Philosophiekurse behandeln die großen Fragen zu Moral, Ethik, Sinn und Vernunft, die uns menschlich machen, in einem modernen und historischen Kontext. Erfahren Sie mehr über die östlichen und westlichen Traditionen der Philosophie, einschließlich bestimmter philosophischer Schulen, wie Existentialismus und Humanismus.

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  • Philosophy means "love of wisdom" in Greek, and this discipline indeed dates back to the classical philosophers of ancient Greece like Plato and Aristotle. These great thinkers created frameworks of reasoning and logic that we still use today to understand the most important questions of existence: What is human nature? How do we live a moral life? What is the meaning of happiness? and more.

    Of course, philosophy didn't stop evolving in the 4th century B.C. Thinkers throughout the ages have built upon this tradition - and, at times, radically questioned it. From Enlightenment giants like Immanuel Kant, to German idealists such as Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, to influential postmodernists like Jacques Derrida, philosophers have continued to push the field in new directions that have inspired political and artistic movements around the world.

    Even if your goal isn't to become a world-renowned philosopher yourself, the skills you can develop through the study of philosophy can be invaluable. Knowing how some of the greatest thinkers in history understood the world can provide a powerful lens for analysis that can be applied to questions in your personal life, in your understanding of the world, and in a wide range of careers.