Finanzkurse decken die Grundlagen des Bankings, Rechnungswesens, Finanzmanagements, der Buchhaltung, Corporate Finance und Finanzanalyse ab. Fortgeschrittene Themen beinhalten Financial Engineering, forensische Rechnungsprüfung und Asset Pricing.


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  • We all use money and manage our personal finances, but what does it mean to study finance in a business context? Corporate finance encompasses the process of acquiring needed funding as well as how that funding is managed and allocated within an organization.

    In terms of day to day operations, that means knowing proper accounting and bookkeeping practices to accurately track cash flows in and out of different business areas, and managing the company balance sheet to ensure the lights stay on. In the bigger picture, finance expertise is critical for planning any business funding strategy, regardless of the mix of cash, debt, and equity investors and equity sources like venture capital, private equity, or even an IPO.