, etc.) between courses and I thought there was too much attention on customer-centric marketing (probably better at the end of the course), but really a nice set of presentations.

von Harshul B

16. Mai 2020

The course gives a glimpse and insights into the marketing and the key concepts about the dynamic factors associated with it. Key learning combined with live examples and applications helped to delve smoothly into a new field with easiness. An amazing journey on the path of learning, I am highly obliged to bid my thanks to the mentors and mates during the course for making a seamless transition and guiding us towards the foundation knowledge.

von Ritesh G

16. Mai 2021

It is rare to find a comprehensive online curriculum at par with Introduction to Marketing by The Wharton School. The well-placed examples throughout the course, especially during week 5 of applied marketing, make the concepts easy to grasp.

Learning about brand-positing from Prof. Barbara Kahn, customer-centricity from Prof. Peter Fader, and go-to-market strategies from Prof. Raju Jagmohan Singh built a ubiquitous view of marketing for me.

von Mohammad A

5. Juni 2020

The course was pretty nice. It was a good learning experience with coursera and University of Pennsylvania. All the professors was extremely knowledgeable. The contents which is being taught in the course is quite precious. Prof Raju explained the stuffs very well in a very simple manner.

In a nutshell I liked it a lot it enhance my knowledge in my relevant fields. Now I can present myself proudly to the people with certificate from UPenn.

von Deborah L

13. Aug. 2017

It covers a lot of concepts, has a lot of illustrated cases and they are used and developped during the course, so it makes it a business case. I can apply all these concepts in an Internal Control/ Business Process Management thinking as they are that relevant! Excellent course. I have also very much appreciated the professors, their dynamism, the videos are not boring due to their different styles and ability to bring up the key points.

von Cristina

13. März 2016

Excellent course with very interesting content and well explained. I reccommend this course even if you already have some insight about marketing.

I am giving 5 stars because the content was very insightful but I missed interaction with teachers, like in a real-time session or master class.

Also the price of the course (99$) in my opinion is very high for a massive online course which may deter people from buying the certification.