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Terrorism has arguably been one of the defining factors of our age. It frequently makes headlines, threatening or attacking governments, private business and ordinary citizens. And in many parts of the world, it has been one of the most important threats to peace, security and stability. But what does this exactly mean? What is the nature of this threat? Who or what is threatened, how, by whom and why? What can be done about it or how can we at least limit the impact of terrorism and make sure that terrorists do not make headlines and manage to scare us? These are just a handful of questions that will be addressed in this course that consists of three parts. First it focuses on the essence of terrorism as an instrument to achieve certain goals, in addition to an exploration of this phenomenon and the difficulties in defining it. The second part provides an overview of the state of the art in (counter) terrorism studies. Since ‘9/11’ terrorism studies have grown exponentially, reflecting the rise in perceived threats. But what has academia come up with? What theories, assumptions and conventional wisdom has it produced that could be of help in understanding terrorism and dealing with it? The most interesting results are examined and compared with empirical evidence with the aim to either stress their importance or to debunk them as myths. The final part looks into the implications and possibilities for policy making. The course ends with a module specifically designed to address one of today's most topical issue: the foreign fighter phenomenon....



May 23, 2016

This excellent, balanced course uses a great combination of concise videos and additional reading. I enrolled hoping to better understand this hot-topic and Prof. Bakker's course was perfect.


Sep 21, 2017

Useful and well done. This course is an example how to boost resilience in our society with knowledge. At the end of the day is a brick of our holistic counter terrorism actions. Thank you.

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von Lauriane B

Oct 10, 2016

This was a great course! It's like a big summary of this discipline, because it would take a lot longer to study it in depth. The videos are interesting with some graphics to help us out. There is a transcript for every week and I used it every time. The only negative point would be the style of those transcripts; the way they are presented. The paragraphs are not in line and there's no real sections in the text. It makes it harder to read. Overall, I'm really glad with this couse and I must say the online community was definitely an asset.

von Benedict H

May 11, 2020

This was a really useful and interesting course, introducing not only the theoretical side of Terrorism and Counterterrorism Studies but also policy approaches and real-world experiences of countries around the world. I would have liked to have had more up-to-date content, given the dynamic and fast-changing nature of the phenomenon, but overall I would recommend this course to anyone interested in terrorism throughout history and in the world today.

von Yohana J

Nov 22, 2015

It was a good course, however, it seems that the recording was from the earlier course. Which I don't mind, however, some of the comment wasn't relevant, so it was a bit weird.

In terms of content and how the course run, it was beyond my expectation. The list of literature provided were quite extesive and strategicaly chosen.

I wish there's a whole syllabus that we can access in the beginning of the course to prepare for the assignment.

von C M

Feb 02, 2016

I would like to give 4.5 but it is not an option. Mainly because the course is good but sometimes Professor Bakker fails to hold my attention, due to lack of fire in his lecturing style. Whilst I know lectures cannot always be exciting , no matter how keen one is on the subject, I feel that some of the more tedious course material would be absorbed better if presented in a less monotone manner.

von Peter S

May 14, 2016

Excellent content and nicely delivered. Would have liked some more variation in the delivery - show us videos, problems to solve, more details for example on Munich massacre - detailed deconstruction of the act of terror. Found it difficult with the tests that involved "check all that apply".

Recommended course.

von Bonnie G

Jan 12, 2016

I have just begun this course (completed week 1) and I have to say, I am impressed with the course and how well it is put together. I am a grad student in the states and have been through many classes that were not nearly this informative, up to date and intriguing right out of the gate. Impressive!

von Robert B

Jul 15, 2016

Great course, very interesting material. I found that the course material did not match the quiz material, though I was not seriously bothered by it. I learnt a lot and will continue to follow the theory of terrorism and the practice of counterterrorism.

von Philippe B

Sep 05, 2016

Very good courses for someone who want to understand the basics of

Terrorism and Counterterrorism. Only thing I would suggest to improve the course will be to be more up date with the latest event on terrorist attack in Europe.

von Daniel d M B

Oct 30, 2016

Muy buen curso para los que quieran conocer más y aprender a analizar correctamente el fenómeno del terrorismo. Mi única pega es que no haya un certificado de haber superado el curso gratuito, como otros cursos que sí lo tienen

von Kevin T

Apr 05, 2019

Excellent Very Focused on the academic research perspective and utilizes the most reading of any terrorism MOOC courses out there. Well worth the time especially for those who enjoy learning from a European perspective.

von Luis J S H

Oct 01, 2017

Muy interesante. Visión general sobre el estado del arte en investigación y práctica y revisión de las principales ideas preestablecidas por la sociedad. Aporta una visión rigurosa a la situación actual al respecto.

von Ludmila V d R

Sep 12, 2016

Due to the new wave of attacks in Europe, I believe the subject of this course is pretty important. Therefore, it would be great if Prof. Bakker could review some of the lessons given that are out of date.

von Diego A C v

Apr 12, 2017

es un curso excelente y muy entretenido para realizarse, el único inconveniente es que mejoren la cuestión de los subtítulos que acompañan los videos ya que no todos se encuentran disponibles en Español.

von Octavian C

Nov 08, 2015

The course is good and offers some interesting insights into the current state of things regarding terrorism, as well as a glimpse in the mindset of the terrorists and terrorist organizations.

von Kenzie C

Aug 19, 2015

A lot of reading is needed which, on one hand, is beneficial to the students but on the other can be exhausting as well. Anyway, I had a great time and gain a better perspective on terrorism.

von Nilesh W

Oct 04, 2016

Wonderful course especially for beginners. Very much informative easy to understand. Videos are very interactive and keeps one engaged. Would like to do further courses in this area.

von Alejandro L E

Sep 29, 2015

Very objective, theoretical and empirical point of view of terrorism. Very clear explanations and very interesting lectures added about the subject. Very recommendable

von Mohammed A T

Aug 20, 2015

Very interesting. May need permanent updates, for instance through short addition video lectures.

Course transcripts are really useful, in particular when translated!

von Jaures I W O

Jun 30, 2020

Great course material. It is comprehensive even to beginners such as me. the only problem is the dynamic nature of the subject that may render it obsolete.

von Jonathan T

Apr 25, 2020

Good course. But some of the reading material is not available online. Also, after 4 or 5 years, it probably needs an update to tackle more recent events.

von Ngomo Y

Sep 24, 2016

Ce cours m'a permis d'avoir une meilleure perspective en ce qui concerne les concepts de terrorisme et de contre-terrorisme.

Je le recommande vivement!

von Sarah S

Jul 16, 2016

A lot of information and very well presented. May need some updating to reflect the quickly changing landscape of terrorism. Thanks for a great course!

von Agnes L

Jan 31, 2018

Great course, really clear en interesting. Mostly research centered.

I liked the last added courses with examples and i would have like more of those.

von Wellington R

Oct 31, 2015

Excellent course, give us a great idea what is the studies about terrorism and show us how many we are far from a scholar research here in Brazil.

von Aren F

Jun 20, 2017

Another excellent course. My hope in the future is a follow up be done with greater focus on counter terrorism training tactics and procedures