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What makes for a great user experience? How can you consistently design experiences that work well, are easy to use and people want to use? This course will teach you the core process of experience design and how to effectively evaluate your work with the people for whom you are designing. You'll learn fundamental methods of design research that will enable you to effectively understand people, the sequences of their actions, and the context in which they work. Through the assignments, you’ll learn practical techniques for making sense of what you see and transform your observations into meaningful actionable insights and unique opportunity areas for design. You’ll also explore how to generate ideas in response to the opportunities identified and learn methods for making your ideas tangible. By answering specific questions and refining your concepts, you’ll move closer to making your ideas real. We’ll use cases from a variety of industries including health, education, transportation, finance, and beyond to illustrate how these methods work across different domains. Good luck and we hope you enjoy the course!...



26. Feb. 2016

Really good course.

Helped me understand the importance of interviews in making a product

Helped me come up with many ideas for a single problem

gave me a 260 degree view of user experience


15. Juli 2020

Great moments with the professor and really candid, inspiring coursework! I definitely learned what I needed on prototyping but there's extra breadcrumbs everywhere to go the extra mile.

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von Brian L

13. Sep. 2016



5. Mai 2020


von Mariana G

19. Feb. 2019


von Stephanie B

2. Apr. 2018

This course covers A LOT of important concepts very quickly. It's a great introduction to stakeholder maps, conducting field research, ideation, personas, and journeymaps. But the lectures touch on each of these concepts so briefly that I found myself needing to supplement the course material with additional independent research most of the time, especially for the assignments.

The stakeholder map, persona, and journeymap prompts did not provide enough examples. For instance, 2 of the 3 journeymap examples provided were either not legible or not in English. The one that was legible was not a good example because it did not include most of the things we were supposed to show on ours.

Still, the course introduced me to concepts that I needed to learn going into UX that I wouldn't have otherwise known about. Overall the course is quite good, but there is room to expand a bit on the current material and make it even better.

von Philipp U

31. März 2016

Highlight of the course was the interview with the IDEO researcher. It's great that you have actual people from the industry bringing their knowledge to the table, I really liked that.

On the other hand, I think the course was in general too easy compared to the academic level of the previous courses of the specialization. Especially the assignments were not requiring the same amount of work / proof. For example conducting interviews would just require some written summary while previous courses required actually to record a full interview to soundcloud. I think the course was especially missing the assignment on prototyping, which would be really important. It was kindof just skipped and we students were not asked to actually build prototypes. I think the course should be harder and request more effort from the students.

von Lisa P K

5. Feb. 2022

Great modules and videos. The optional learning experience was probably phenomenal but the general class could have been more structured to facilitate learning. It seems there were a lot of lists to shorten the teaching time. There were readings to help but they did not coordinate well with the lists so there is an opportunity for more idea development and deeper understanding for the next version of this class.

von Ngo T D L

8. Sep. 2016

I enjoyed the lecture of Ms. Gerber. She has a very clear-cut way of explanation that truly draws me in. However, some of the concept in this lecture is taught without complete examples, so often time I find myself a little puzzled doing the assignment. Also, I would appreciate more chance to do more assignments to fully master the topic, though I understand the limit of a MOOC. Nevertheless, nice course!

von Maria K

24. Juni 2018

Good techniques on research. I've taken off one point as while doing your assignments you need to put in mind all the question you need to give an answer to. They are not written while you're entering your answers, only in previous descriptions. It is, thus, easy to forget you need to tell what you might have done differently next time. And if you have forgotten this, a point will be taken.

von Neha J

15. Sep. 2020

The course was nice overall. Informative. The videos couldve been more interactive and a same context should've been used for different technique to better understand everything. I felt that there were times when the assignment and the lessons weren't connected and I had to teach myself everything.

The assignment were great and helped in learning.

von Jannet O

19. Juli 2019

One of the most challenging course I have ever study with. It was tough and not easy for beginners like me in the field of User Experience: Research & Prototyping. However, It given me more information on the background on being a UX designer and I love it.

von Cecilia P

5. Feb. 2016

This is a basic and introduction course to user experience and prototyping. The projects every week are pretty interesting and useful for you to think like designers. I hope there will be more detailed examples of design techniques in the video.

von Aqeel A

2. Nov. 2017

Nice Course, highly recommended. But not happy with the review process as some people are not giving correct or serious, feedback which cause unnecessary effort on the submissions. Other than that nice course. Good Luck :)

von Joseph K

5. Jan. 2018

This course has helped me understand the methods and techniques used to capture user behaviour, pain points and provide solutions based on the observations. Thanks Elizabeth & Scott for such a wonderful course.

von Elena M

15. Sep. 2016

Excellent practical course. I consider assignments to be more valuable than any lectures, though maybe in this particular course I could welcome a bit more theory and even better — more user case details.

von Jazmín E V

25. Sep. 2020

Quite complete. My only critique is to give a great finale to the course. The quiz was good but I think it could be better. Spite of that, I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot!

von Jared B

12. Jan. 2016

Very good course, as a standalone course, some sections are slightly too short, but the information is great, very useful, nicely presented and works when put into practice. Thanks!

von Shirley W

4. Juli 2020

This course is more hands-on. I wish more interaction (feedbacks from peer, guidance from mentor) could be added to make the learning experience more fruitful.

von celina o

7. Apr. 2016

Very clear course with many exercices and a good combo with the other courses of this specialisation with the introduction of a different teacher

von Jeffrey K

31. Mai 2021

A​s per usual, it takes at least twice as long to complete the assignments than the info. you're given. Peer marking takes a long time too.

von Jaime F V

10. Dez. 2016

I liked a lot when examples are given but I missed going into some deeper thoughts on what are the ways and tools we can and should use.

von Luciana V M

9. Dez. 2018

A primeira semana achei meio fraca, mas aos poucos o conteúdo foi ficando cada vez mais interessante e os exercícios também!

von Stephen B

20. Sep. 2017

Good and engaging. I enjoyed this course and the felt the assignments afforded me the opportunity to internalize the ideas.

von stella f

31. Mai 2020

Giving me insights of user researches and crazy way of generating ideas. Persona and journey maps are practical.

von Mikaela M

13. März 2020

The best course from this specialization i’ve taken so far, actually teaches you useful techniques you can use

von ZHUO W

3. Aug. 2017

More assignment samples should be given...because it is really easy to sway from the right path for me ...