Datenanalyse-Kurse behandeln Methoden zur Verwaltung und Analyse von großen Datenmengen. Starten Sie Ihre Karriere als Datenwissenschaftler, indem Sie Data-Mining, Big-Data-Anwendungen und Datenproduktentwicklung studieren.

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  • Data analysis is the process of applying statistical analysis and logical techniques to extract information from data. When carried out carefully and systematically, the results of data analysis can be an invaluable complement to qualitative research in producing actionable insights for decision-making.

    If that sounds a lot like data science, you’re right! It’s a closely related field, but there are important differences. Data scientists typically come from computer science and programming backgrounds and rely on coding skills to build algorithms and analytic models to automate the processing of data at scale. Data analysts typically have backgrounds in mathematics and statistics, and frequently apply these analytic techniques to answer specific business problems - for example, a financial analyst at an investment bank.